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Wheel Alignment (or 'tracking') is essential for safety, economy and tyre wear.

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Rear Wheel Alignment

Rear wheel alignment, otherwise known as tracking, is a service which is carried out on vehicles with wheels which are not fixed into the optimal position.

What causes rear wheels to be knocked out of alignment?

If your car hits a curb or a particularly bad pothole, the rear wheels could easily be knocked out of alignment.

The sudden impact can cause a number of problems to your wheels and suspension so it is vital that you pay attention to how your car handles following such an incident.

It is also possible that the natural degradation of pars in the steering and suspension system causes rear wheels to lose their alignment. That is why it is critical that you have your wheel alignment checked every 12,000 miles at least.

Are my rear wheels out of alignment?

There are a few signs that your rear wheels are out of alignment, thought there are other problems which could also be to blame for the following.

Tyres worn down

If you notice that your rear wheels are suddenly wearing down or there is wear on a specific part of the wheel, such as the inside or outside, there is a very strong chance that your rear wheels are out of alignment.

This happens because the weight of the car is not being distributed correctly or the tyres are actually working against each other, causing damage to the rubber.

Handling problems

One of the most obvious signs that your rear wheels are out of alignment is a change in the handling of your car.

If the wheels aren’t pointing in the exact same direction, you should notice something is wrong when you are driving.

When you are driving in a straight line and aren’t holding onto the steering wheel tightly, your car may drift to one side or the other if any of your wheels are out of alignment.

Once more, this will be because one or more of your wheels is pulling the car in the wrong direction.

What happens if I don’t get the problem resolved?

If your rear wheels are out of alignment, there will be an unhealthy amount of stress being placed on your steering and suspension as well as the tyres on your car.

The knock on effects could cause serious problems for a car and the longer you leave wheels out of alignment, the more damage you will do.

Fortunately, having your rear wheels re-aligned is a simple and cost efficient service which can be completed quickly by most garages.

The price of rear wheel alignment is shown above, however, it will vary slightly from one car model to the next and from garage to another.

That is why it is important that you are able to get a range of quotes from the best garages in your area using WhoCanFixMyCar.

What can expect when I go to a garage?

The mechanic carrying out the work may tell you about how the specific way in which the wheels are out of alignment.

The misalignments positions are commonly referred to as toe in, toe out, positive chamber or negative chamber.

For example;

If wheels are ‘toe in’ this means that the wheels are pointing inwards whereas if they are ‘toe out’ they are pointing away from each other.

An easy way to understand is by using your own feet, if they are both pointed forwards perfectly, they are in alignment, however, if you pointed them both outwards, they would be ‘toe out’ and if you pointed the inwards they would be ‘toe in’.

If this is the case with the real wheels on your car, the vehicle will likely pull to one side while being driven.

‘chamber’ is another term which you may hear mentioned, which refers to the tilt of each tyre.

What can I do to reduce the risk of front wheel alignment problems?

There are some basic things you can do to avoid wheel alignment problems;

Don't drive your car into curbs hard

Do your best to avoid potholes

Remove unnecessary weight from your car

Maintain the right tyre pressure

Drive safely

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