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Ford Kuga Tyre Pressure

What is the recommended tyre pressure of a Ford Kuga?

The tyre pressure required for your Ford Kuga varies depending on the model year of your car. The quickest way to find out the tyre pressure you need is to consult your car’s manual, or to check the sticker on the interior of the driver’s door which states the pressure needed.

How to check Ford Kuga tyre pressure?

Tyre pressure can of course be checked at both petrol stations and by mechanics. However, to regularly gather readings at home you just need to purchase a handheld pressure gauge. These cost about £10 and are easy to use for accurate readings.

What should I do once I see a tyre pressure warning?

If the tyre pressure warning light comes on your dash, the first thing to do is to pull over as soon as possible and check your tyre pressure. Keeping your pressure gauge in the car is handy if something like this occurs. If it is simply a pressure issue, top up and see if light goes off. If it doesn’t it is most likely the sign of something more serious, probably a slow or serious puncture. In this instance, contact a trained mechanic to look at the issue as soon as possible.

How do I reset a Ford Kuga tyre pressure light?

If your tyre pressure-related issue has been resolved but the tyre pressure light will not go off, there is a simple way to reset the warning light:

·        Firstly, you must turn the engine ignition to the ON position.

·        Use the navigation control buttons on steering wheel to highlight 'Settings'

·        Press the 'OK' button to select it.

·        Select 'Driver Assist'

·        Scroll down to 'Tyre Monitor'

·     Press and hold the 'OK' button until confirmation appears.


Once the confirmation appears, you’re good to go!


Ford Kuga Warning Lights

What does a Ford Kuga engine warning light mean?

The warning lights in your Ford Kuga are designed and operate to make your vehicle safer to use. If a warning light remains illuminated on your dashboard after driving off, it is an indication that you have a problem with the corresponding car component. For a comprehensive list of the dash warning lights in your vehicle check out your car’s handbook. Some important ones to look out for include:

Stop Vehicle

This one is self-explanatory but nonetheless extremely important. The symbol is an exclamation mark inside a yellow triangle. If it flashes up on your dash, make sure to stop your vehicle as soon as its safe to do so, then contact an engineer.

Brake System

The brake warning light is a red exclamation mark inside a circle with brackets on either side. If this light comes on and stays on check the parking break, if all is well its likely that your brake fluid level is low. The worst-case scenario is that there is a malfunction with the braking system. Either way contact a mechanic immediately.

What does a Ford Kuga engine warning light mean?

An engine warning light, or engine management light as its officially known, can cause your car to fail its MOT when illuminated and can be an indicator of serious damage to your vehicle. If your car is still drivable with no weird noises being made, reduce your speed and drive it to a garage. If you are concerned about the state of your car from the get-go of the warning light illuminating, pull over as soon as possible and call for assistance.


How to reset a Ford Kuga oil warning light?

The oil warning light may not go away after you have checked and topped up the oil level and are ready to get your car running smoothly again.

To reset the light, you must undertake a few simple steps:

Set the ignition switch to ON, or position II. If your Ford Kuga is the push-start button type, press and hold the start button for around two seconds ensuring that you do not press the brake pedal whilst doing so.

Now both at the same time, fully depress the accelerator and brake pedal.

Hold both pedals down for around 15 to 20 seconds until you see the message Service: Oil reset in progress on the instrument cluster display.

Continue to hold the pedals in until you see the message Service: Oil reset complete.

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Ford Kuga Service Intervals

When are Ford Kuga service intervals?

Ford recommends an interim service of your Kuga every six months, alongside your annual full servicing. Keeping up with regular servicing will not only increase the resale value of your car, it will also minimise the risk of a breakdown. A full service of your Ford Kuga equates to around £162, you will require this yearly to guarantee that the car components are working effectively. 


Ford Kuga Common Problems

Are clutch problems common on a Ford Kuga?

The Kuga has a wet dual clutch and/or automatic transmission which can misbehave. If it begins switching erratically take your car to a garage as soon as possible for a problem diagnosis and clutch repair/replacement.

The average price of a Ford Kuga replacement is £531.41 although this differs depending on whereabouts in the UK you are based.


What causes a Ford Kuga clutch to shudder?

Clutch shutter is what happens when a faulty element of the clutch is engaged. This shudder might extend to be felt throughout the whole vehicle.

Normally it is a symptom of worn clutch parts and is a process which goes away when the clutch has fully engaged. If you are experiencing clutch chatter, contact a trained professional to make any necessary clutch repairs to ensure safety.


What’s the noise I can hear coming from my Ford Kuga?

If you hear a rattling noise coming from your Kuga under acceleration, it is most likely a result of the injectors and can be solved with a software update.

If your car develops a rattling noise, make sure you get it looked at by a mechanic, not only will this put your mind at ease it will also provide a verdict of the problem and a repair.

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Ford Kuga Oil

What the best oil to use for a Ford Kuga?

For the Ford Kuga, the best oil to use is Shell’s Engine Oil HELIX ULTRA PRO AF 5W30 or Castrol EDGE PROFESSIONAL A5 5W-30, which is micro-filtered and certified CO2 neutral according to the highest global standard.


What is the oil capacity for a Ford Kuga?

The lubrication system capacity for the Ford Kuga depends on the specific model but sits primarily between 4.7 and 5.7 litres.The SUV’s capacity varies as a result of engine size among other components, to find the correct spec for your car, take a look at your car’s manual.

What to do if a Ford Kuga leaks oil?

Spotting a leak is the first step to resolving any underlying issues that your vehicle is facing.

The leak could be the result of numerous issues, some of which are minor but nonetheless need to be dealt with efficiently to prevent further and more serious damage.

If you have experienced an oil leak, it is imperative that you contact a trained mechanic to uncover and solve the problem proficiently. 


Ford Kuga Battery

What are the signs that I need a new battery?

The car’s battery is imperative to its whole running, from the computer to the ignition and beyond. They are three main sure-fire signs that your battery is about to die which you can look out for. Its also important to bear in mind that battery’s have a lifespan of around 3-5 years, so it could just be on its way out due to old age.

The first sign of a dying battery is difficulty starting the car, with the engine cranking a lot slower than normal. Secondly, you may notice a loss of power to the electrical components particularly going into the winter.

The third dependable signal is the dashboard warning symbol; the battery symbol illuminating on your dash is a huge pointing arrow towards a faulty battery that needs replacement.


What to do if a Ford Kuga battery dies?

The most common at home way to deal with a dead battery is jump-starting it; for which all you need is jump cables and another car with a functional battery.

If you manage to jump-start successfully, don’t turn off your engine right away. Make sure to drive around for about 15 minutes to recharge the battery.

If this doesn’t work and you think your battery may have died for a final time, get in contact with a mechanic for battery replacement. 

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Other Common Ford Kuga Questions

Door Seal Fault with your Ford Kuga

If you notice that the doors of your Kuga are making a creaking sound while driving, you may have a problem with your door seals. If the car is still under warranty you may be able to get it fixed for free.

Otherwise, you will need to replace the parts yourself. Having the door seals fitted will resolve the issue, receive quotes from local garages through Who Can Fix My Car. 

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