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Brake Repairs in Newcastle upon Tyne
Frequently asked questions

How much do Brake Repairs in Newcastle upon Tyne cost?

Brake Repair prices will vary depending on whether you need brake pads, brake discs, ABS Sensors or something more involved. The average price in Newcastle upon Tyne is around £130.

What are the most common Newcastle upon Tyne Brake Repairs?

The most common Newcastle upon Tyne Brake Repairs are Replacement Brake Pads and Replacement Brake Discs. If your ABS Light is on then you may need an ABS Sensor correction as well. Finally issues with your Brake Servo or Brake Master Cylinder are rare, but not unheard of.

How long do Newcastle upon Tyne Brake Repairs take?

A set of Brake Pads can be fitted in under one hour, and the same is true of brake discs. However we advise not to rush these things as brakes are an essential safety item on your car.

How can I prolong the life of my brakes?

Prolonging brakes is all about your driving style. Under braking, your brake pads and brake disc (or brake drum on some cars) rub together, creating friction and slowing the car. The less braking in your driving, the slower your brakes will wear. You should 'coast' or use engine braking where you can, and avoid sudden braking. Finally if your brake pads are worn, they will wear your brake discs faster, and vice versa, so don't leave them to wear prematurely.

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Car Brake Repair

Your brakes are extremely important to the safe operation of your vehicle. The job of your brakes is to bring your car to a stop as quickly as possible and if they are not working correctly, the stopping distance will increase and the likeliness of a collision will increase.

How do Brakes work?

Brakes are made up of many different components and repairs could be needed on any one of them. Brakes consist of Brake Calipers, Brake Discs, Brake Pads, Brake Fluid and the Handbrake. The brake calipers squeeze the brake pads against the disc, this creates friction that prevents the disc from spinning and thus the wheels stop moving. New brakes cost different amounts depending on your car, manfacturers will recommend different parts for different cars. Depending on your vehicle, different components will be used. For example, larger vehicles will use discs with ventilation as there is a greater build up of heat when stopping a larger vehicle. Because of this costs will vary from vehicle to vehicle.

The brakes on the front of the car usually contribute the most to bringing a car to a stop as the weight of the car is thrown forward each time the vehicle stops.

Different vehicle have different brake systems and use slightly different parts.

The common hydraulic system uses fluid to apply pressure to pistons in the car close to its wheels to bring the car to a halt.

Some cars also have power brake assistance which helps to reduce the amount of effort required to apply stopping power.

If you need to have your brakes repaired there are several issues that could have caused the problem and several things that could be affected.

If you suspect you need your brakes repaired but your car is still drivable, there are some symptoms which could give you clues as to what the problem is.

The brakes are often the noisiest part of a car if there is an issue which means you should be able to hear a problem which cannot be said of many other broken car parts.

Brake Repair Cost

A brake change can vary in cost depending on what exactly you are having done but the average price is around £180. A brake pad replacement will cost less than replacing brake pads and discs. This is because the cost of brake pads is less than the cost to replace brake pads and brake discs. Brake discs replacement is more expensive because the brake discs cost more than brake pads and usually brake pads are changed at the same time brake discs are changed.

New brake pads can vary in price depending on the brand used, so make sure you ask your mechanic what brand of parts they are using. Remember, cheapest is often not the best!

A brake service is offered by some garages and often comprises of a quick check of all the components involved with powering your brakes before concluding whether or not replacing brake pads, brake discs or both is the best course of action. Often a brake service will cost you nothing but can cost a small amount for the garages time. But if the garage finds a problem, they will often waive the brake service cost if you have the worked completed with them. The brake repair cost is what makes it worthwhile the garage waiving the fee for the brake service.

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Signs that your Brakes need repairing

  • Metallic grinding noise
  • Squeaking
  • Fading of low brake pedal
  • Pulling to one side

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