Privacy Policy

We are committed to preserving the privacy of all visitors to our website at (the “Website”). Please read the following privacy policy carefully to understand how we collect, use and protect information that you provide to us, how this data might be shared with Mechanics and our Partners/Third Parties and what choices you have in how this data may be used by us. This policy also contains sections regarding how you can contact us, withdraw your consent and how you can request information on what is held by us about you.

Important notice: by using the Website you agree to the collection, use and disclosure of your information under the terms of this policy. If you wish to withdraw that consent, please refer to the relevant section below.

The privacy policy should be read in conjunction with the Website  Terms of Use and any capitalised term not defined in this Privacy Policy shall have the meaning given to that term in the Website Terms of Use.

1. Who we are

The Website is operated by Ltd (“We”, “Us” or "WCFMC"). WCFMC is a limited company registered in England and Wales under company number 07455738 and has its registered office at Ye Olde Hundred, 69 Church Way, North Shields, NE29 0AE. Our main trading address and principal place of business is at Collingwood Buildings, 38 Collingwood Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear, NE1 1JF. We are registered at the Information Commissioner’s Office in the UK under reference ZA018191.

Please see how to contact us  below.

2. How We collect and receive your information

We collect information to provide better services to all our users. This can range from an email address to information on how you interacted with the Website.

  • Account Creation - If you register to use the Website as a Driver or a Mechanic you will be asked to provide certain information about yourself, including your name and contact details, comprising email address, telephone number and/or address information. If you register as a Mechanic with us, you may be asked for further information regarding your business. This may include supporting evidence which you may provide to Us via email or post
  • Posting a Job - If you are a Driver and use the Website to request Quotes from Mechanics, We will collect information contained in your request which will include your telephone number, car registration number, postcode and details of the work you need to be undertaken. If you use a third party to post your Job to get Quotes, your information (including name, email address and contact details) may be stored and processed in our systems to help that third party to provide a Quote to you. The types of third parties that We work with in this respect include:
    • Garage owners and mechanics that host our booking technology on their website and social media pages
    • Parts manufacture, distribution and supply businesses that host our booking technology on their website and social media pages
    • Price comparison websites that use our Website and booking technology to help their customers arrange vehicle servicing and repairs or obtain quotes for work
    • Automotive-related websites that wish to enable their visitors and customers to arrange vehicle servicing and repairs or a breakdown service using our Website and booking technology
  • Information you input into the Website, or via online forms or surveys - We may also collect any other information you submit via any online forms or other interactive areas that appear on the Website from time to time. This includes information contained in any Listing, Request, Quotes or Feedback you post on the Website or which is contained in any message/chat you transmit via the Website. This could include information you supply for additional services We offer via our partners. This could include your name, contact details and information relating to the products you are enquiring into or applying for (such as date of birth, which is needed to help identify you for third party applications of credit).
  • Telephone - We collect information about telephone interaction between a Driver and a Mechanic, as well as between WCFMC, Mechanics, Drivers and others. This could include monitoring, recording, transcribing, storing and using communication between Drivers and Mechanics and with WCFMC. It may also mean that Drivers, Mechanics and others that call WCFMC offices or WCFMC personnel may have their contact information recorded in our systems or telecommunication devices. This includes any information you may leave in a voicemail when calling WCFMC offices or personnel. The reasons for collecting this information are detailed  below.
    PLEASE NOTE: In operating as a Mechanic on our Website you agree that WCFMC may at its choosing monitor, record, transcribe, store and use communication between yourself and a Driver in order to check details of any instructions received as a result of using the Website.
  • Operating as a Mechanic on the Website or using our booking technology - If you are a Mechanic and you purchase membership or other services on the Website or from WCFMC, We may collect information about your purchases as well as your credit or debit card information and We will collect information concerning the Quotes you have submitted via the Website.
  • Billing and other information - For Drivers and Mechanics that purchases services from WCFMC including Membership packages, breakdown cover, and other paid-for services provided by WCFMC, We may store your information with our third-party payment processors. We may store other details in third party systems to provide Us with accounting and customer relationship management abilities. This may include payment histories and contact information as well as various notes taken by WCFMC staff.
  • Site usage - When you use our Services We may collect information about how you interacted with our Website, including information that your browser sends when you visit a website. This log data may include your Internet Protocol address, the address of the web page you visited before using our services, and the date and time of use of our services. We may use third party tools that whilst do not identify specific users of our site, aggregate user behaviour in interacting with our Website and services. These tools may provide information including addresses of web pages visited before using our services and the devices and browsers used to access our Website. This data may include geo-location information as provided by these third parties. One of the tools we use is Google Analytics. Please see click here to read more on how Google Analytics uses your data -
  • Third party data - WCFMC may also receive information from our partners or others that We use to make our Services more effective, tailored, and more useful to you. This might be aggregate level information such as which post codes go with which city, or it might be more specific information, such as email address, name and profile information passed from Facebook on account registration via Facebook.
  • Other methods We may use to collect your information - We may collect information about you (name, contact details, etc) if you contact our office via telephone, fax, post or via email. We may also collect your information at trade shows or during other interactions with you in person. This information may then be transcribed and uploaded into our systems or recorded in written format.
3. How We use your information

We use the information We collect from all our services to provide, maintain, protect and to improve those services, to develop new ones and to protect WCFMC and our users. Where We collect personal data, We only process it for one or more of the following reasons:

  • to perform a contract with you
  • where We have legitimate interests to process the personal data and they’re not overridden by your rights
  • in accordance with legal obligations
  • where you have provided your consent.

Information is used in the following ways:

  • To provide an enhanced user experience - your information will be used to provide you with access to our Website and to supply you with any information or services you request. In particular:
    • If you are a Driver and request quotes on our Website, We will use your postcode to select Mechanics who are best placed to respond and We will send details of the request, together with your first name, to these selected Mechanics so they can respond. Any Mechanics who respond to your request will also be given access to your telephone number so that they can contact you to discuss your requirements and their quotation. If you select a Mechanic to undertake the job via the Website, then your chosen Mechanic will be given access to your other contact details so that they can contact you to arrange for the work to be undertaken. Some Mechanics use third party suppliers and agencies to help them to respond to requests for Quotes and to liaise with customers to arrange for work to be undertaken and so references to Mechanics in this privacy policy includes such third parties acting on their behalf. Please see how to manage your telephone communication with Mechanics  below.
    • The Website allows the Mechanic to communicate via messaging/chat to Drivers once a Job is quoted on, and likewise a Driver can communicate via message/chat to a Mechanic. This functionality allows you to ask questions and transmit information between each other that might be useful to either party in assessing and understanding a quote. The chat system allows this flow of information to be exchanged in a controlled manner. However, if you provide personal contact or other personal information (e.g. credit card information) via the messaging/chat functionality of the Website, you do so you do at your own risk.
    • WCFMC may also review the messaging/chat system from time to time, and may use any or all of the information for various purposes including assisting us in contacting you, assisting us in any legal proceedings or dispute, assisting us in our analysis of completed bookings, assisting us in the development of various enhancements of our systems or Website or in any other manner that we may be required under law to provide such information.
    • If you have enabled the text message alerts, We will use your contact details to send you notifications of messages sent to you and, if you’re a Driver, quotes you may have received. We may also send other notifications relating to other products you may have subscribed to under the text message alert system.
    • We also use the information gathered via cookies, and other methods on how our Website was interacted with to maintain, investigate, and develop our Website and services.
  • Email - We send a variety of emails to you, both as Drivers and Mechanics and as other consumers of services in our Website. These include other services you may have subscribed to or purchased, such as breakdown cover, or repair finance.

    Some of the emails We send you are part of the functionality of how the Website and our services work, for instance We inform you if you have received a Quote if you’re a driver. If you are registered as a Mechanic, We may send you renewal notices etc. We categorise emails of this nature as transactional emails. They are intended to give you information in relation to the requests you are making in the system and prompt a response from you to those requests.

    Other types of emails that We may send you may be marketing-related emails. If you register with us as a Driver or Mechanic or via another service we offer (breakdown cover etc.) and have consented to receive such information, We may use your details to provide you with, or permit selected third parties to provide you with, information about goods, services and offers that We feel may interest you.

    For details on how to change your consent to receive these emails, refer to the  Your Rights and Choices section of this policy.

    The other type of emails we may send to you is regarding interaction with WCFMC staff and may result in our requesting more information from you about certain matters, or providing you with an update on your account etc.

  • Telephone - as disclosed above, Mechanics who respond to your request will also be given access to the telephone number you have provided so that they can contact you to discuss your requirements and their quotation. Likewise, Drivers are able to access Mechanic telephone numbers in order to call them and enquire about the quotes they have received.

    Please see the section  below on how to manage your telephone communication with Mechanics.

    Drivers may also be called in connection to other services they actively purchase from WCFMC. These calls will be for functional purposes related to those purchases, such as liaising with the Driver on their breakdown, or service plan booking.

    WCFMC staff may also use both the Mechanic and/or Driver telephone numbers to transfer calls to either party, to assist us in our analysis of completed bookings, to make enquiries on behalf of Drivers to Mechanics and to assist us in any dispute investigations We may conduct. Additionally, We will use Mechanic telephone numbers to conduct account management calls, sales calls, and other calls to Mechanics on behalf of WCFMC or our partners.

    WCFMC may monitor, record, transcribe, store and use communication between Drivers and Mechanics and their communications with Us. We will only use this information for the following:

    • to help us in our analysis of completed bookings;
    • for training purposes; and
    • for legal reasons, including regulatory requirements.

    If you register as a Mechanic with Us you are acknowledging and accepting the following;

    • you are only being given the access to Driver telephone numbers for the purposes of responding to their enquiry on our Website and not for any other reasons;
    • you are registering with us as a business and as such you will maintain business-like conduct with our staff and with Drivers who you contact, or who contact you through WCFMC;
    • you agree to have your telephone number used in connection to marketing and sales-related activities from WCMFC to your business; and
    • you understand that WCFMC may at its choosing monitor, record, transcribe, store and use communication between yourself and a Driver in order to check details of any instructions received as a result of using the Website.
  • Feedback - if you are a Driver and post Feedback, the content of the Feedback will be published on our Website. Mechanics will also have the right to post replies to any Feedback posted and the content will be published on our Website. All Feedback will be posted at the discretion of WCFMC in accordance with our Feedback policy.

    If you register with Us We may use your information to contact you for feedback on your use or our products, services or the Website.

  • Mechanic Listing Information and other information you provide Us as a Mechanic – if you are a Mechanic, We will publish the details of any Listing you create on the Website. As a Mechanic you should not include any contact details for your business within your public profile on the Website, as this will be published at the discretion of WCFMC.

    As a Mechanic you may be asked to provide supporting information in relation to your business and identity. We will only use this information in relation our internal approval process, and for any products you are wishing to purchase from/or via our partners, such as motor trade insurance. We may also use any additional information you provide us for any legal or regulatory obligations We may be under in connection to your business and the services We provide.

    We may use any Quotes you provide Us or the Driver in a manner consistent with the Website’s Intellectual Property rights as outlined in the Terms of Use of the Website. This could include, but not limited to, analysis of such pricing on a repair/service category on a regional, national level, or by type of business that provided the Quotes.

  • Billing and Account Management - We use your data to help administer your accounts, both as a Driver and Mechanic.

    As a Mechanic We will use your information to inform you about Jobs which have been posted on our Website by Drivers and if you post a Quote for a Job this will be shared with the Driver concerned. We will also use information concerning the Quotes you have submitted and your use of the Website for billing purposes and to ensure that you are complying with your obligations under our  Terms of Use.

    As a Driver we will use your information to process payments for additional services you may purchase from WCFMC or our partners that use WCFMC systems to provide you with services you have purchased.

  • Site Usage Analysis - We may use and analyse the information We collect so that We can administer, support, improve, optimise and develop the Website and the products and services We offer. This information could be related to your activity on the Website, types of work listed, quotes, regional data, car make/model data and other patterns that are collected from both Jobs being posted by Drivers and Quotes provided by Mechanics.

  • Other ways we may use your data - We may use your data to investigate complaints. We may receive, requests from official government/local government bodies and law enforcement authorities and to help Us identify and fix issues with our systems.

  • PLEASE NOTE: This policy is not intended to place any limits on what We do with data that is aggregated and/or de-identified so it is no longer associated with an identifiable Driver or Mechanic.

4. How your information may be shared and with whom

We may share your information with other users of the Website in the ways described in the  How We Use Your Information section. We may also share your information in other ways described below.

  • Third parties for marketing purposes - if you have consented to receiving marketing information from selected third parties, We may share your information with third parties so that they can provide you with information about the products and services they offer.
  • With our third-party service providers and agents - We may allow third-party providers and contractors who supply services to Us or who process information on our behalf (for example our payment provider and website hosts) access to your information limited to the extent that it is necessary for them to perform their services. We will ensure that they keep your information secure and do not use it for their own purposes, unless you grant them permission to do so.
  • During changes to our business structure - We may share your information with another organisation which buys our business or our assets or to whom We transfer our agreement with you and in the course of any negotiations which may or may not lead to such a transfer or sale.
  • To comply with laws - We will disclose your information if We are required to by law. We may disclose your information to enforcement authorities if they ask us to, or to a third party in the context of actual or threatened legal proceedings, provided We can do so without breaching data protection laws.
  • In working with partners to offer Mechanics enhanced or further services - if you are a Mechanic registered with Us and you have expressed your interest joining one of the various networks that We are deploying, then your contact information may be passed to the suitable network partner to help onboard you to that network.
  • Working with third party referrers of visitors to our website and third-party suppliers to our Mechanics - If you have visited the Website as a result of a referral link or integration with a third-party site with which We hold a commercial relationship, such as another automotive website or price comparison platform, We may share selected elements of your information with that party, such as your vehicle registration number, during the process of regular reporting and verification of our commercial relationships with them. We will only share this information to the extent that it is required to confirm that relationship and only with the partners with which a relationship has been tracked by our system.

    Mechanics may choose to take advantage of commercial partnerships We hold with suppliers of vehicle parts, or businesses of a similar nature, to procure supplies for the completion of the servicing or repair of your vehicle. We may share selected elements of your information with those partners, such as your vehicle registration number, during the process of regular reporting and verification of our commercial relationships with those partners. We will only share this information to the extent that it is required to confirm that relationship and transaction.

  • To enforce our rights, prevent fraud, and for safety - to protect and defend the rights, property, or safety of WCFMC or third parties, including enforcing contracts or policies, or in connection with investigating and preventing fraud.
  • PLEASE NOTE: We may disclose or use aggregated or de-identified information for any purpose. For example, we may share aggregated or de-identified information with our partners or others for business or research purposes like telling a prospective Mechanic the number of Jobs available in a certain area, or partnering with a publisher to detail cost of servicing by make and model of car to its readers.
5. Cookie Policy

WCFMC uses cookies and similar technologies to provide and support the Website and services.

Cookies are small text files which are transferred from the Website and stored on your computer's hard drive. They enable the Website and analytical software to assign stateful information to visitors at an individual level. Please refer to our  Cookie Policy for details of the Cookies used on the Website.

By registering to use the Website you are consenting to Us using cookies in the ways described in our Cookies policy.

You may be able to configure your browser to restrict cookies or block all cookies if you wish. However, if you disable cookies you may find this adversely affects your ability to use certain parts of this Website.

6. Our responsibilities

We are responsible for all use We make of the information you provide to Us and for ensuring that We only use and disclose your information in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy and applicable laws.

If you are a Driver and request Mechanics to provide Quotes or undertake work for you, you understand and agree that those Mechanics (and not WCFMC) are solely responsible for their use of your information. Whilst We ask all Mechanics to act responsibly and to comply with all applicable data protection and privacy laws We cannot accept any responsibility for their use of your information. If you are a Driver and have questions or concerns about any Mechanic's use of your information, please raise the matter with the Mechanic in question in the first instance.

If you would like to then raise your concern to WCFMC please contact Us at [email protected]

7. Your rights and choices

During the course our business activity We have to hold certain personal data about you, e.g. email addresses, etc. As such We will operate in accordance with data protection laws in maintaining, protecting, and using your personal data.

This means you will have certain rights and choices on how We interact with you. Some of the choices you have in respect of how We may interact with you regarding marketing are detailed below.

You have the choice to opt in or out of receiving any marketing email from Us and any third party at any time. To change your permissions for marketing email please see the  attached link.

You have the choice on how your browser or mobile phone works with the Website. You may set your browser to block all cookies associated with our services. Please see our Cookie Policy for more information about this. However, it is important to note that the Website may not function properly if some or all of the cookies We use are disabled. For instance, how you can gain access to your account regularly.

If you are a Driver and wish to remove your telephone number from the system, you can email Us at  [email protected] and We can remove your active number from our system records. We may ask you for supporting evidence of your identity, before We remove the telephone number from our main system. Note: This may make it difficult for Mechanic to quote correctly on your job and they may request your telephone number via our messaging/chat systems. If you put contact details into any message you send the Mechanics We may not be able to prevent the Mechanic from holding your details in their own records. Any personal information you supply in our messaging/chat system you do at your own risk.

Under data protection legislation you have certain rights regarding your personal data. For more information on what rights you have please see the Information Commissioners website at

Some of the rights you have with your personal data are detailed below.

You have the right to see what personal information is held with Us. In order to do this, you will have to submit a Subject Access Request Form to Us by post. To request the form and the supporting evidence you will need to provide to prove your identity please email  [email protected].

You have the right to have any personal information errors We hold corrected. You can do that via updating your profile information, or requesting that changes be made in our systems via email. We might ask you to submit supporting evidence of your identity before We comply with any request.

You have the right to ask for your personal data be deleted or de-identified within our systems. In order to do this, you will have to submit a request to us via email to  [email protected]. We might ask you to submit supporting evidence of your identity before We comply with any request.

Please consult the ICO website for all your rights, and under what conditions WCFMC may refuse certain requests.

8. Security and retention of data

We will keep your information secure by taking appropriate technical and organisational measures against its unauthorised or unlawful processing and against its accidental loss, destruction or damage. We will retain your information for as long as We need it for the purposes set out in this policy, or as otherwise required by law.

9. Changes to privacy policy

We will from time to time update and make changes to this policy. We recommend that you revisit this privacy policy frequently, and ideally each time you visit the Website. If you continue to use our services after those changes are in effect, you agree to the revised policy.

10. Links from our website to others

If you follow a link from any part of the Website to another site, this policy will no longer apply. We are not responsible for the information handling practices of third party sites and We encourage you to read the privacy policies appearing on those sites.

11. EU-US Privacy Shield and international data transfers

We use service partners that are signed up to the EU-US Privacy Shield framework. To learn more about the Privacy Shield program, refer to

When We share data, it may be transferred to, and processed in, countries other than the country you live in. These countries may be subject to different laws than those in place within the UK. Where We disclose personal data to a third party in another country, We put safeguards in place to ensure your personal data remains protected.

For individuals in the European Economic Area (EEA), this means that your data may be transferred outside of the EEA. Where your personal data is transferred outside the EEA, it will only be transferred to countries that have been identified as providing adequate protection for EEA data, or to a third party where We have approved transfer mechanisms in place to protect your personal data – i.e., by entering into the European Commission’s  Standard Contractual Clauses , or by ensuring the entity is Privacy Shield certified (for transfers to US-based third parties). For further information, please contact us using the details set out in the Contact us section below.

12. Data Protection Officer

Our Data Protection Officer is Mr William Robinson.

13. How to Contact Us

Please feel free to contact Us if you have any questions about this policy or if you wish to exercise your information rights about any personal data you have shared with Us, or that we might hold.

For general enquires you can contact by email at  [email protected].

If you wish to contact Us in regards to a complaint please email us at  [email protected]

If you wish to contact Us in regard to exercising your information rights please contact us at  [email protected]

You can also write to Us at Ltd, Collingwood Buildings, 38 Collingwood Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear, NE1 1JF

This Privacy Policy was last updated on  24 May 2018