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Pool Street Garage Limited
Abarth/Fiat Service & Specialist Garages
Frequently asked questions

How does work?

We work with thousands of garages across the country. It's simple - just tell us what's wrong with your Abarth/Fiat, or what work is needed, and local mechanics and Abarth/Fiat specialists will respond with their estimated repair price. You can see their reviews, ask questions and book in online. It's completely free to use, and thousands already do, every week.

What sort of garages does work with?

We work with independent local garages, mobile mechanics, Abarth/Fiat specialists and Abarth/Fiat Main Dealers - everyone, really. That way we ensure we give you a thorough overview of your options when servicing or repairing your Abarth/Fiat.

Will independent garages service my Abarth/Fiat to Abarth/Fiat Dealer Standards?

All independent garages will be able to look up Abarth/Fiat Dealer Servicing Specifications and follow them to the letter, if requested.

Can I request other (non-servicing) repairs via this website?

Yes you can. In truth, Servicing accounts for less than half of the Abarth/Fiat work we see on the website. The majority is other repair/maintenance work, such as clutch repairs, brakes, exhausts, cambelts. That said, anything is possible - we regularly see requests for restoration, stereo upgrades, convertible roof repairs, you name it!

Can I request servicing / repair to high-performance, specialist or classic Abarth/Fiat models?

Absolutely. Because we work with thousands of garages, including plenty of Abarth/Fiat specialists, we've seen plenty of unusual cars over the years, including Rolls-Royces, Ferraris, Lamborghinis and, of course, rare Abarth/Fiat models. Just post your job as normal.

What sort of parts will garages use on my Abarth/Fiat?

A Abarth/Fiat Main Dealer will usually use original Abarth/Fiat parts on your car. Independent garages and specialists are able to source parts from a variety of sources, including original Abarth/Fiat parts, aftermarket parts and even used parts. They will usually discuss this with you when finalising the details of your repair or service.

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How much do Abarth/Fiat Service & Repairs cost

With thousands of quotes given every single month, we have a very good view of average costs for Abarth/Fiat servicing and repairs. Take a look below at the average quote for Abarth/Fiat on for some of our top service types.

Cost by Service Type for Abarth/Fiat
Service TypeAverage PriceGet Quotes
Full Service£138.80
Full Service and MOT£181.59

This table uses data from quotes provided on between 27/11/2017 and 25/02/2018.