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Frequently asked questions

What is Car Diagnostics Testing?

Modern cars are complex machines and the cause of a problem is not always immediately obvious. Diagnostics testing 'interrogates' the car's monitoring system to help reveal underlying issues.

What can Car Diagnostics Testing tell you?

Diagnostics testing can reveal issues with your car's engine, electrical system, transmission, braking, exhaust system and more.

How does Car Diagnostics Testing work?

When performing a diagnostics test, a garage will plug your car into sophisticated equipment that will 'interrogate' your car, searching for fault codes which will reveal, if not the exact issue, then a clue as to the cause.
How long does a Car Diagnostics Test take?
Simply reading an error code will only take a minute or so. However some issues require a 'live' test, in other words, replicating the fault. This can take time, particularly if the fault relies on factors such as engine temperature.
How much does Diagnostics Testing cost?
Many garages will offer diagnostics testing for free. Others will charge from £30 upwards.
Gary from Complete Mechanics talks through a typical diagnostics test