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BG Products

At BG Products we are continually developing in demand solutions to vehicle component running and performance problems. As well as working with OEM’s to develop specific solutions to specific challenges that they may have, we have developed a range of services that solve common performance and longevity problems potentially present in the majority of vehicles. These services are not just offered to garage customers when the customer reports a ‘problem’. They are proactively offered to the customer as performance improvers or preventive maintenance often using the FluidRx Vital Fluid Condition Indicator.
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AW Auto Services


 5 / 5
 Daniel recommends this garage



Engine Management Light - Mobile, JEEP Patriot

Amazing! Turned up and he fitted the diagnostic machine to retrieve my codes, whilst I had a cup of tea. Then once he released the problem he offered to look further for me, finding the issue was a stuck turbo valve, he then gave me quotes for the best possible outcome and the worst. He fixed it within 2 days and lucky for me it was the best outcome as just needed a clean and not a new turbo. Reliable, professional, trustworthy, I shall be repeating business allot.

Belts Autos


 5 / 5
 david recommends this garage



Clutch Replacement, Ford Focus

Great service would use again.