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Car Servicing - Compare the price of a Full Service near you
Frequently asked questions

What is a 'Full Service' on a car?

Servicing your car on a regular basis is vital to ensuring your car is reliable, performant and fuel efficient as much as possible, in order to help protect its resale value. Undertaking a ‘Full Service’ on your car involves checking thoroughly the fluids and components in the vehicle, to determine these need either replacing, updating, or replenishing. Getting your car serviced will also help prevent larger jobs needing to be undertaken later on, hence most likely helping you save you a lot of hassle and money.

What is included in a Full Service?

A Full Service includes renewal or top-up of all major fluids;
  • Oil
  • Coolant
  • Brake fluid,
  • Automatic Transmission Fluid
During a full service, a clean will be provided to;
  • Filters
  • Spark plugs
Other components are also comprehensively checked;
  • Suspension
  • Steering
  • Door locks

What's the difference between a Full and an Interim Service?

An Interim Service focuses on items that require the most regular renewal and maintenance. A Full Service covers all of these, plus those that require a less-frequent review, such as a brake fluid 'boil test or axle oil top up.

What's the difference between a Full and a Major Service?

Many garages won't differentiate between a Full and a Major Service. Where they do, the Major Service is even more comprehensive and may include items such as a full drain and renewal of brake fluid and of the cooling system's coolant.

What does a Full Service cost?

A Full Service with our garages will typically cost between £150 and £200. If you have a car with 6 cylinders, it may be a little higher.

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How much is a car service?

The cost of a car service can vary depending on your car due to differences in labour time and parts needed but a full car service will cost around £150, or higher if booking directly with a franchise dealer. Look below at the average quote on for some of the top car makes.

Full Service Cost by Car Make
Car MakeAverage PriceGet Quotes

This table uses data from quotes provided on between 22/08/2019 and 20/11/2019.

Car Servicing

A car service is a check carried out by a mechanic who analyses the essential systems in your car. It is advisable to service your car once year, as in the long run it will save you money by prolonging the life of your car.

We have garages and mechanics nationwide that offer a comprehensive service. You can compare the price of a full service near you by posting a request on our website. You will receive quotes instantly from great independent garages and mobile mechanics local to you.

What is included in a Full Service

  • Oil and Oil Filter Replacement
  • Brake Fluid
  • Anti-freeze Coolant
  • Windscreen Wash
  • Power Steering Fluid
  • Lights
  • Windscreen Wipers
  • Battery Condition
  • Charging System
  • Exhaust System
  • Tyre Tread and Pressure
  • Full Brake Check
  • Steering Check
  • Shock Absorbers Check
  • Suspension Check
  • Auxiliary Drive Belt Check
  • Wheel Alignment Check
  • Wheel Bearing Check
  • Wheel Balance
  • Brake Fluid Condition
  • Fuel Filter (Diesel)
  • Spark Plugs (Petrol)
  • Air Filter or Cabin Filter change

Garages will offer different service packages but most of these parts and systems should be checked during a full car service as often they will follow the same service schedules. If you ask, most our our garages will use genuine manufacturer parts and provide the same offering provided as part of the manufacturers service. Furthermore, if you require any other repairs, you will have to pay an extra charge as a result. It is also worth asking what oil is used during the service, fully synthetic is usually the best but other blends of oils can also be used too.

We work with a network of 14,162 mechanics and garages across the UK so we can find competitive car service deals for you.

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You can then compare the quotes and read reviews from previous customers to find the best deal, before booking a full car service or interim car service online.

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