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MOT Frequently Asked Questions

  • An MOT certificate is given to you after your car passes its MOT test. Once passed, it means that at the time of your test, the car met the minimum acceptable environmental and road safety standards required by law to drive it on the road.

    However, your car still needs basic maintenance to ensure that it is roadworthy for the life of the certificate. An MOT shouldn’t ever substitute as regular car maintenance.

    Read our guide to what is involved in our MOT checklist.

  • There are a few very simple checks you can carry out prior to your MOT which massively help your chances of passing. Thus, cutting any costs and awarding you with confidence during your garage visit. Most people fail MOT's for smaller issues which could be easily eradicated prior to the test.

    We have a full pre-mot-checklist for you to use.

  • Your MOT is due every year, 12 months after your last date. You can find out the exact date of your MOT using our above MOT reminder tool.

  • The most common things to cause a failed MOT test fall in to 4 sections:

    1. Lighting & signals
    2. Brakes
    3. Washers, wipers & mirrors
    4. Tyres

    All of these types of parts wear down over time and eventually need replacing: nearly 20% of all MOT failures are due to car lights not working! Our guide to passing your MOT covers each of these in detail.