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Frequently asked questions

What does ABS stand for?

ABS simply stands for 'Anti-Lock Braking System'. It has featured on aircraft brakes since the 1930s and first appeared on a car, the Jensen FF, in 1966. All cars built since July 2004 have had it fitted as standard.

What does an ABS System do?

ABS performs a vital safety function: when you slam on the brakes, it 'pulses' the brakes on and off. This prevents you skidding (reducing stopping distance) and, equally critically, allows you to steer and brake at the same time.

What is an ABS Sensor?

If your car has ABS, the ABS sensor will be fitted to all four wheels. It monitors wheel speed and thus detects if you enter a skid when braking (because one or more wheels will be stopped while the others spin). Thus it can 'pulse' the brake on and off many times a second, to slow the car down without skidding. ABS Sensors are also used by cars with Electronic Stability Control (ESC) to individually brake one or more wheels in the event of understeer or oversteer.

Can I disconnect an ABS system?

While an ABS System can theoretically be disconnected, we don't recommend it. ABS is, after all, seen to be such a vital safetly component that it has been fitted by law to every car sold in the UK since July 2004.

Will my car fail its MOT with the ABS light on?

Yes. Since 2012, a number of warning lights, including ABS and ESP, have been ruled as immediate MOT failures.

How much does an ABS System repair cost?

The cost of an ABS System fix will be driven largely by the cost of replacement parts, with control modules in older cars often over £250, just for the part. However, overall, our statistics suggest the average fix to be around £100.
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