Citroen C3 Maintenance Guides - Common Citroen C3 Repair Questions Answered

The Citroen C3 has built up a reputation for its reliability, just one of the many reasons why it is one of the most popular cars in the UK today.

From C3 exhaust repair to cambelt changes, WhoCanFixMyCar garages provide an impeccable service at competitive prices. We have compiled some common Citroen C3 queries to help any prospective owners or current drivers with any questions they may have.

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Citroen C3 Tyre Pressure

What is the recommended tyre pressure of a Citroen C3?

For the 2019 Citroen C3 the recommended minimum tyre pressure is 32 psi. The exact tyre pressure values for the Citroen C3 differ according to the exact model and manufactured year of your vehicle. To find out the exact tyre pressure recommendation for your vehicle consult your car’s manual or the sticker in your driver car door’s interior.

How to check Citroen C3 tyre pressure?

The tyre pressure of your car can be checked regularly wherever you go by using a handheld pressure gauge. One of these will only set you back around £10 and assurances regular tyre pressure maintenance and thus safety of your car. Simply place the gauge on the tyre pressure valve to take your reading and refer to your car’s manual to discover whether your tyre pressure needs topping up or not.

What should I do once I see a tyre pressure warning?

If the tyre pressure warning light illuminates on your dash, there is likely some degree of problem with your tyres. This can be severe or minor, with the light indicating anything from low tyre pressure which needs topping up, to a severe puncture. If after checking tyre pressure you are unsure of the problem’s source, your best bet is to contact a mechanic via our site to get a full diagnosis and consequent repair.

How do I reset a Citroen C3 tyre pressure light?

Stop the vehicle in a safe place and turn the engine switch off.

Before resetting the light it’s imperative that you adjust the tire inflation pressure to the recommended level.

Next, turn the engine switch to the “ON” position and press the MENU button.

Access the “Personalisation configuration” menu

Scroll down and select “Define Vehicle Parameters”

Select the “Tyre pressures”

Then select “Reinitialisation” and confirm the instruction by pressing “Yes”


Citroen C3 Warning Lights

What do the warning lights mean on a Citroen C3?

The Citroen C3’s dashboard warning lights operate to make your vehicle safer to use. They also save a lot of money in the long term by giving drivers an indicator of issues they you may have uncovered them through driving or visual checks. The vehicle handbook of your car offers an extensive description of your warning lights, covering what they mean for you and how to act upon them illuminating.

What does a Citroen C3 engine warning light mean?

The engine warning light is prompted by the engine control unit (ECU) which manages the car’s engine. It does not always alert you to an isolated fault, instead it can illuminate for several reasons. A continuous or flashing engine warning light is an indication that the engine is not working correctly. Much of the time, the engine diagnostics will require special equipment, and therefore the illumination of the engine warning light will need the assistance of a trained professional.

How to reset a Citroen C3 oil warning light?

One the level of oil has been checked and topped up if so required, the oil warning light should switch off automatically. If this fails to happen, there are a few simple steps you can follow to reset the warning light.

Firstly, switch the car’s ignition off.

Hold down the button on the right-hand side of the instrument panel next to the fuel gauge, and switch ignition on.

Keep holding the button down until the display begins counting down from 10.

Let go once the number goes down to 0.

Finally, switch the ignition off, then back on again.

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Citroen C3 Service Intervals

When are Citroen C3 service intervals?

Citroen recommend a full servicing of your C3 for every 12,000 miles that you travel, or alternatively every 12 months. Whichever milestone you hit first, make sure to get booked in for servicing. If your car racks up a high annual mileage, it is also recommended that your car has an interim service in-between annual servicing. 


Citroen C3 Common Problems

What are common Citroen C3 gearbox problems?

A common Citroen C3 gearbox problem concerns the Sensodrive and the changing of gears not happening as smoothly as they should be. This is usually due to a minor software problem and having the gearbox re-programmed should fix the problem.

What causes a Citroen C3 clutch to shudder?

Clutch shudder is a common problem for all cars and is certainly not exclusive to the Citroen C3. It is caused when a faulty disc or other clutch component is initially engaged, you can feel a vibration either contained within the clutch or throughout the whole vehicle. It is most likely the result of worn clutch components which will need repair.


Citroen C3 Oil

What the best oil to use for a Citroen C3?

The correct oil required for your vehicle can be found within your maintenance handbook, Citroen themselves recommend Total Quartz Ineo First 0W-30 oil for the best possible protection against clogging and wear.

We would also recommend Shell Engine Oil HELIX ULTRA ECT C3 5W30.


What is the oil capacity for a Citroen C3?

The oil capacity for your Citroen C3 depends on the specification of your car; the exact model and manufacturing year causes differentiation.

Generally, the capacity sits between 3 and 4 litres, although you should always consult your cars manual for the exact capacity before topping up or checking your levels.


What to do if a Citroen C3 leaks oil?

An oil leak doesn’t have to be an extensive repair, as soon as you notice a leak you must act upon it quickly. It is extremely difficult to locate the source and cause of an oil leak.

Thus, advice for a Citroen C3 oil leak would be to consult a mechanic as quickly as possible via Who Can Fix My Car. 

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Citroen C3 Battery

What are the signs that I need a new battery?

Car battery’s generally have a lifespan of 3-5 years; however, they can have an unfortunate premature death.

There are quite a few signs that your battery is dying which allow you to carry out a repair or replacement before the damage becomes so extensive that it will incur the cost of other components.

Battery problems may be uncovered from a visual examination; a swollen or cracked battery case or corroded connectors are obvious signs of wear.

If upon opening your bonnet you are greeted with the unpleasant odour of rotten eggs, that is another sign that your battery is dying.

What to do if a Citroen C3 battery dies?

If the battery of your Citroen C3 dies it will require immediate repair or replacement. Locate an affordable and reliable local garage with ease via Who Can Fix My Car.

Our network of trained mechanics and garages can get the job done to a high standard and for an excellent rate; simply fill in our battery replacement enquiry form to get booked in today. 


Citroen C3 Common Questions

Citroen C3 Issues with the Heater

A known problem with some models of the Citroen C3 concerns the heater.

The heaters have been blowing out cold air on all settings, rather than hot when it is required.

The issue derives from a fault in the distributor flap. The solution to this problem if it occurs, is to fit a replacement air distributer flap.

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