Ford Mondeo Maintenance Guides - Common Ford Mondeo Repair Questions Answered

Ford Mondeo’s have been on our roads since the early nineties and have been a family favourite ever since. Available as a saloon, fastback or estate, the Mondeo certainly has a wide appeal.

We have compiled the most frequently asked Ford Mondeo questions for drivers.

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Ford Mondeo Tyre Pressure

What is the recommended tyre pressure of a Ford Mondeo?

You can always find your vehicle’s recommended tyre pressure in your owner’s manual or in the tyre placard of your driver door’s interior, as even amongst Mondeo’s there are variations dependent on manufacture year and country. For Ford Mondeo’s the tyre pressure does tend to sit at around 35 PSI which is equal to 2.4 BAR. 

How to check Ford Mondeo tyre pressure?

You can check your tyre pressure at home with a tyre pressure gauge. To do so, first ensure that your handbrake is on and the ignition is off.

Unscrew your tyres dust caps, then press the gauge onto the valves.

It will soon display the pressure level, note this down before screwing the dust caps back on.

What should I do once I see a tyre pressure warning?

When the tyre pressure warning light illuminates on your dash, the first thing to do is check the tyre pressure levels which you can do at home with a pressure gauge or at a petrol station.

Once the pressure has been checked and amended, you should start your vehicle again and drive away slowly, the warning light should go out.

If the light remains illuminated, you are dealing with either a puncture or the warning light itself is faulty and requires reset or repair.

How do I reset a Ford Mondeo tyre pressure monitoring system?

Ensure all car doors are closed, switch ignition on but don’t start the car

Use the left arrow on your information display screen to enter the menu options

Using navigation, find the ‘Settings’ and select ‘OK’

Locate the item ‘Driver Assist’ and then ‘OK’

Now choose and select ‘Tyre Monitor’ and then ‘OK’

You will then be given another chance to confirm, this time press ‘OK’ but hold it in

This will cause a progress bar to appear, once this moves from left to the right and is completed, you will see ‘Tyre Pressure Reset’ on screen. 


Ford Mondeo Warning Lights

What do the warning lights mean on a Ford Mondeo?

When the engine control unit (ECU) detects a problem with your vehicle, the dashboard warning light corresponding to the component will illuminate.

Like most other vehicles, the Mondeo’s warning lights illuminate in colours which indicate the severity of the issue at hand. Red warning lights pose an urgent threat, whereas amber/yellow are something to be checked out.

Green or blue lights are merely informational.

What does a Ford Mondeo engine management warning light mean?

This symbol (looks like the outline of an engine) illuminates on your dashboard when your vehicle’s On-Board Diagnostics system detects a malfunction with the vehicles emissions control system.

If this warning light flashes, you may have an engine misfire which could potentially destroy the catalytic converter.

This poses the much more serious risk of fire. If this does happen, drive extremely carefully and pull over as soon as possible and seek assistance from a trained mechanic.

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How to reset a Ford Mondeo oil service warning light?

To reset the oil service warning light for Mondeo MK4 models from 2007 to 2017:

The service oil reminder light looks like a spanner

Get in your vehicle and make sure all doors are closed

Press down both the brake and accelerator and keep both pushed down.

Turn ignition to ‘ON’ but do not start the engine

A message will now appear; ‘Service: Oil reset in prog.’

Keep both the pedals pushed down until ‘Service: Oil Reset Complete’ pops up, this normally takes around 15 seconds

You can now remove your feet from the pedals

Now press ‘OK’ button on your steering wheel, then close the message to complete the process.


Ford Mondeo Service Intervals

What is the Ford Mondeo Service Schedule?

Ford suggest that your Mondeo should undergo both an annual full service and an interim service in between.

Your oil and filter should always be changed yearly as well. Regular maintenance of your car is imperative to maintain resale value and reduce the risk of a breakdown.


Common Ford Mondeo Problems

What are common Ford Mondeo problems with the dual mass flywheel?

If your Mondeo engine begins to rattle, it is an indication that you may have an issue with your dual mass flywheel. This is more likely to occur if you drive at high speeds or have undertaken a huge mileage.

If you have an inkling that yours has been affected, contact a trained mechanic as a flywheel replacement is expensive and difficult to carry out.

Are power steering problems common on a Ford Mondeo?

Mondeo’s from the late nineties have well-reported suffering from power steering issues. The signs that this is occurring is a judder felt throughout the cars when turning and knocking noises.

Although this has not been common in more recent versions of the Mondeo, if you do suffer from these symptoms visit a trained mechanic for a proper diagnosis and subsequent repair if needed. 


Ford Mondeo Oil

What the best oil to use for a Ford Mondeo?

You should use synthetic oil in your Ford Mondeo, with the grade 5W-30 and 5W-40 coming highly recommended.

What is the oil capacity for a Ford Mondeo?

The oil capacity of your Ford Mondeo varies dependent on your car’s manufacture year and country.

The precise capacity of your Mondeo’s oil is detailed in your car owner’s handbook.

What to do if a Ford Mondeo leaks oil?

An oil leak in your Ford Mondeo can signify a very real threat to your vehicle.

Therefore, locating the source of the leak is your starting point. Then, a rapid repair is likely required as leaks that are left untreated will continue to cause extensive damage.

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