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Is your AC Radiator leaking? Need Sealant, or a Radiator Flush? Our local AC specialists will help.

In the right hands, you can often REPAIR, rather than REPLACE, a leaking, blocked or overheating radiator. Compare AC Radiator Repair prices across Hatfield, and garage reviews, and book in online in just a few clicks!

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The role of the radiator in keeping the engine cool means any fault is something you need to get fixed right away. An overheated engine can lead to split pipes and hoses or, more worryingly, can even warp and damage actual metal components of your AC engine, such as your Head Gasket - a very costly repair. That’s where we can help.

The radiator in your AC regulates engine temperature and prevents overheating. Coolant is pumped around the engine by a water pump and absorbs the heat generated by the engine. When the coolant reaches the radiator of your AC, it flows through a series of narrow fins. These fins increase the surface area of the radiator massively, meaning that your engine’s coolant is exposed to the air, thus reducing its temperature. At high speeds, air rushing past the radiator keeps your engine cool, whereas at low speeds, your car’s cooling fan will kick in, creating a natural ‘breeze’ through the radiator. This cooling fan is the whirring sound you may sometimes hear after you finish your journey.

We work with a network of 7,000 mechanics and garages across the UK (including Hatfield to help you find an affordable and reliable car radiator repair service. The process is simple:
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