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An Engine Management Light on your dashboard indicates an issue with fuelling, airflow or spark-plugs that needs to be corrected. We work with rated, reviewed garages nationwide so, while these things are usually simple, our local experts can correct things FAST, at the RIGHT price.

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Frequently asked questions

What is an Engine Management Light?

The Engine Management Light (also known as the Check Engine Light or Malfunction Indicator Light) is the amber 'engine' icon on your instrument panel. It indicates a fundamental problem with your car, picked up by electronic sensors. Note that these problems are not always within the engine itself. A garage will plug a 'code reader' into your car, which will indicate the exact issue in no time.

Why is my Engine Management Light on?

The Engine Management light monitors the health of a number of different components, including: fuel pump, spark plugs, oxygen sensor, catalytic converter or airflow sensor. In other words, the fundamental components controlling air and fuel flow through the engine. It comes on when one or more of these is faulty.

Does an Engine Management Light affect my MOT?

An Engine Management light isn't an MOT failure in itself, and will likely be marked as an 'advisory note'. However the underlying issue could still cause a fail (for example, faulty airflow meter causing poor running and high emissions.)
Which components are linked to the Engine Management Light?
The Engine Management light indicates an issue with one or more of the following: fuel pump, spark plugs, oxygen sensor, catalytic converter or airflow sensor. Your car may still be driveable but will be performing below optimum power and efficiency.
How much does an Engine Management Light fix cost?
The price to correct an engine management fault will depend on the affected component. However, our data suggests that most issues can be resolved between £50 and £100.
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