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Servicing and MOT
BMW Servicing and MOT average cost
Full Service£ 175.70
MOT£ 43.50
Full Service and MOT£ 206.90
Oil Change£ 85.87
Interim Service£ 114.35
Vehicle Health Check£ 50.47
Interim Service and MOT£ 144.21
Servicing and MOT - Other£ 196.25
Engine Carbon Clean£ 117.27
Brake Fluid Change£ 81.99
DSG Oil Service£ 260.12

Ownership Costs - BMW Servicing and MOT

Change in repair costs

  • 2021+ 1.73 %
  • 2020- 5.59 %
  • 2019- 3.60 %
  • 2018+ 2.85 %
Engine and Cooling
BMW Engine and Cooling average cost
Cambelt Change£ 365.68
Head Gasket£ 650.50
Timing Chain£ 881.65
Engine and Cooling - Other£ 142.91
Turbo Faults and Replacement£ 793.86
Timing Belt£ 400.30
Engine Management Light£ 54.35
Fuel Injection System£ 108.75
Diesel Engine Faults£ 280.14
Engine Oil£ 83.61
Water Pump£ 309.73
Fan Belt£ 86.14
Fuel Pump£ 65.00
Car Radiator Repair£ 120.37
Spark Plugs£ 111.33
Coolant Hoses£ 95.50
Ignition Coil£ 60.26
Camshaft Sensor£ 38.67

Ownership Costs - BMW Engine and Cooling

Change in repair costs

  • 2021+ 2.18 %
  • 2020+ 6.92 %
  • 2019+ 12.83 %
  • 2018+ 67.45 %
Brakes and Exhausts
BMW Brakes and Exhausts average cost
Brake Pads and Discs£ 380.99
Exhaust Fitting£ 133.53
Diesel Particulate Filter Clean£ 168.66
Exhaust Repair£ 106.42
Brake Repairs£ 408.36
EGR Valve£ 336.62
Other - Brakes and Exhausts£ 116.77
Diesel Particulate Filter Replacement£ 281.49

Ownership Costs - BMW Brakes and Exhausts

Change in repair costs

  • 2021+ 26.27 %
  • 2020+ 5.94 %
  • 2019+ 4.25 %
  • 2018+ 2.20 %
Air-Con, Heating and Cooling
BMW Air-Con, Heating and Cooling average cost
Aircon Regas£ 62.63
Other - Air-Con, Heating and Cooling£ 77.88
Air Conditioning Service£ 65.50
Car Heater£ 55.10
Overheating Problems£ 97.78
Heater Matrix£ 187.50

Ownership Costs - BMW Air-Con, Heating and Cooling

Change in repair costs

  • 2021+ 5.98 %
  • 2020- 0.90 %
  • 2019+ 8.85 %
  • 2018+ 26.77 %
Windows, Windscreens and Mirrors
BMW Windows, Windscreens and Mirrors average cost
Windscreen Replacement£ 221.52
Wing Mirror£ 137.49
Electric Window Faults£ 69.91
Window Tinting£ 187.39
Window Replacement£ 176.26
Rear Windscreen Replacement£ 283.47
Windscreen Wipers£ 61.91
Windows, Windscreens and Mirrors - Other£ 62.08

Ownership Costs - BMW Windows, Windscreens and Mirrors

Change in repair costs

  • 2021- 0.48 %
  • 2020- 14.58 %
  • 2019- 7.05 %
  • 2018+ 33.42 %
Mobile Mechanics and Services
BMW Mobile Mechanics and Services average cost
Mobile Mechanic£ 63.39
Mobile Tyre Fitting£ 147.50
Mobile Alloy Wheel Repair£ 104.62
Mobile Mechanics and Services - Other£ 74.31
Pre-Purchase Car Inspection£ 95.46
Mobile Servicing£ 144.20
Mobile Dent Repair£ 135.00
Mobile Accident Repair£ 305.00

Ownership Costs - BMW Mobile Mechanics and Services

Change in repair costs

  • 2021+ 9.51 %
  • 2020+ 13.94 %
  • 2019+ 1.45 %
  • 2018- 23.26 %
Electrical and Batteries
BMW Electrical and Batteries average cost
Alternator Repair£ 335.19
Electrical Faults£ 57.27
Parking Sensors£ 121.57
ECU Repairs£ 318.60
Car Battery£ 210.49
Lights and Bulbs£ 95.57
Starter Motor£ 246.21
Electrical and Batteries - Other£ 112.21
Glow Plugs£ 199.96
Check Engine Light£ 41.00
Sensors£ 298.63
Wiring Loom£ 70.00

Ownership Costs - BMW Electrical and Batteries

Change in repair costs

  • 2021- 9.06 %
  • 2020- 0.83 %
  • 2019+ 14.56 %
  • 2018+ 1.33 %
Bodywork, Dents and Smart Repairs
BMW Bodywork, Dents and Smart Repairs average cost
Respraying£ 561.09
Other - Bodywork, Dents and Smart Repairs£ 398.75
Accident Repairs£ 554.69
Bodyshop£ 399.19
Paintwork Repair£ 323.17
SMART Repair, Scratches and Scuffs£ 328.95
Welding£ 246.82
Dent Removal£ 556.67
Panel Beating£ 476.95
Restoration£ 283.50

Ownership Costs - BMW Bodywork, Dents and Smart Repairs

Change in repair costs

  • 2021+ 7.40 %
  • 2020+ 0.70 %
  • 2019+ 0.14 %
  • 2018+ 0.22 %
Tyres, Wheels and Tracking
BMW Tyres, Wheels and Tracking average cost
Puncture Repair£ 39.31
Front Wheel Alignment£ 41.46
Wheel Bearing£ 232.80
Tyres, Wheels and Tracking - Other£ 110.44
Wheel Tracking£ 36.22
Front and Rear Wheel Alignment£ 74.88
Alloy Wheel Refurbishment£ 81.25
Specialist Tyres£ 60.00
Rear Wheel Alignment£ 47.54
Powder Coated Alloy Wheel Refurb£ 240.00
Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel Refurb£ 380.00

Ownership Costs - BMW Tyres, Wheels and Tracking

Change in repair costs

  • 2021+ 42.70 %
  • 2020+ 13.70 %
  • 2019+ 34.02 %
  • 2018+ 8.38 %
Not Sure - Help Me Choose!
BMW Not Sure - Help Me Choose! average cost
General Repairs£ 156.96
Minor Repairs£ 132.11
My Car Won't Start£ 119.83
Loss of Power£ 60.38
Leak£ 95.32
Other Problem - Smoking, Strange Smells etc£ 106.63
Banging or Knocking Noise£ 59.90
Ticking or Rattling Noise£ 226.60
Squeaking or Squealing Noise£ 155.36

Ownership Costs - BMW Not Sure - Help Me Choose!

Change in repair costs

  • 2021+ 51.21 %
  • 2020- 14.64 %
  • 2019- 9.49 %
  • 2018+ 6.61 %
BMW Diagnostics average cost
Diagnostic Test£ 46.94
Diagnostics - Other£ 49.84
Electrical Fault Diagnosis£ 56.46
Engine Balancing and Remapping£ 237.00
Automatic Transmission Diagnostic£ 436.44
Engine Tuning£ 150.00

Ownership Costs - BMW Diagnostics

Change in repair costs

  • 2021+ 18.53 %
  • 2020+ 0.70 %
  • 2019+ 4.75 %
  • 2018+ 1.93 %
Clutch and Gearbox Repairs
BMW Clutch and Gearbox Repairs average cost
Clutch Repairs£ 428.82
Gearbox Repairs£ 542.40
Clutch and Gearbox Repairs - Other£ 530.41
Auto Gearbox Specialist£ 241.72
Reconditioned Gearbox£ 834.64

Ownership Costs - BMW Clutch and Gearbox Repairs

Change in repair costs

  • 2021+ 2.95 %
  • 2020- 2.07 %
  • 2019- 4.97 %
  • 2018+ 7.61 %
Steering and Suspension
BMW Steering and Suspension average cost
Shock Absorber Repair£ 320.39
Suspension Repairs£ 139.34
Steering and Suspension - Other£ 237.40
Power Steering£ 101.15
Coil Springs£ 216.06
Steering Rack£ 360.81
Axle Repairs£ 126.52
Car Pulling Left or Right£ 44.87
Steering Wheel Shaking£ 60.00

Ownership Costs - BMW Steering and Suspension

Change in repair costs

  • 2021+ 11.75 %
  • 2020+ 15.46 %
  • 2019+ 10.54 %
  • 2018+ 2.80 %
Security, Locking and Keys
BMW Security, Locking and Keys average cost
Key Replacement£ 173.68
Central Locking Systems£ 57.50
Key Programming and Codes£ 203.17
Immobiliser Faults£ 102.25
Auto Locksmith£ 146.33
Security, Locking and Keys - Other£ 101.33
Car Alarm Keeps Going Off£ 74.99
Key Repair£ 36.00

Ownership Costs - BMW Security, Locking and Keys

Change in repair costs

  • 2021- 3.04 %
  • 2020+ 17.00 %
  • 2019+ 13.85 %
  • 2018- 24.20 %
Interior, Audio and Navigation
BMW Interior, Audio and Navigation average cost
Car Audio£ 91.26
Convertible Roof Repair£ 77.13
Interior, NAV and Entertainment - Other£ 147.75
Upholstery Repair£ 287.50

Ownership Costs - BMW Interior, Audio and Navigation

Change in repair costs

  • 2021- 0.45 %
  • 2020+ 22.15 %
  • 2019+ 45.13 %
  • 2018- 18.31 %
Safety Components
BMW Safety Components average cost
Seatbelt Repairs£ 147.13
Airbag Repairs£ 132.33

Ownership Costs - BMW Safety Components

Change in repair costs

  • 2021+ 67.18 %
  • 2020- 66.11 %
  • 2019+ 252.59 %
  • 2018- 85.19 %
Breakdown and Recovery
BMW Breakdown and Recovery average cost
Breakdown and Recovery - Other£ 118.60

Ownership Costs - BMW Breakdown and Recovery

Change in repair costs

  • 2021- 17.33 %
  • 2020+ 13.54 %
  • 2019- 20.56 %
  • 2018+ 25.75 %
Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

Ownership Costs - BMW Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

Change in repair costs

    Top garages for BMW (330 found)
    Church avenue Garage Ltd
    92 Jobs Completed
    3.6 / 5

    "We are a well established company that deals with its customers in a friendly and courteous manner. Customer service is our top priority and our level of service is second to none. Whenever you need Brakes, Tyres, Exhausts, Batteries, Clutches, Cambelts, genuine, official parts and accessories from leading brands or a complete car care package, you can rely on Church Avenue Garage Ltd.Throughout Northolt and West London we provide a fantastic and consistent quality of service at good value to domestic and commercial clients alike. With 20 years of established quality, we are a very professional and well trusted, locally run business with very high standards of service.Our staff have been trained to the highest standard and have many years in main dealer experience.We do not carry out any work or repairs without your specific authorisation, we do not make promises we do not intend to keep and we do not mislead you into having a part replaced that is not necessary."

    Westbourne Motors Mobile - Slough
    247 Jobs Completed
    4.2 / 5

    The Westbourne brand is the South’s leading repairer for household names such as Green Flag, AA &amp; RAC. <br /><br />For the majority of repairs we can offer a mobile service with over 70 fully trained mechanics ready to fix your car at home or work, saving you the time and fuss of driving to a garage. <br /><br />For major jobs we also operate repair workshops and offer courtesy cars to use whilst we fix your car. <br /><br />The Westbourne name is synonymous with convenience, efficiency, courtesy and great value and all of our repairs carry a nationwide guarantee. <br /><br />We are ready 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to respond to your call.

    VJM Motors ltd
    151 Jobs Completed
    4.7 / 5

    An independent garage based in Southall West London. With trained and accredited technicians. Able to offer motor vehicle repairs, servicing and diagnostics for a reasonable price.

    Whip Wizards
    13 Jobs Completed
    White Waltham, Maidenhead
    3.2 / 5

    At Whip Wizards we take pride in our work to ensure 100% customer satisfaction, with over 50 car and van spaces we can ensure to take care of all your vehicle needs. We save you the hassle of having to visit several garages as we can do everything in-house. We are a one stop shop auto centre with over 15 years combined experience in the Automotive industry, we offer a collection and drop off service in all surrounding areas including most areas of Berkshire and London, and specialise in Mechanical and Bodywork repairs, body scuffs, accident damaged vehicles, wheel refurbishments as well as car sales and car audio systems including Android screens, Bluetooth systems, Reverse cameras and DAB Radio, we are close to M4 (A404) Junction 8/9, Maidenhead, Littlefield Green, White Waltham.

    Ruislip services
    149 Jobs Completed
    4.3 / 5

    Ruislip services is a one stop shop for all your motoring needs. Starting from Tyres, diagnostics, servicing, MOT, Clutch, brakes, exhaust, batteries and many many more. <br />All our technicians are fully qualified and experienced, we use the best of tools and diagnostic equipment. <br />Our workshop if fully stoked up with most tyre sizes and parts so we can deal with most issues on the spot. <br />We also have our in house Recovery truck.

    Chertsey Service & MOT Centre
    460 Jobs Completed
    4.7 / 5

    We are a long established member of the RMI and AA approved vehicle repair & MOT Centre situated in the heart of Chertsey, Surrey. Whether it’s a gearbox repair, MOT, Service or Turbo repair. We do it all with up to 60% off main dealer price with the same quality of service and reassurance.<br /><br />The majority of our clientele are repeat customers, as well a vast increase in new customers due to the level of service we offer our customers. We pride ourselves on our level of service & always endeavour to remain competitive with our prices.<br /><br />Our friendly and professional staff will make you feel welcome, regardless of the size of the specific service you require.<br /><br />Please don’t hesitate to contact us as we will be more than pleased to help in any way we can.

    Barnside Motors
    1094 Jobs Completed
    4.9 / 5

    Welcome to Barnside Motors. <br />We are a garage based near Maidenhead and Slough providing large workshop, MOT and car sales facilities. We offer free collection and delivery.<br /><br />We are a 6 ramp workshop, servicing more than 2000 cars and MOT 2500 cars every year. We are RMI approved and an RAC approved garage for car sales, we are part of the Trading Standards approved code of businesses and we are also a Black Circles Premier garage.<br /><br />We are an authorised agent for Forte and specialists in Diesel Particulate Filter/EGR/Diesel system cleaning. We use the latest Bosch and SnapOn diagnostic equipment.<br /><br />We have 105 av. 5star reviews on Google and average 5stars across Good Garage Scheme, Black Circles, RAC, WhoCanFixMyCar, Autotrader and all our social media.

    ASR Autocentre LTD
    44 Jobs Completed
    5.0 / 5

    We are a family business, based in central slough, conveniently located very close to the train station and slough town centre. We offer a professional service with affordable prices.

    The Garage - Shurlock Row
    5 Job Completed
    5.0 / 5

    Advanced Aftersales Solutions were established in January 2019 and took over Superior Car Clinic (a well established Maidenhead car repair company) with a view to increasing throughput and customer satisfaction through investment and training.<br /><br />Superior Car Clinic have been established for a number of years and have a very loyal customer base due to our commitment to them. By, providing cost effect vehicle repairs and servicing at a competitive price and with a smile...we may even offer you a free coffee! That commitment is being carried on through the new company and Director.<br /><br />Our experienced car mechanics have a collective 125 years experience in the motor repair trade and will stop at nothing to ensure the customer is looked after in terms of both satisfaction and budget.<br /><br />We have now moved to our new bespoke vehicle repair and servicing facility in the beautiful village of Shurlock Row on the edge of Maidenhead and changed our trading name to The [email protected] Row and look forward to welcoming customers new and old.<br /><br />Based in the outskirts of Maidenhead, Berkshire. We are, a small and established mechanical vehicle repair centre. Specialising in car and van servicing and repairs. We offer a full range of services to the motorist.<br /><br />Car and Van Servicing and Repair<br /><br />Services include:<br />Manufacturer Servicing<br />Original vehicle parts<br />Major car &amp; van repairs<br />Engine rebuilds<br />Air Conditioning Servicing<br />Brakes, Tyres, Exhausts etc<br />Car &amp; Van MOT's<br />Replacement Clutches<br />Free advice from our experienced mechanics<br />Collection and Delivery Service (subject to terms)

    Southern Car Glass
    218 Jobs Completed
    5.0 / 5

    Mobile windscreen repair and replacement, all types of car and commercial vehicle glass supplied and fitted usually on a same/next day basis. Lifetime guarantee on all our work.

    SMS Motors
    1404 Jobs Completed
    4.7 / 5

    SMS Autocare is dedicated to quality and value for money with the services we provide. We can offer full diagnostic testing, MOT and Service, mechanical repairs and much more.<br /><br />Our experienced mechanics have various RMI/ATA accreditations and are always on hand to provide the help and advice that you need to get your vehicle back to full health. We have valuable links within the motor trade industry and aim to provide good value for money on all products and services.<br /><br />SMS Autocare are proud members of the Retail Motor Industry Federation and the Trust My Garage scheme. All work comes with a 12 month / 12,000 mile parts and labour guarantee and we offer our customers a FREE collection and delivery service within 15 miles.

    26 Jobs Completed
    5.0 / 5

    The business is highly customer-oriented and strives to deliver the FORD VW AUDI VAUXHALL HONDA NISSAN SPECIALIST service in Slough Iver for any type of above vehicle. They have a skilled and trained team of ford specialist in slough River who could help to keep your car in perfect condition so that every time it hits the highway, you get the smoothest experience of the ride. So, if you are in need of a perfect car service for your FORD VW VAUXHALL HONDA NISSAN SPECIALIST vehicle, give a call to schedule a visit.<br /><br />Offering Free Collection and Delivery within 5 Miles, Sanitizing Vehicles Before and After any work is undertaken, this will give you make you safe in the knowledge we are following COVID guidelines and keeping you safe on and off the road.

    Merityre Specialists Sunbury
    2 Job Completed
    5.0 / 5

    Established in 1961, Merityre Specialists is one of the leading tyre retailers and fast-fit specialists. We have over 20 branches located across the Home Counties in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Greater London, Hampshire, Middlesex, Oxfordshire and Surrey.<br /><br />Merityre Specialists offer a full tyre service for cars, vans and 4x4s and all of our tyres are available to buy online at competitive prices. As well as tyres, we can provide a range of high quality services on batteries, exhausts, brakes, air conditioning and automotive repairs. In addition, we also provide MOT testing and car servicing at selected branches.<br /><br />With trained and friendly staff, the latest equipment, and clean welcoming premises, Merityre Specialists aims to provide a service that exceeds expectations.

    Triple M Mechanic
    954 Jobs Completed
    4.5 / 5

    We are mobile Mechanics based in and around North and west London<br /><br />Delivering quality repairs and customer service is always the top of our list so you can rest assured that you are left with a reliable and safe vehicle to drive. From clutch replacements to unusual knocking noises, we can diagnose your vehicle issues using the latest equipment and a vast amount of knowledge.<br /><br />We offer excellent workmanship at affordable prices at the location of your choice.<br /><br />Whether you are at work or home, we can carry out many repairs and services from gaskets to timing belts wherever you are. Having undergone thorough training in addition to many years of experience in the trade, we deliver the same level of excellence to every customer whether they are new or existing. <br /><br />All our parts are sourced from a well known, reputable supplier. <br /><br />See our 5* reviews!

    AI Mobile Vehicle Servicing
    26 Jobs Completed
    2.3 / 5

    AI Mobile Vehicle Servicing<br /><br />We are a mobile servicing company covering west London and surrounding areas.<br />we specialise in:<br />intermediate to full servicing<br />brake pad and disc replacement<br />battery replacement and programming<br />full diagnostics<br />headlamp restoration etc..<br /><br />Currently rated 5/5 with a high standard and review rating online and including additional platforms

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    Frequently asked questions

    What are the running costs of a BMW 1 Series?

    • BMW 1 Series Brake Pads and Discs Average Cost - £215.15
    • BMW 1 Series Cambelt Change Average Cost - £626.25
    • BMW 1 Series Clutch Replacement Average Cost - £547.21
    • BMW 1 Series Diagnostic Test Average Cost - £57.77
    • BMW 1 Series Full Service Average Cost - £159.41

    What are the running costs of a BMW 3 Series?

    • BMW 3 Series Brake Pads and Discs Average Cost - £259.58
    • BMW 3 Series Cambelt Change Average Cost - £495.50
    • BMW 3 Series Clutch Replacement Average Cost - £483.45
    • BMW 3 Series Diagnostic Test Average Cost - £62.13
    • BMW 3 Series Full Service Average Cost - £165.40

    What are the running costs of a BMW 5 Series?

    • BMW 5 Series Brake Pads and Discs Average Cost - £234.27
    • BMW 5 Series Cambelt Change Average Cost - £570.20
    • BMW 5 Series Clutch Replacement Average Cost - £584.99
    • BMW 5 Series Diagnostic Test Average Cost - £59.92
    • BMW 5 Series Full Service Average Cost - £167.95

    What are the running costs of a BMW 7 Series?

    • BMW 7 Series Brake Pads and Discs Average Cost - £211.44
    • BMW 7 Series Clutch Replacement Average Cost - £260.33
    • BMW 7 Series Diagnostic Test Average Cost - £61.48
    • BMW 7 Series Full Service Average Cost - £166.12

    What are the running costs of a BMW X1?

    • BMW X1 Brake Pads and Discs Average Cost - £232.60
    • BMW X1 Clutch Replacement Average Cost - £568.92
    • BMW X1 Full Service Average Cost - £144.45

    What are the running costs of a BMW X3?

    • BMW X3 Brake Pads and Discs Average Cost - £120.64
    • BMW X3 Clutch Replacement Average Cost - £481.66
    • BMW X3 Diagnostic Test Average Cost - £56.15
    • BMW X3 Full Service Average Cost - £167.55

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    5623 reviews

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    With a huge network of enthusiasts nationwide, the BMW 3-Series is the second most popular model of car repaired by our garages and, as a result, we work with plenty of Specialists familiar with the full range from 1 Series to 7 Series, classics such as the iconic E46 3 Series.

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