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Audi Gearbox Repairs and Cost
Frequently asked questions

How does a car's gearbox work?

The gearbox is an essential component of your car. Driving without a gearbox would be like driving everywhere in third gear: no acceleration at low speeds, and lots of noise, and fuel consumption, when driving fast. The gearbox allows the driver to select the appropriate gearing for the speed they are travelling, giving good acceleration at low speeds, and smooth, quiet running at high speeds. A manual gearbox is connected to the engine via a clutch.

What are common gearbox problems?

It's easy to confuse gearbox problems with clutch issues, because one of the effects of a worn clutch is that changing gear becomes harder. Nonetheless, the two most common gearbox issues are: worn linkages (connecting the gearlever to the gearbox) and worn synchromesh, particularly when changing from first to second gear.

How are Gearbox Repairs diagnosed?

Our garages will give you as reasonable an estimate as possible, using your description of what's wrong, and their expertise. However, for them to give a confident quote, they will want to see the car for a road-test and a physical inspection.

How much do Gearbox Repairs cost?

The price of gearbox repairs depends very much on the nature of the work involved - noting that the true culprit may actually be the clutch. Simply describe the issue as best you can and let our garages provide no-obligation quotes.

What is a DSG Gearbox?

A Direct Shift Gearbox or DSG Gearbox is an electronically controlled duel-clutch system. They ultimately help you to change gears quicker than in a manual or automatic.

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Audi Gearbox repairs

If you are having problems with the gearbox on your Audi, you can get quotes from the best local garages in minutes by entering your details in the box above.

WhoCanFixMyCar has members spread all over the UK, many of whom have years of experience of repairing Audi Gearboxes.

You may be tempted to always take your car to an Audi dealership and that is always a good option! However, you can get free quotes from locally rated garages using WhoCanFixMyCar so getting an idea of the options available to you is always the best way forward when it comes to getting an audi gearbox repaired.

To help you understand a little more about Audi gearbox we have created the following simple guide.

There are certain signs that the gearbox on your Audi is struggling to perform and is well on the way to breaking completely.

Common Audi Gearbox Problems

Slipping Audi Gearbox

If you’re driving along in your Audi and the gear keeps slipping out, there is definitely something wrong with the part. The most likely problem is that the Audi gears are worn down. The longer you leave this problem, the worse it will get. The likelihood is that you will have to have part of the gearbox replaced or the whole gearbox replaced.

Audi ‘Check Engine Light’ has come on

There are a number of problems which can be indicated by a warning light popping up on your Audi dashboard, and gearbox problems are one of them.

As we know you know, Audi’s are a very well-made brand of car and they have sensors built into many different parts of the car. Like every car, an Audi will suffer badly if there is not enough engine oil or specifically transmission oil in the vehicle.

You’ll know if there is low transmission fuel if there are strange noises coming from the gearbox while the Audi is in neutral.

A possible cause of low transmission fluid in an Audi could be a leak so make sure to check underneath your car for dripping liquid while the vehicle is in a safe place to check.

Audi transmission fluid problems

Like all car makes, Audi cars can only work properly while transmission fluid lubricates, cleans and conditions the seals while acting as a hydraulic fluid.

Problems arise when transmission fluid gets low so if all of it leaks out, your Audi will suffer serious problems. Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) is bright red liquid and surprisingly, has a sweet smell, if everything is in order.

If you notice a problem with the Audi gearbox and suspect that transmission fluid is the issue, there are two possible outcomes.

The first is that your Audi simply needs to have a small hole filled as the liquid is spilling out. Though this sounds like a huge problem, it is in fact the lesser of the two potential problems.

If you find a leak and the liquid itself is dark and emits a strong burning smell, then the issue is bigger than a simple leak.

Finding the dark liquid will mean the entire transmission system will need to be flushed in your Audi. This is because the transmission oil will no longer be able to perform its function and will inevitably cause problems.

Dragging Audi Clutch

Audi gearbox problems can arise when the flywheel and the clutch fail to disengage which results in an Audi driver finding it impossible to change gears.

if this happens, you are likely to be able to hear a heavy grinding noise every time you change gears while driving your Audi.

Audi Gearbox Problems

As listed above, there are common problems which not only effect Audi’s but most brands, however, having done research on the subject of Audi gearbox problems which are unique to the German brand, we found some interesting information.

According to online blogs, Audi installed MultiTronic gearboxes on all models in between 2000 and 2005 which caused some drivers problems.

One owner complained that their Audi A4 suffered from jerky and jumpy driving while the gearbox would rattle while changing gears. This one particular driver was quotes over £4,000 for a replacement.

The number of Audi drivers looking to replace the MultiTronic Gearbox was extremely high according to forums and it appears Audi have learned their lesson and changed the type of gearbox fitted in their cars as the complaints around the gearbox seem to be focused on models produced between 2000 and 2005 as this extract exemplifies.

”I decided to visit a local gearbox specialist. The gearbox specialist centre took the car for a test drive and said my gearbox required refurbishing and the flywheel was also faulty which was causing the rattling noises (Both fitted with a 2 year warranty or 24,000 miles).

They quoted me a price cheaper then the other garages I had contacted so I decided to go ahead. Whilst I was at the garage there were three Audi A4’s on ramps. All with registrations between 2002 and 2005. I asked the mechanic what those cars were in for. He replied “The same as yours, faulty Multitronic gearboxes. It’s a common fault, we get lots of these”.

Audi recommend that gearbox oil/transmission oil needs to be replaced every 40,000 miles, though this may be different for different models. The best way to make sure is by consulting your Audi drivers manual.

Finding a mechanic you can trust to do a good job and charge a fair price, is not always easy, which is why we've simplified the process for Audi Drivers.

Get Your Gearbox Repaired or Replaced with WhoCanFixMyCar

Finding a mechanic you can trust to do a good job and charge a fair price, is not always easy, which is why we've simplified the process for Audi Drivers.

We work with a network of over 16,842 mechanics and garages across the UK so we can find competitive Audi Gearbox repair deals for you.

To find the best Audi Gearbox Replacement or Repair service available in your region;

  1. Enter your car registration number
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You can then compare the quotes and read reviews from previous customers to find the best Gearbox deal in your area, before booking the Audi Gearbox Replacement or Repair online.

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