Audi TT Maintenance Guides - Common Audi TT Repair Questions Answered

The two door sports car has been manufactured by Audi since way back in 1998 and is now in its third generation.

Audi Tt drivers in our network can access answers to all their most frequently asked questions in this dedicated guide. 

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Audi Tt Tyre Pressure

What is the recommended tyre pressure of an Audi Tt?

The tyre pressure of your Audi Tt will vary depending on the model series, year and country of manufacture.

You can find the exact value for your vehicle in your owner’s handbook and on the tyre placard stuck to your driver’s door interior.

For the 2017 Audi Tt, the minimum recommended pressure is 32 psi or 2.2 bar.

Where can I check my Audi Tt tyre pressure?

The tyre pressure of your Audi Tt can be checked at any petrol station or at a garage by a mechanic as part of a service.

You can also check tyre pressure levels at home with the use of a handheld pressure gauge. 

To gather a reading from a gauge:

Firstly, make sure all your pressure levels are correct.

Remove valve cap from your tyre’s valve stem

Press the gauge onto the stem, and push in until hissing noise stops

A reading should now appear, note this down then reattach valve cap

Repeat process for all tyres.

What should I do once I see a tyre pressure warning?

The illumination of the TPMS light on your dashboard must prompt you to check your tyre pressures.

Once tyre pressures are amended, start the car again and drive off, the light should go out.

If it stays illuminated, you either have a faulty TPMS that needs reset or a puncture which again needs repair.

How do I reset an Audi Tt tyre pressure light?

The reset process for the TPMS light will vary depending on your car’s model; the exact procedure will be noted in your car owner’s manual.

For recent Audi models:

Turn ignition on but keep engine off.

Press ‘car function’ button on MMI control panel

Select car systems control button

Use the knob to scroll down and select ‘Servicing and Checks’

Press select, then ‘Tyre pressure monitoring’

You must then confirm tyre pressure levels are correct, then select ‘yes store now’.


Audi Tt Warning Lights

What do the warning lights mean on an Audi Tt?

The warning lights illuminate on your dashboard to send drivers to a specific component either for a check over or to seek immediate professional assistance.

Some warning lights are merely informational indicators; these shine in blue or green.

The warning lights will glow in either red or amber/yellow, red indicates urgency whereas yellow is a symbol for required attention but not on an immediate basis. 

What does an Audi Tt engine management warning light mean?

The Audi Tt engine management light, also known as the malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) lights up whilst driving if there is a problem with the engine electronics.

Contact an Audi Tt specialist for assistance with this as it may be an indication of a number of issues varying in severity; from loose caps to catalytic converter failure.

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Audi Tt Service Intervals

When are Audi Tt service intervals?

An Audi Tt should receive a full service alongside a oil and filter change at least once a year.

If you undertake a particularly high mileage, especially a lot of city driving, Audi would also recommend an interim service at the six month mark. 


Audi Tt Common Problems

Are cambelt problems common with an Audi Tt?

The cambelt in your Audi Tt may not last as long as laid out in the owner’s manual.

Although this is not strictly a ‘problem’ it should be duly noted that your Tt’s cambelt will likely last closer to 60,000 miles rather than the stated 80,000.

This also applies to your water pump.

Are issues with the electric windows common with an Audi Tt?

There is a known issue with the electric windows switch in an Audi Tt.

The switches can be defective and require a replacement; make sure to routinely check your Tt windows when the car s at a standstill to ensure safety standards.


Audi Tt Oil

What the best oil to use for an Audi Tt?

The recommended oil for an Audi Tt is fully-synthetic low ash oil such as 5W-30, which is suitable for both petrol and diesel variants of the Tt.

What is the oil capacity for an Audi Tt?

The engine oil capacity of your Audi Tt will depend on the specific model series, country of manufacture and year.

Therefore, you should always check your owner’s manual for the specific information prior to topping up your oil levels. Generally, the capacity of an Audi Tt is 4.8 quarts.

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Audi Tt Car Battery

What are the symptoms of a dying car battery?

Audi Tt car batteries have an average lifespan of 4 years, although they can always wear ahead of this time due to a number of factors, many of which are out of a driver’s control.

To prevent you being stuck out in the road with battery failure, you can identify number of symptoms of your battery failing, which can prompt you to book in with a garage before being stuck.

Signs of battery failure:

·        Slower engine crank

·        Dimmer headlights and faltering electronics

·        Battery connectors are corroded

·        The battery case is swollen or misshapen

·        Battery warning light is illuminated whilst driving

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