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The ECU (Engine Control Unit) oversees a number of vital engine functions and mantains top performance and economy. However, correct ECU diagnosis requires specialist software, which is where come in. Tell us what's wrong and receive competitive quotes for your ECU Repair from experienced local specialists.

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Alfa Romeo ECU Repairs in Glasgow

This guide has been created to help you understand what an engine control unit is, what role it has to play in your car engine, what can go wrong, what the signs to look out for if there is a fault and what is involved in an ECU repair.

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The Engine Control Unit

The ECU is responsible for ensuring that the engine in your Alfa Romeo is running at its optimal performance.

There are a huge number of sensors in your car engine which are critical in reporting how your engine is running as they feed information back to the ECU which in turn makes adjustments.

One variable controlled by the ECU is the Air/Fuel Ratio.

Every engine needs oxygen to works as they work by combustion. Therefore it is essential that the correct amount of air gets into the engine when it needs it. This is also true of fuel injection, if the engine requires more fuel at a higher rate then the rate in which fuel is delivered needs to be higher. This is where the ECU comes into play. When you accelerate, the ECU will deliver a higher amount of fuel and air into the engine.

It is an essential function which is vital for allowing an engine to operate properly.

There are a huge number of functions like this which are come under the supervision of the ECU. This example highlights how important it is to the performance of your Alfa Romeo and this is simply one of many functions performed by the ECU.

It can be difficult to know if you have a ECU problem, which is why we have provided some tips below to help you spot the signs of danger.

The ‘Check Engine’ light is on

There are a multitude of reasons for the check engine light to come on and one of them may be a faulty ECU.

As soon as the light comes on its important to take your Alfa Romeo for a service, make sure that the ecu is checked during the test as some garages may not decide to carry it out.

The Car won’t start

If your car won’t start you may have a dead battery, faulty electrics or a damaged ecu. If the problem is not electrical then it is highly likely that the ecu is the part causing the issue. By calling a mobile mechanic out to your car you will be able to diagnose the problem quicker than getting your car towed to a garage in Glasgow.

Other ecu problems

If there is a noticeable drop in the performance of your engine or drop in fuel economy this will likely be caused by the ecu or the on-board computer. Its important to keep an eye on the rate that you use fuel as well as listening out for the tone of the engine changing as this can be an indicator of an issue caused by a faulty ecu.

What is involved in repairing an ecu?

The ECU is an expensive piece of a car engine and so having it repaired or replaced could set you back depending on the extent of the damage.

An ECU can often be reprogrammed as part of a repair as the fault lies in the settings of the part being wrong.

Garages will be able to provide this service as well as online businesses which specialise in reprogramming ECU’s.

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How much does an ECU engine repair cost?

To replace an entire ECU unit it will cost you thousands, it may be less from car to car depending on the model however the cost of replacing the unit may be more than the value of the car itself!

However the ECU can also be repaired by simply reprogramming the settings which may only cost you around £150.

Finding a mechanic you can trust to do a good job and charge a fair price, is not always easy, which is why we've simplified the process.

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