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Hopefully our FAQ section has answered some of the questions you may have about window wipers and window wiper repair for your Infiniti in Hackney . However, if you would like more information, we have the produced the following guide to help you understand the subject in greater detail.

If the window wipers are broken on your Infiniti it is vital that you have them repaired straight away as your view of the road will be seriously impeded should it rain.

Dirt will also build up quickly if you neglect to repair your windscreen wipers in good time.

What are the most common windscreen wiper problems?

Windshield is smeared

If you find that your windshield wipers are smearing water and dirt over the windshield you can resolve the problem with relative ease.

The rubber blades may be dirty, having not been cleaned for a long time, if so, simply use a cloth and soapy water to remove any dirt that has built up. A handy tip for cleaning windscreen wipers is to wipe the edge of the rubber blade with a alcohol spirit after you have rinsed the soap off, this will help to reduce streaks in the future.

Alternatively the blades may have worn down over time and no longer provide a strong wipe to the glass, in this case you will need to replace the windshield blades.

Water staying on windshield

If you notice that there are beads of water sticking to the windshield regardless of the wipers running over it, the likely problem is a build up of dirt and soot on the glass.

It will not be visible to the human eye as it will be tiny particles of dirt that causes the problem.

Water beads can stick to the dirt on the glass which is why it is important to clean it regularly even if it doesn’t appear to be dirty.

While cleaning your windshield, use hot soapy water and a sponge to ensure all dirt is properly removed. However if there is a lot of dirt you may require specialised glass cleaner, furthermore, if this fails to do the trick, a wax remover may help (Make sure to avoid getting it on your paint though!)

Chattering or jerky windscreen wipers

If you notice that your windscreen wipers aren’t working effectively and they seem to struggle to move from one side of the screen to another while shuddering as they go, you need to address the problem.

Once more, a potential cause could be a build-up of dirt, pollutant, wax, oil or grease, all of which could effect the smoothness of the wipe.

Once more a good clean of the glass and wipers should help to resolve the issue.

However if this does not improve the windshield wiper problem, the wiper arm may be bent out of shape.

The best way to find out if your windscreen wiper is bent is to ensure the rubber blade is making full contact with the glass, if it isn’t then it is either worn down or is bent.

You can use a pair of pliers to straighten the bend yourself, however you should be extremely careful, as the metal will become weaker the more you manipulate it.

Remember, it is best to replace your windscreen wiper blades every year regardless of the condition they are in, as they will not be as effective, once they are older than twelve months.

Windshield Washer fluid and Washer Fluid Pump

Every now and again you will need to wash your windshield while driving which means engaging the water pump to spray cleaner and water onto the glass.

However, if there is dirt on your window and you can’t wash it off due to a fault, you will be putting yourself and other passenger at risk.

You may not need your window sprayed for months at a time, like during the English winter when the rain will do a good cleaning job, so you may not know there is a problem until you need the glass cleaning.

That is why it is important to check you have full functionality every few weeks so you aren’t left in a difficult situation.

One of the common issues with water fluid pumps is that they simply stop pumping and need replacement, an easy way to find out if you need a replacement is to perform a noise test.

Lift up the hud of the car and locate the nozzles where the water and washer is sprayed, from there it should be easy enough to follow the tubes to the water pump.

Once you have found the water pump, ask a friend to try and spray the windscreen with fluid, if there is noise coming from the pump but no fluid is being emitted, there is an issue with the nozzle or tubes whereas if you don’t hear a sound then the water pump is broken.

In this eventuality you will need to replace the car water pump.

Electrical fault

With many of the systems in a car, a blown fuse can often be the problem, in which case all you have to do is replace it.

However if you replace the fuse and the window wipers still aren’t working, you will most likely have a wiring problem.

The best course of action, is to take your Infinitiinto a garage in Hackney as it will be incredibly difficult to diagnose exactly what the problem is unless you're an expert.

Finding a mechanic you can trust to do a good job and charge a fair price, is not always easy, which is why we simplified the process.

We work with a network of 8,000 mechanics and garages across the UK so we can find competitive windshield wiper repair deals in Hackney now.
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