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Frequently asked questions

What is a Crankshaft Sensor?

The Crankshaft Sensor is a device that monitors the rotational speed of an engine's crankshaft, as well as its exact position. This information is used by your Engine Management System to help control ignition timing, firing spark plugs at precisely the right time.

What does a Crankshaft Sensor do?

The crankshaft sensor comprises a toothed, spinning disc, and a stationary sensor detecting crankshaft speed and position to help determine operation of fuel injection and spark plugs. As the engine runs faster, the engine management system must supply more fuel and air to the cylinders or the engine will bog. The longer the injectors stay open, the more fuel enters the cylinders.

What can a bad Crankshaft Sensor cause?

A bad crankshaft sensor will cause a number of problems associated with the way your engine runs, including poor acceleration, 'sputtering', stalling and poor fuel efficiency. Damage to the crankshaft position sensor is sometimes caused by leaking oil, which means there may be another component of your vehicle that needs replacement or repair.

How is a bad Crankshaft Sensor fixed?

The procedure is to scan the car for fault codes, remove and replace crankshaft position sensor, check fault codes once more and then properly road-test the car.

How much to replace a Crankshaft Sensor?

Because replacing a crankshaft sensor is a fairly involved job, it typically costs around £250-300 to replace and test the sensor.
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