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Do you want the convenience of a mobile mechanic that can come to your home or place of work? If so Who Can Fix My Car can help. We have reviewed and rated mobile mechanics nationwide ready to help. Many can attend your vehicle at short notice and can complete the work quickly and conveniently.

So wherever you are, our network of mobile mechanics will come directly to your home or workplace to repair or service your car, just tell us where and when you require their services by posting your repair request above.

Compare local mobile technicians on customer service, punctuality, ratings and pricing before choosing, and provide your own review on completion of your work.

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Mobile Mechanics - Convenient, Quick and Rated
Frequently asked questions

What is a Mobile Mechanic?

A Mobile Mechanic will usually come to your house or place of work with the parts, and the tools, they need to fix or service your car then and there. Alternatively they may come to collect your car, repair it at their garage and then return it to you.

What repairs will a Mobile Mechanic perform?

Mobile Mechanics can perform the majority of repairs your car needs, including: servicing, brakes, cambelt changes and more. Some will also perform more heavy-duty work such as clutch repair / replacement.

Do I need to be at home during the repair or service?

No. Indeed, the main advantage of a Mobile Mechanic is convenience: you agree logistics (e.g. keys) with them, and carry on with your day as normal, with no need to drop off or collect your car.

Can Mobile Mechanics change a clutch?

Depending on the car and the mechanic, yes. Some clutches are easy-to-access. Others require hours of time underneath the car - harder for a Mobile Mechanic.

Is a Mobile Mechanic cheaper than a 'fixed' garage?

Mobile Mechanics are often cheaper than a fixed-premises garage, yes, due to lower overhead costs. However, note that we always advise drivers to choose a garage or mechanic based on both price AND reputation. If in doubt, read their latest reviews on

What do I do if I need extra repairs that my Mobile Mechanic can't perform?

Not to worry! Many Mobile Mechanics will have access to a fixed-premises garage as well. If not, will put you in touch with another of their 7,500 garages nationwide.

Can Mobile Mechanics do MOTs?

Yes, some mobile mechanics will carry out MOTs. They will often collect the car from you, take it to a MOT bay to carry out the MOT and then drop it back after. However, this can be a costly excercise for the mechanic due to travel costs so many Mobile Mechanics do not offer this service.

What do Mobile Mechanics charge?

Just like fixed garages, Mobile Mechanics will charge you for their labour and for the parts they need to complete the service or repair. In some cases this is cheaper than a fixed premises due to less overheads, but they also must travel and so need to be compensated for that time too.

Can I trust a Mobile Mechanic?

Read reviews before choosing a mobile mechanic or garage. You can also ask to see insurance information. Be wary of a suspiciously low price, it will often be cheap parts being used which will ultimately fail within a couple of months.

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What is the cost to call out a mobile mechanic?

The cost of getting a Mobile Mechanic will vary depending on the type of repair required. Below highlights average quotes, split by car make on for mobile services.

Mobile Mechanic Cost by Car Make
Car MakeAverage PriceGet Quotes

This table uses data from quotes provided on between 22/12/2017 and 22/03/2018.

How does it work?

If you would like to receive quotes from UK mobile mechanics, enter your details in the form above, as well as information about the repair you require and where you need it carried out. Our national network has got you covered whether you live in Manchester, Aberdeen or London.

What kind of service should I expect?

A mobile mechanic will drive to your vehicle and carry out the repair work at your home or workplace. It is quick easy and convenient.

What is the advantage of mobile vehicle repair vs taking a car into your local garage?

A mobile service can be the most useful if you are stuck in a tricky spot. A 24 hour mobile mechanic is able to get out to you day or night, in order to carry out a repair when you need it most.

What are typical services that require a mobile service?

The obvious reasons for requiring a mobile mechanic are that your car won’t start or that is has a flat battery, however these are common service types that mobile mechanics regularly complete:

  • Engine Management Light Diagnosis
  • Starter Motor Problems
  • Alternator Issues
  • Fuel Pump Replacement

And of course simple oil changes and brake pad replacement.

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