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Servicing your car electrics

Faulty car electrics can cause more problems for your car than you might think.

Your car uses electricity for its battery, starter, and alternator. So, if you can’t start your car, it’s often due to a problem with your car electrics.

Anything controlled by your car’s central console also relies on electricity to work. Your radio, windows, door locks, and aircon may all be powered by the electrical system. If you experience something as small as a blown fuse, it can significantly impact how your car functions. 

Luckily, car electrical faults are pretty common and fully trained car electrical specialists can help you diagnose and repair any issues as quickly as possible.

The best way to keep your electrics working at their best is to get your full annual service, where the system will be thoroughly checked for any underlying issues that might cause you a problem in the future.

Cost for common electrical diagnosis and repair

Car electrical repairs often require specialist attention and vary widely in cost depending on your vehicle needs. Explore the average price for common electrical services below.

  • Find a car electrician

    The average price of a car electrician booked on FixMyCar is £60. If something goes wrong with the electrical system in your car, you’ll need the help of a car electrician to help diagnose and fix any faults. Car electricians provide expert services for your battery, starter, and alternator and anything controlled by your car’s central console. This includes your radio, windows, locks, and aircon.

    Can include
    • Electrical inspection and testing
    • Electrical diagnostic
    • Electrical services and repairs
    • Car electrics inspection
  • Mobile car electrical specialist

    If you cannot drive your car to a garage or find it more convenient to get help from home, a mobile car electrical specialist can visit you. They will inspect and diagnose any electrical faults and perform minor repairs on site. If a more complex electrical issue needs fixing, they will take your car away to be repaired and drop it back at your house when it’s done.

    Can include
    • Home visit
    • Mobile electrical inspection and testing
    • Mobile electrical diagnostic
    • Mobile electrical services and repairs
  • Car electrical diagnostic

    The average price of a car electrical diagnostic booked on FixMyCar is £62.34.

    The more complicated part of fixing a problem with your car’s electrical system is figuring out exactly what’s going wrong in the system and where the fault is located. A car electrician will carry out a diagnostics test to pinpoint the exact source of the issue and recommend the appropriate repair.

    Can include
    • Car electrics inspection
    • Car electrical fault diagnostic test
  • Parking sensor fitting

    The average price of a parking sensor repair booked on FixMyCar is £154.89.

    Parking sensors are a handy component of modern cars that help you to park safely and effectively. When your parking sensors stop working properly, it’s due to a fault with your car’s electrics. A professional will find the cause of the issue and perform a repair to get your parking sensors working again.

    Can include
    • Electrical inspection and diagnostic
    • Parking sensor repair
  • Electric car window repairs

    The average price of an electric car window repair booked on FixMyCar is £86.00.

    Most modern car windows are controlled by the electrical system rather than being opened and closed manually. If there’s a fault with the electrics, it can sometimes stop the window button from working. A professional will find the cause of the issue and perform a repair to get your parking sensors working again.

    Can include
    • Electrical inspection and diagnostic
    • Electric car window fault repairs
  • Car battery replacement

    The average cost of a car battery replacement booked on FixMyCar is £217.37.

    Over time, car batteries lose their ability to hold a charge and eventually need to be replaced. If there’s a fault with your car’s electrical system, it can drain your battery quicker than average.

    Can include
    • Car electrics testing and diagnostic
    • Car battery removal
    • Car battery sourcing
    • Car battery fitting
  • Servicing your electric car

    The average cost of a electric car service booked on FixMyCar is £140.47.

    Servicing your electric car is the best way to maintain it. A qualified electric vehicle technician will carry out the service, looking for common faults and reporting on the condition and performance of your vehicle.

    Can include
    • Comprehensive electric car inspection
    • All MOT checks
    • Car oil and fluid top-ups
    • Electric battery check

Common signs of car electrical problems

Because your car’s electrics control so many of the components in your vehicle, there are many signs of an issue with the system. The most common problems you might experience include:

In most cases, electrical faults are only minor problems caused by a blown fuse. However, sometimes there’s a more severe issue with the system. A trained car electrical specialist will perform a diagnostics test to help you understand what’s going wrong.

How much does an electrical diagnostic cost?

The cost of a car electrical repair depends on the type of car you have and the exact service you need.

Car MakeAverage Price

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