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Does your alarm keep going off for no reason, or do you have a security issue, such as faulty Interior Sensors or faulty Bonnet Catch? We work with over 14,061 Specialist Garages nationwide so from Sensors in Solihull to Key Codes in Croydon, we can help!

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Frequently asked questions

Why does my Car Alarm keep going off?

There are a number of reasons your alarm might be going off, including: fluctuating or low power in your car battery or keyfob, a fault with the interior sensors, something inside the car (such as a breeze through air vents or a spider), or an issue with your door locks, boot lock or bonnet catch.

What are common Car Alarm faults?

Very broadly-speaking, there are two ways in which a car alarm detects a threat: with interior sensors (the size of a cigarette-butt, in the corners of your car's interior) and by monitoring voltage changes when the car isn't running (e.g. when a door is opened, the interior lights come on.) Locks, bonnet and boot catches are also often monitored. A faulty sensor or fluctuating car voltage (caused by a flat battery or audio kit, for example) are the most common faults.

How can a Car Alarm be repaired?

Repairing a car alarm is a case of systematically identifying the cause of the fault, starting with the power supply and moving on to test door/bonnet/boot sensors and then interior sensors. One of these can then be isolated and repaired or replaced.

How much does Car Alarm repair cost?

Good news - simple faults require nothing more than half an hour's diagnosis time and can be resolved for under £50. The average car alarm repair cost is around £100-150. Post your job to compare your options today.

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