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What are common exhaust repairs?

Your car’s exhaust system transports fumes away from the engine and out of the exhaust pipe safely. The entire system is made up of several components, meaning that it can sometimes be hard to pinpoint the exact cause of an exhaust issue. Repairs can range from sealing holes and tightening fittings to replacing parts that have extensive damage. There are a handful of common repairs that mechanics are very familiar with.

An exhaust leak repair

The exhaust system needs to be airtight to make sure no fumes escape at points they shouldn’t. Fixing a leak in the piping is the most common type of exhaust repair and can be done using a sealant or replacing parts of the exhaust system.

Fixing a faulty catalytic converter 

Catalytic converters are an integral part of the exhaust system; they convert the dangerous fumes produced by the engine into safer gases that can be released into the air. Like any car component, the catalytic converter can become rusty, damaged, or faulty and will ultimately need to be replaced with a new one.

Securing loose piping

Many pipes make up the exhaust system, including the exhaust manifold that transports fumes from the catalytic converter to the exhaust pipe. Sometimes, these pipes can become loose and start rattling. A repair may involve the tightening of fittings or a complete replacement if there is extensive damage.

Cleaning an exhaust filter

The exhaust filter is an essential part of diesel cars and is responsible for collecting the soot from the engine, reducing the emissions that come from your vehicle. Over time, the exhaust filter becomes clogged with soot and needs to be cleaned to continue to function.

Cost of car exhaust repairs

Your car exhaust repair cost will depend on what’s wrong with your car exhaust and what kind of repair is required. Here, we’ve listed a range of typical car exhaust services, along with the costs associated with them.

  • Exhaust repair

    The average cost of an exhaust repair booked on WhoCanFixMyCar is £107.62. A warning light on the dashboard is the most common indicator that an exhaust needs to be repaired. The cost of the repair will depend on what is causing the problem.

    Can include
    • Diagnosis
    • Exhaust leak repair
  • Exhaust fitting

    The average cost of an exhaust fitting booked on WhoCanFixMyCar is £135.25. If you’re experiencing signs of a faulty exhaust, and think it’s time to get a new one fitted, a professional will source the right parts and fit the new components for you.

    Can include
    • Parts sourcing
    • Exhaust fitting
  • Exhaust replacement

    The average cost of an exhaust replacement depends on the fault and your make model. Over time, your exhaust may become worn or faulty, and you might end up needing a replacement for several of the components in the system.

    Can include
    • Diagnosis
    • Parts sourcing
  • Diesel exhaust filter clean

    The average cost of a diesel exhaust filter clean booked on WhoCanFixMyCar is £162.89. Regularly cleaning a diesel exhaust filter is essential to reduce your emissions and keep your exhaust system functioning correctly.

    Can include
    • Diesel exhaust filter clean
    • Diesel exhaust filter replacement
  • Exhaust leak

    The average cost of an exhaust leak repair booked on WhoCanFixMyCar is £110. *Costs depend on the fault diagnosed and your make model. Repairing an exhaust leak is integral to the safety of your vehicle. A professional will be able to seal the leak or replace piping to keep your car functioning.

    Can include
    • Inspection
    • Exhaust leak repair

Do I need to fix my car exhaust?

Your car’s exhaust system is essential, not just to keep your engine running correctly but also to keep yourself and your passengers safe from any dangerous fumes.

If you think there’s something wrong with your car exhaust, like different coloured smoke, unusual noises, or leaking liquid, get yourself to a garage as soon as possible and have a professional inspect the problem and perform the right repair.

Explore local garages near you and book an exhaust repair online.

Signs of exhaust problems

Being aware of the key signs of an exhaust problem is the best way to get the right repair as soon as possible and avoid any further damage to your engine. Because your exhaust gets rid of your car’s emissions and plays a big role in keeping you safe, it’s even more important to spot the signs when there’s something wrong.

Some signs are obvious, but other symptoms might require you to get under your car and have a look to spot them.

Common exhaust problems:

  • A loud exhaust

  • Liquid leaking from the exhaust

  • Popping or rattling noises from the exhaust

  • The exhaust is loose

  • The exhaust is rusty

If you notice white, blue, black, or thick smoke coming from the exhaust of your car, it’s easy to think that this is due to a problem with your exhaust itself. However, this is actually a sign of an engine problem rather than an exhaust problem, and it is your engine that will usually need to be fixed before the smoke leaving your exhaust goes back to normal.

What does the colour of exhaust smoke mean?

The colour of the smoke from your exhaust can help you identify the type of problem the system has. If you’re wondering why your car is smoking, book in with a garage as soon as possible.

Excessive and thick smoke

A large amount of thick smoke coming from your exhaust pipe is probably down to a blown head gasket. However, because exhaust problems are complex, getting a garage to diagnose the issue and recommend the right repair is essential.

White smoke

White smoke might not look sinister, but it can be a sign of various issues with the system. Low engine coolant, cracked or warped components, or overheating could all cause this colour change.

Black smoke

Black smoke is a clear sign your engine is burning more fuel than it should be. The reasons for this can be hard to pinpoint and could be because of a problem with your fuel injectors, pressure regulator, or fuel line. A professional will find the cause, but it’s important to get black smoke looked at as soon as possible to stop you from spending too much money on fuel.

Blue smoke

If oil has leaked from your engine and is being burned by the system, blue smoke is the first sign to tell you this has happened. Avoid low engine levels and any damage by getting your exhaust system looked at.

How much does a car exhaust repair cost?

The cost of a car exhaust repair depends on what type of damage there is and the type of car you have. Our cost table helps to give you an idea of how much you might pay for an exhaust repair.

Car MakeAverage Price

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