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Engine Balancing and Remapping Specialist Garages
Frequently asked questions

What is Engine Balancing

Engine balancing is a skilled procedure that involves weighing your car's pistons and connecting rods to ensure they are exactly the same weight (within 0.25 grams) and removing a little metal if necessary, to ensure top performance and smooth running.

What is Engine Remapping

Your car's air-fuel mixture, ignition timing etc are managed by your car's ECU - the 'Engine Control Unit'. A few simple software changes (a 'remap') can unlock not only more performance but more economy for your engine. That's Engine Remapping.

How does Engine Balancing work?

When your car's engine is running, any difference in weight between fast-moving parts can lead to vibrations and harshness, reducing maximum engine speed and reliability. Perfect balance (in rest and in motion) is the solution.

How does Engine Remapping work?

Your engine's Electronic Control Unit manages certain vital engine functions such as the air/fuel mixture, quantity, and ignition timings. By modifying these, you can unlock better performance and economy from your engine, with no mechanical changes at all.

How much does Engine Remapping cost?

Engine Remapping begins at around £200, rising to £500, depending on the car, level of power required, mobile vs in-garage service and the like.

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How much does Engine Balancing and Remapping cost?

The cost of a Engine Balancing and Remapping can vary depending on your car due to differences in labour time and parts needed. Take a look below at the average quote on WhoCanFixMyCar.com for some of the top car makes.

Engine Balancing and Remapping Cost by Car Make
Car MakeAverage PriceGet Quotes

This table uses data from quotes provided on WhoCanFixMyCar.com between 20/05/2019 and 18/08/2019.

What is an ECU Repair?

Diesel tuning is a job which effectively reprograms the Engine Control Unit (ECUs) in your car and changes variables such as fuel pressure and ignition timing.

Technically this job is not a repair as there won’t be anything wrong with the car having a tuning job carried out.

This service is also known as remapping.

What is the ECU and how is it tuned?

The whole point of remapping a car is to improve its performance by changing the default settings on the ECU.

The ECU is the brains of your car as it dictates the levels of fuel going to the engine and all of the most important functions of the vehicle.

When a new car is sold, a manufacturer will typically have the ECU set up to limit the performance of a car.

This is because a car model will require different settings from one country to the next depending on the environment.

In hotter conditions the car will need more power to be sent to the air conditioning system where as a milder environment will not require as much energy to be spent on air con.

Remapping a car doesn’t have to mean changing the setting to custom ones, it can simply mean making sure they are all correct.

Unless you are a trained professional do no attempt to remap your car as you could completely destroy your engine as soon as you start driving.

Adjusting an ECU

Adjusting settings will deliver a much improved performance in your car which is why it may be worth having a diesel tuning check.

If you have a successful remapping, you could benefit from a drastically improved car.

The engine may have a better response rate, it may be easier to overtake, the fuel consumption may be improved and you may not have to change gear as frequently.

What is the cost of remapping a car?

Remapping car cost varies on the car and the garage which is why you should always shop around to find the best garage and deal.

Getting an ECU Repair

Remapping is classified as a car modification and so your insurer has to be made aware of the change which is why you should check your insurance before the job is completed.

If you have the job completed and then decide to tell them, your insurance could be made invalid.

Some will simply ask you to pay a premium however it depends entirely on the insurer.

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