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Audi A3 Servicing and Repairs

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To answer any Audi A3 queries that drivers have all in one place, we constructed a post for the most commonly asked Audi 3 questions.

Servicing and MOT
Audi A3 Servicing and MOT average cost
Full Service£ 163.21
MOT£ 42.62
Full Service and MOT£ 195.88
Oil Change£ 79.07
Interim Service£ 104.58
Vehicle Health Check£ 48.78
Interim Service and MOT£ 137.12
Servicing and MOT - Other£ 188.06
Engine Carbon Clean£ 92.06
Brake Fluid Change£ 58.55
Fuel Economy Service£ 133.30
DSG Oil Service£ 183.24
Winter Check£ 50.43
Summer Check£ 40.00

Ownership Costs - Audi A3 Servicing and MOT

Change in repair costs

  • 2020- 3.53 %
  • 2019- 1.83 %
  • 2018- 3.70 %
  • 2017- 12.52 %
Engine and Cooling
Audi A3 Engine and Cooling average cost
Cambelt Change£ 282.69
Head Gasket£ 513.12
Timing Chain£ 690.54
Engine and Cooling - Other£ 70.40
Turbo Faults and Replacement£ 791.01
Timing Belt£ 328.12
Engine Management Light£ 58.68
Fuel Injection System£ 73.12
Diesel Engine Faults£ 125.72
Engine Oil£ 74.55
Water Pump£ 293.41
Fan Belt£ 72.23
Spark Plugs£ 85.03
Coolant Hoses£ 54.17
Ignition Coil£ 61.36

Ownership Costs - Audi A3 Engine and Cooling

Change in repair costs

  • 2020+ 5.01 %
  • 2019+ 13.72 %
  • 2018+ 7.53 %
  • 2017- 5.18 %
Brakes and Exhausts
Audi A3 Brakes and Exhausts average cost
Brake Pads and Discs£ 221.87
Exhaust Fitting£ 109.97
Diesel Particulate Filter Clean£ 172.94
Exhaust Repair£ 93.66
Brake Repairs£ 343.38
EGR Valve£ 390.90
Other - Brakes and Exhausts£ 105.00
Diesel Particulate Filter Replacement£ 209.05

Ownership Costs - Audi A3 Brakes and Exhausts

Change in repair costs

  • 2020+ 14.72 %
  • 2019- 4.80 %
  • 2018+ 7.88 %
  • 2017- 1.97 %
Air-Con, Heating and Cooling
Audi A3 Air-Con, Heating and Cooling average cost
Aircon Regas£ 62.86
Other - Air-Con, Heating and Cooling£ 120.30
Air Conditioning Service£ 63.48
Car Heater£ 58.39

Ownership Costs - Audi A3 Air-Con, Heating and Cooling

Change in repair costs

  • 2020- 1.14 %
  • 2019+ 3.72 %
  • 2018+ 42.64 %
  • 2017- 10.24 %
Windows, Windscreens and Mirrors
Audi A3 Windows, Windscreens and Mirrors average cost
Windscreen Replacement£ 218.77
Wing Mirror£ 141.89
Electric Window Faults£ 67.91
Window Tinting£ 174.52
Window Replacement£ 133.36
Rear Windscreen Replacement£ 185.00
Windows, Windscreens and Mirrors - Other£ 104.75
Windscreen Wipers£ 42.82

Ownership Costs - Audi A3 Windows, Windscreens and Mirrors

Change in repair costs

  • 2020- 17.38 %
  • 2019- 4.62 %
  • 2018+ 21.69 %
  • 2017+ 51.29 %
Mobile Mechanics and Services
Audi A3 Mobile Mechanics and Services average cost
Mobile Mechanic£ 75.45
Mobile Tyre Fitting£ 30.00
Mobile Alloy Wheel Repair£ 64.30
Mobile Mechanics and Services - Other£ 59.29
Pre-Purchase Car Inspection£ 90.74
Mobile Servicing£ 125.00
Mobile Accident Repair£ 360.00

Ownership Costs - Audi A3 Mobile Mechanics and Services

Change in repair costs

  • 2020+ 23.78 %
  • 2019- 23.80 %
  • 2018+ 35.11 %
  • 2017- 33.95 %
Electrical and Batteries
Audi A3 Electrical and Batteries average cost
Alternator Repair£ 277.87
Electrical Faults£ 56.30
Parking Sensors£ 142.96
ECU Repairs£ 60.00
Car Battery£ 183.75
Lights and Bulbs£ 70.40
Electrical and Batteries - Other£ 97.50
Starter Motor£ 252.40
Glow Plugs£ 133.51

Ownership Costs - Audi A3 Electrical and Batteries

Change in repair costs

  • 2020- 18.36 %
  • 2019+ 54.44 %
  • 2018- 26.13 %
  • 2017+ 18.54 %
Bodywork, Dents and Smart Repairs
Audi A3 Bodywork, Dents and Smart Repairs average cost
Respraying£ 447.89
Other - Bodywork, Dents and Smart Repairs£ 440.92
Accident Repairs£ 490.33
Bodyshop£ 343.89
Paintwork Repair£ 350.62
SMART Repair, Scratches and Scuffs£ 296.46
Welding£ 198.58
Dent Removal£ 277.87
Panel Beating£ 483.91
Restoration£ 660.00

Ownership Costs - Audi A3 Bodywork, Dents and Smart Repairs

Change in repair costs

  • 2020+ 14.26 %
  • 2019- 0.28 %
  • 2018+ 4.15 %
  • 2017+ 13.99 %
Tyres, Wheels and Tracking
Audi A3 Tyres, Wheels and Tracking average cost
Puncture Repair£ 42.43
Front Wheel Alignment£ 42.39
Wheel Bearing£ 193.26
Tyres, Wheels and Tracking - Other£ 79.50
Wheel Tracking£ 36.84
Front and Rear Wheel Alignment£ 66.65
Wheel Nut Removal£ 66.35

Ownership Costs - Audi A3 Tyres, Wheels and Tracking

Change in repair costs

  • 2020+ 24.76 %
  • 2019+ 15.58 %
  • 2018+ 35.02 %
  • 2017- 44.96 %
Not Sure - Help Me Choose!
Audi A3 Not Sure - Help Me Choose! average cost
General Repairs£ 100.29
Minor Repairs£ 174.10
Loss of Power£ 315.00
My Car Won't Start£ 60.00
Leak£ 97.28
Other Problem - Smoking, Strange Smells etc£ 49.53
Banging or Knocking Noise£ 129.92

Ownership Costs - Audi A3 Not Sure - Help Me Choose!

Change in repair costs

  • 2020+ 0.95 %
  • 2019+ 27.17 %
  • 2018- 42.12 %
  • 2017+ 52.51 %
Audi A3 Diagnostics average cost
Diagnostic Test£ 45.91
Diagnostics - Other£ 50.95
Electrical Fault Diagnosis£ 53.72
Automatic Transmission Diagnostic£ 75.00
Diesel Tuning£ 400.00

Ownership Costs - Audi A3 Diagnostics

Change in repair costs

  • 2020+ 0.63 %
  • 2019+ 12.97 %
  • 2018+ 1.27 %
  • 2017- 41.12 %
Clutch and Gearbox Repairs
Audi A3 Clutch and Gearbox Repairs average cost
Clutch Repairs£ 622.45
Clutch and Gearbox Repairs - Other£ 698.59
Auto Gearbox Specialist£ 66.20
Reconditioned Gearbox£ 1067.60

Ownership Costs - Audi A3 Clutch and Gearbox Repairs

Change in repair costs

  • 2020+ 3.00 %
  • 2019+ 0.23 %
  • 2018+ 14.92 %
  • 2017+ 6.28 %
Steering and Suspension
Audi A3 Steering and Suspension average cost
Shock Absorber Repair£ 305.42
Suspension Repairs£ 129.77
Steering and Suspension - Other£ 204.78
Power Steering£ 78.99
Steering Rack£ 395.26

Ownership Costs - Audi A3 Steering and Suspension

Change in repair costs

  • 2020+ 35.82 %
  • 2019+ 35.49 %
  • 2018- 4.69 %
  • 2017- 17.78 %
Security, Locking and Keys
Audi A3 Security, Locking and Keys average cost
Key Replacement£ 157.50
Central Locking Systems£ 120.00
Immobiliser Faults£ 107.44

Ownership Costs - Audi A3 Security, Locking and Keys

Change in repair costs

  • 2020+ 1.83 %
  • 2019+ 14.81 %
  • 2018+ 27.70 %
  • 2017+ 11.22 %
Interior, Audio and Navigation
Audi A3 Interior, Audio and Navigation average cost
Convertible Roof Repair£ 71.48
Car Audio£ 76.10
Interior, NAV and Entertainment - Other£ 50.00

Ownership Costs - Audi A3 Interior, Audio and Navigation

Change in repair costs

  • 2020+ 18.29 %
  • 2019+ 58.80 %
  • 2018- 16.69 %
Safety Components
Audi A3 Safety Components average cost
Seatbelt Repairs£ 185.26
Airbag Repairs£ 200.00

Ownership Costs - Audi A3 Safety Components

Change in repair costs

  • 2019+ 305.68 %
  • 2018- 49.26 %
Breakdown and Recovery
Audi A3 Breakdown and Recovery average cost
Recovery£ 96.67

Ownership Costs - Audi A3 Breakdown and Recovery

Change in repair costs

  • 2020+ 222.22 %
  • 2018- 14.29 %
  • 2017- 73.82 %
Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

No data available for Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

Top garages for Audi (12,865 found)
Oakmere Service Centre.
71 Jobs Completed
3.7 / 5

Oakmere provide MOT testing 7 days a week until late, offering our services at a time that suits you. We have a comfortable waiting and viewing area with free Wi-Fi and refreshments, if you’d prefer to wait while we carry out your vehicle’s MOT.

Competitively priced and with free re-tests available, contact Oakmere Service Centre today to book your MOT.

Please do give us a call today to confirm that you have a valid MOT for your vehicle without any obligation.

MOT inspections are a legal requirement for all cars over the age of three years old, certifying that the vehicle is roadworthy and safe. An MOT must be carried out annually, and performed by an approved vehicle testing station.

When it comes to your car’s MOT, Oakmere Service Centre have the experience necessary to take care of every step. Our technicians are on hand to check your vehicle prior to the test, indicating any areas that may result in a failure – often, this can be something as simple as insufficient tread depth on your tyres – before ensuring that your car is roadworthy and in compliance with Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) regulations.


East Midlands Auto
419 Jobs Completed
4.9 / 5

Hi and Welcome to East Midlands Auto - Highly sought after
'Approved Service & Repair Centre' Renowned for for high Customer Service throughout the car Industry. Offering Main Dealer Service - Not Main Dealer Prices.

Timing belts - clutches - exhausts - servicing - repairs - diagnostics

Registered by the good garage scheme

V.A.G service & diagnostic specialists

Rest assured of a very warm welcome, expert advice & value for money.

Mr Tyre - Tamworth
168 Jobs Completed
4.6 / 5

Whether you’re in need of tyres, MOTs or car servicing, throughout Central England you can rely on Mr Tyre to meet all your needs. Since 1971, we’ve been the premier car garage of choice for drivers across the country, and now you too can benefit from our expertise and friendly services.

Mr Tyre are an independent business, meaning we’re able to find and offer to you the very best deals on vehicle products. We aim to provide the highest quality products and services at the most competitive prices. As such, you can rest assured that our top priority will be your complete satisfaction and peace of mind.

KAM Servicing - Sutton
452 Jobs Completed
4.7 / 5

Kam Servicing, trading for approx 30 years, recognised by both the RAC and the AA for warranty repairs.We are a local, family run business with complete dealer facilities and also an accredited member of The Good Garage Scheme. Kam Servicing - Sutton In Ashfield a one stop shop for all your vehicle's needs, including MOT/Servicing, Air-con, full Engine Diagnostics, free courtesy cars, local collection and delivery service.

Windscreen Fixers Ltd
15 Jobs Completed
5.0 / 5

Windscreen Fixers is a fully mobile automotive glass repair & replacement service, providing a top-quality service regardless of the job, chips, cracks, smashed, any and all windscreen and window needs are met by a team of specialists.

Knowledgable Staff...
Our staff have many years of experience dealing with all makes and models of car & van. We are happy to advise and recommend the best products suited to your needs.

We Have You Covered...
We have access to the UK's largest wholesale glass suppliers. We also stock glass for the most popular makes of car including VW, Mercedes, Toyota, Ford etc...

Our Quality Promise...
We're committed to providing a stress-free experience to both new and returning customers. We use the very best materials available. Our engineers are trained and qualified to ATA/IMEI British Standards.

Ewood Motor Services
390 Jobs Completed
4.9 / 5

Ewood Motor services is conveniently based in Blackburn near Ewood Park. Our garage is home to the latest equipment and facilities enabling us to carry our repairs and services to a high standard. Providing a free collection/delivery for local customers within 10 miles is just one of the many great services we offer.

We cover a range of mechanical services from brakes and exhausts to steering and suspension. Our mechanics have gained a variety of skills over the years and aim to make sure your car care needs is a swift, smooth running experience.

Our diagnostic equipment helps us pinpoint problems which means we can successfully carry out any work needed so you can be back on the road in no time. Our comfortable waiting room is there if you wish to wait while we work on your car, or we have some very handy local transport links if you wish to go about your day to day activities,

We also have a fully kitted out body shop on site for all body work repairs

Dss motors
11 Job Completed
5.0 / 5

Dss Motor Services is a local garage in Chattisham just out side of Ipswich.

We repair anything from Tyres to Cambelts any job big or small we can always aim to help please contact us if your in need of help with your vehicle.

Smart AutoFix Ub48pb Charville Lane
494 Jobs Completed
4.8 / 5

Here at Smart Autofix we offer a fantastic mobile service covering a wide range of services for your car maintenance. With our team being mobile, it means we can come at a time and place that is convenient for you. We cover many services but also have a wealth of knowledge in timing belts, timing chains, engine rebuilds, clutch work, head gaskets, and suspension.

For bigger jobs, we have access to a well-equipped workshop and MOT bay and offer a collection and delivery service when required (conditions and fees apply- only within a 10mile radius). With over 15 years experience no job is too big or too small and we approach all our work with the same level of professionalism and always utilize our exceptional skills gained over many years.

Parts come under a standard manufacturer warranty and are sourced from a well-known supplier.

A Dixon Autos Ltd
360 Jobs Completed
4.6 / 5

A Dixon Autos is a mobile vehicle maintenance and enhancement company owned and run by Tony Dixon.

Tony has worked in the motor trade ever since leaving school, and in 26 years he’s amassed a broad range of technical skills, got to know cars inside out, and also learned a thing or two about great customer service.

During his 20 years in recovery services, including the AA, Tony has received literally hundreds of commendations from customers whom he’s helped. His experience means he’s ideally placed to provide swift diagnoses and carry out accurate, reliable work when dealing with vehicles of all kinds.

As we are a mobile service we can come to you! So, whether; your car isn’t running quite right; has failed it’s MOT emissions test; you’ve got a warning light on your dash; you want to improve you car’s performance, MPG or BHP; want to protect your alloys from kerbs and potholes - we’ve got a service for you!

Martin Lee Vehicle Solutions Ltd
145 Jobs Completed
5.0 / 5


Martin Lee Vehicle Solutions can provide a range of services including MOT tests, servicing and repairs which are offered at a competitive price. Our customers time is important to us and that's why we aim to work in a timely manner to get you back on the road as soon as possible. We aim to provide great prices for our work that won’t break your bank balance.

North East Auto Services - Chester-Le-Street
61 Jobs Completed
4.6 / 5

Welcome to North East Auto Services Group, in Middlesbrough, Peterlee, Fairfield, Stockton and Chester-le-Street.
We offer a wide range of garage services including MOT Testing, Servicing, Tyres, Air Conditioning, Repairs and more.

Newquay Motors
53 Jobs Completed
4.7 / 5

If you desire an efficient, excellently priced, friendly and memorable garage experience, look no further than Newquay Motors. We are a tight-knit team of 2, with experience spanning nearly 3 decades, and are more than able to take on any shape or size task. We have over the years garnered a reputation of being an exemplary mobile service, with our collection and delivery being free within 15 miles. We work with all models and makes, and ensure all work is done to a meticulous level of detail. Please feel free to contact us for further information or to get booked in!

479 Jobs Completed
4.8 / 5

JHM are a small, independent garage that has been established since 2010. Although we are a young company, our team of 5 have many years of experience. I, James, the owner, have over 25 years of experience in the motor industry and have previously worked for a specialised Turbocharger remanufacture and a string of high profile tuning companies and still retain good connections with them.

We are a fully-fledged specialist garage that can carry out any service or repair work, however we are very well known for our turbo repairs and ECU work; remapping, tuning, engine re-building as well as our advanced diagnostic work. We have the latest state of the art diagnostic equipment and also work with many local garages that cannot pinpoint the root of the vehicles problem, who then often ask us to perform a more thorough diagnosis on their behalf. We believe in digging deeper to find the actual root of the problem and then fixing it, rather than just replacing parts as if the problem is not addressed, you may just be masking the real issue.

You can rest assured that you are leaving your vehicle in safe hands by choosing to have your work carried out with us, we take great pride in our work. We endeavour to provide competitive prices but most importantly, to have each and every customer leave our garage happy. We will never carry out any further repairs without having spoken with your first and seeking authorisation. Please get in touch for an estimate today.

CarGo Mobile Services
951 Jobs Completed
4.9 / 5

Cambelt specialists, working on all makes and models of vehicles.

Additional services offered ....
Full and interim services

I understand that when your cambelt needs to be changed it's a big undertaking which needs to be done with skill and care. As a specialist in this field this is exactly what you will receive from me; having carried out hundreds of replacements your vehicle is in safe hands.
Open 7 days a week, bringing the garage to you; saving you the costs of the main dealers and providing you with professional standards.

Allvolks Plymouth LTD
165 Jobs Completed
5.0 / 5

Here at Allvolks Plymouth LTD we offer a wide range of services to cater for everyone's needs. We carry out Servicing, repairs, brakes, diagnostics, welding, clutches, tyres and tracking, With over 14 years experience you can guarantee a friendly and professional service.

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