Shell Helix Service Specialist Network

Shell Helix Service Specialist Network


Not All Oil Is Created Equally

The Shell Helix service specialists in our garage network are knowledgeable and equipped to provide recommendations on which oils are best suited to your vehicle.

Some of the key benefits of using Shell Helix are:

Engine stress and wear protection

Shell Helix provides superior protection against engine stress and wear. It is a modern Synthetic, made from natural gas which is why it is stronger and less volatile at the molecular level than those made from traditional crude oil.

Extreme temperature performance

It’s designed for extreme temperatures: with PurePlus Technology it stays stronger for longer in extreme temperatures. An oil with low temperature performance ensures the engine and oil is protected no matter the conditions. Shell Helix Ultra with PurePlus Technology provides up to three times faster oil flow at -40°C for easier starting and quicker engine warm up**.
**Compared with API SN specification and based on ASTM D484

Ultimate power and performance

From Turbos to Superchargers, if you love driving, the Shell Helix Ultra Fully Synthetic Engine oils has you covered. PurePlus Technology is the perfect partner for high performance engines, protecting vital engine parts and horsepower.

Superior piston cleanliness

Tested both on the road and on the track. No other oil cleans your engine better**. Or helps keep your engine closer to factory clean.
*Based on 100,000 km fleet trial
**Based on Sequence VG sludge test results using 0W-40

Quick Facts

Buying Shell Helix Oils

When viewing your quotes, garages that are part of the network will include this badge in their profile.

Partners That Choose Shell Helix

Shell’s partnerships are the ultimate test bed for their products, challenging them to perform in some of the most extreme conditions and ensuring you get the very best.

Still curious? Find out more here on the Shell Helix website.

Shell and Scuderia Ferrari

Shell Helix Ultra is a critical part of the Innovation Partnership with Ferrari on both the track and the road.

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