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What does a car body repair include?

There are many different types of body repairs and the right one for you will depend on the condition of your car and your own unique needs. Here’s a summary of the different types of car body repairs and how much you can expect them to cost.

  • SMART & scratch repair

    The average price of a SMART or scratch repair booked through FixMyCar is £350.99. SMART stands for Small Medium Area Repair Technology and involves repairs to localised patches of modest car body damage like scratches. They are easy fixes that can be done quickly or by a mobile mechanic.

    Can include
    • Paint repairs
    • Scuff repairs
    • Paint chip repair
    • Dent removal
    • Wheel flaw repairs
  • Paint repair

    The average price of a paint repair booked through FixMyCar is £427.53. A paint repair comes under the bodywork category and can include anything from minor scratches to large areas of damage. The cost of a paint repair will depend on the extent and size of the damage.

    Can include
    • Scratch removal
    • Respraying
    • Panel replacement
  • Dent removal

    The average price of a dent removal booked through FixMyCar is £432.23. Dent removal ranges from fixing minor scuffs to the replacement of car panels. The exact cost of dent removal depends on the extent of the damage. A mechanic will assess the dent and recommend whether it should be repaired.

    Can include
    • Damage assessment
    • Dent sucking
    • Reverse hammer
    • Filling
    • Paint respraying
    • Panel replacement
  • Find body shop garages

    The average price of a car body repair booked through FixMyCar is £426.43. Body shop garages will replace or fix parts on the external body of the car. The cost will depend on the extent of the damage and any part replacements that are needed.

    Can include
    • Dent and scratch removal
    • Alloy wheel refurbishment
    • Panel replacement
    • Paint respraying
    • Chassis realignment
  • Accident repairs

    The average price of an accident repair booked through FixMyCar is £765.48. Car accidents are stressful, but accident repairs don’t have to be. If you have an accident and need to organise a repair quickly, a mechanic will be able to assess any damage and perform a wide range of repairs to get you back on the road.

    Can include
    • Damage assessment
    • Accident repair
  • Welding

    The average price of a car welding repair is £353.47 when you book through FixMyCar.

    Welding involves using high heat to fuse and reshape the metal your car body is made from. It is an effective solution for structural repairs.

    Can include
    • Damage assessment
    • Welding repair
  • Panel beating

    The average cost of panel beating on FixMyCar is £562.02. Panel beating involves reshaping the metal that your car body is made from. A mechanic uses various tools and techniques to manipulate car panels and repair rather than replace them.

    Can include
    • Damage assessment
    • Panel beating
  • Car wrapping

    The average price of car wrapping on FixMyCar is £940.16.

    Car wrapping is a cost-effective way to change the design or colour of your car body without the need for an expensive full respray. A professional will wrap your car fully or partially in vinyl material to change the look and protect it from damage.

    Can include
    • Wrap design
    • Car wrapping
  • Car restoration

    The average cost of a car restoration booked through FixMyCar is £428.92. Car restoration involves stripping a vehicle down to its bare metals and returning it to its original condition, mainly by removing all signs of damage and wear to the car body. The cost of a car restoration will depend on how much work needs to be done.

    Can include
    • Diagnosis and inspection
    • Full car restoration

Passing your MOT: Do you need to repair your car body?

Do I need to fix scratches, rust, or dents on my car body to pass an MOT?

Passing an annual MOT test is a legal requirement to ensure that your vehicle is safe to be on the road. Although a bodywork inspection is included as part of an MOT, you won’t fail an MOT for cosmetic damage to your car.

However, if there is car body damage that could compromise the safety of your vehicle (for example, sharp edges or big holes) you need to get these repairs before your car can pass its MOT.

If you’re concerned about damage to your car body, it’s best to get it repaired ahead of your MOT to give yourself confidence in coming out with a pass.

Does car insurance cover body damage?

The details of your coverage depends on what type of car insurance you have

With third party insurance, you’re only covered if you cause damage to someone else’s car. With fully comprehensive insurance, you’re covered for damage caused by you or by another driver to either vehicle. 

If there’s damage to your car body that needs to be repaired, check your insurance policy documents for the details of your coverage and find out whether it covers body damage.

How much does a car body repair cost?

The cost of a car body repair varies, depending on the extent of the damage and the type of repair you need. Whether it’s a localised scuff or an entire panel replacement, our cost table gives you an idea of the average cost of different car body repairs.

Car repairAverage priceGet quotes
Body shop garagefrom £426.43Get quotes
Paint repairfrom £427.53Get quotes
Dent removalfrom £432.23Get quotes
SMART & scratch repairfrom £112Get quotes
Accident repairsfrom £496.07Get quotes
Weldingfrom £266.89Get quotes
Panel beatingfrom £424.38Get quotes
Car wrappingfrom £428.92Get quotes
Car restorationfrom £428.92Get quotes

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