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Frequently asked questions

What does a car radiator do

A car radiator cools liquid that itself cools the engine. Most cars are water-cooled, meaning water (and antifreeze) is pumped around the engine to cool it. This liquid quickly gets hot itself and the car radiator cools it down. The liquid flows through a series of narrow pipes, losing heat to the air around it in the process. Driving (or the fanbelt) ensures that fresh, cool air is always passing through the radiator.

What causes a car radiator leak

Because a car radiator is made up of a large number of narrow tubes, it is actually quite fragile. A break in just one tube, or in the hoses connecting the radiator to the engine's cooling system, will cause a leak.

What happens if my car radiator breaks

If a radiator leaks, your car will quickly run out of coolant. The engine will overheat and, if driven, can lead to serious engine damage. A radiator can also block, meaning that coolant doesn't pass through efficiently. If so, your car will still run, but the temperature will increase and, again, this can cause serious, costly damage.

how much does a car radiator repair cost

Car radiator repair costs vary depending on the work needed. A new radiator, though, will cost between £100 and £250, depending on the car. You could try removing a car radiator blockage with a 'flush' treatment or repairing a small car radiator leak with sealant, but be warned they probably won't be a permanent solution.

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Car Radiator Repair

If you think that your car radiator has broken, you have come to the right place, you can get radiator repair prices from local specialists by entering you details above.

There are a number of components which make a car radiator and any one of these parts could break and cause the whole system to fail.

To help you understand more about car radiators and car radiator repair, we have written this simple guide.

What does a car radiator do?

A car radiator is responsible for keeping a car cool and circulating coolant around the system. Without the radiator, a car would quickly run into trouble and serious problems could arise.

The radiator is one part of many that makes up the cooling system and there are a number of functions that it carries out to keep a cars engine at a safe temperature.

Cooling fan repair

The cooling fan or cooling fans are mounted onto the back of the car radiator on the side closest to the engine. The cooling fans are in place to direct air into the engine efficiently from the radiator, mostly when a car has stopped or is going slowly. This is to suck cold air into the engine and ensure the temperature does not rise too much.

Modern cooling fans are connected to the on board computer present in cars. Temperature sensors will feed information to the computer as a car is being driven and make changes to the speed of the rotors if required.

If a cooling fan needs to be repaired, the likelihood is that one of the rotors has broken or there has been an electrical fault which should not be too expensive to repair.

Engine Coolant

Engine coolant is a liquid that runs through a car engine to maintain the correct temperature for a car to operate properly.

Engine coolant can become contaminated and will be significantly less effective if so. That is why it is important to check if the engine warning light comes on as this may be the result of engine coolant not doing its job properly and the engine coolant needs to be topped up.

If a car is overheating, leaking engine coolant could also be a cause as holes can open up from rust causing damage to the piping in the system.

Radiator Flush

A radiator flush is performed to remove old engine coolant from the car radiator when new engine coolant is required. The job can be carried out using water to flush the radiator or a professional mechanic can use a special machine to perform the job.

A radiator flush can resolve a lot of issues and it is a simple job to carry out.

If a radiator flush is all that your car needs, it will not be an expensive job as there are not extra parts required and there is very little labour involved in the work.

Radiator Leak

If there is a leak in your car radiator, engine coolant will seep out and you will have to have the problem resolved immediately.

If coolant is leaking out of the car radiator, the car engine will overheat quickly and when this happens, a huge number of other issues could be caused.

A radiator leak is not a difficult problem to resolve if you catch the problem early on, however, if you ignore the issue and allow the radiator leak to get worse, you’ll end up paying a huge amount of money for a radiator leak or car radiator leak replacement.

Radiator Repair

If any of the problems above effect your car and you need a car radiator repair, the best way to get an accurate quote for radiator repair or car radiator replacement, enter your details in the box at the top of the page and get competitive quotes from the best car radiator garages in your area.

We will be able to get you prices for car radiator replacement as well as car radiator repair.

Finding a mechanic you can trust to do a good job and charge a fair price, is not always easy which is why we have simplified the process.

We work with a network of over 14,041 techanics and garages across the UK so we can find competitive car radiator repair deals for you.

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