SEAT Ibiza Maintenance Guides - Common SEAT Ibiza Repair Questions Answered

The SEAT Ibiza is among the most popular in our network of drivers; the supermini is also SEAT’s best-selling car of all time.

To aid our drivers, Who Can Fix My Car have compiled a guide answering the most commonly asked SEAT Ibiza questions. 

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SEAT Ibiza Tyre Pressure

What is the recommended tyre pressure of a SEAT Ibiza?

The correct recommended tyre pressure for your SEAT Ibiza can be found in your owner’s manual, as well as on the tyre placard found on the driver doors interior.

Correct tyre pressure levels are imperative for safety and functionality on the road.

How to check SEAT Ibiza tyre pressure?

Tyre pressure can be checked at any petrol station, where there will be both a pressure gauge to check pressure and a pump to subsequently top it up.

Mechanics will check tyre pressure as part of a full service or MOT. Tyre pressure can also be checked at home with a handheld pressure gauge; these only cost around £10 and are a great way to ensure that tyre pressure is correct more regularly.

What should I do once I see a tyre pressure warning?

The illumination of the tyre pressure (TPMS) warning light on your dashboard is a call to action to check your tyre pressure levels.

Aforementioned, this can be done at a garage or at home with a pressure gauge. Once checked, amend all tyres to the correct level.

When driving off after this the light should go out, if it remains illuminated it is likely that you either require a puncture repair or a TPMS system reset.

How do I reset a SEAT Ibiza tyre pressure light?

The process for resetting your SEAT Ibiza’s tyre pressure light will differ depending on model year and country of manufacture. The full procedure can be found in your owner’s manual.

For the 2008-2017 Ibiza, the TPMS light reset procedure is:

Ensure all tyres are at correct pressure level

Turn ignition to “ON” but do not start the engine

Press “SET” button which is located in your centre console and features the symbol akin to the TPMS warning light on your dashboard, holding this button down until you hear a beep


SEAT Ibiza Warning Lights

What do the warning lights mean on a SEAT Ibiza?

Depending on the model of Ibiza you own, the dashboard warning lights will vary slightly.

With some featuring some additional text. Red warning lights are a symbol of urgency, and amber/yellow a problem that needs assessing promptly.

Whereas green and blue warning lights act as signposts for information rather than issues e.g. your full beam is on.

What does the SEAT Ibiza check engine warning light mean?

The illumination of this warning light relates to a fault in the engine management and emissions control unit.

When illuminated it may also flash to indicate urgency, if it does come on reduce speed and drive carefully pulling over as soon as possible.

A wide scope of issues may be the cause; from a serious misfire and catalytic converter failure to loose caps. The most efficient point of action is to contact a mechanic quoting the engine management light as the issue.

How to reset a SEAT Ibiza oil service warning light?

Akin to the tyre pressure light on your SEAT Ibiza, the reset process will vary depending on your car’s model and year.

As always, the full process will be noted in your car owner’s handbook.

For the 2015-2017 SEAT Ibiza:

Turn ignition off

Pres, and hold down ‘SET “0.0”’ button

Turn ignition switch to “ON”, do not start the engine, release ‘SET “0.0”’ button

The reset interval service notice should appear on your display, release trip-odometer button

Press ‘SET “0.0”’ button again to confirm

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SEAT Ibiza Service Intervals

When are SEAT Ibiza service intervals?

SEAT recommend a full service every 12 months or 10,000 miles driven, whichever milestone comes first.

They also suggest an oil change annually to keep your car in tip-top condition, along with an interim service at the six month mark if you undertake a particularly high monthly mileage.


SEAT Ibiza Common Problems

Why does my SEAT Ibiza have consistently low oil levels?

Low oil levels in the IBIZA mat be the result of faulty valves. This issues has been relatively well-reported, and if you think you are victim to this particular problem the best course of action is to contact a mechanic to carry out an inspection of the valves.

The likely repair required will be a valve replacement.

Is windscreen washer jet failure common with a SEAT Ibiza?

A number of Ibiza drivers have reported windscreen jet washer failure as a result of the washer jet pipes cracking.

This happens most frequently at freezing temperatures. It can be identified through the jets spraying no liquid onto the windscreen despite the pump trying to.

A pipe replacement will have to be carried out by a trained mechanic if you are experiencing this issue.


SEAT Ibiza Oil

What the best oil to use for a SEAT Ibiza?

SEAT strongly recommends the use of genuine oil which has a thin viscosity and allows the car to function at its utmost best. The oil grade 5W-40 is the one that comes the most recommended if you need to top up or change your vehicle’s oil level.

What is the oil capacity for a SEAT Ibiza?

The exact oil capacity of your SEAT Ibiza is, like other components, dependent upon the year and country of manufacture as well as series. The exact information can be found noted in your owner’s handbook. If you have misplaced this manual, you can find a downloadable version online via SEAT. Most SEAT Ibiza’s have an oil capacity that sits at around 4litres.

What to do if a SEAT Ibiza leaks oil?

An oil leak from your SEAT Ibiza could be an indication of numerous issues, varying in severity. Often the most difficult part of the repair process is diagnosis, i.e. finding the source of the leak. Therefore, we would always recommend contacting a SEAT Ibiza leak specialist as soon as you spot a leak, as they will be able to carry out the complete process from diagnosis to an efficient and less costly repair than leaving the leak until further along the line.

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