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Heater Matrix leaking? Fan only blowing cold air? Wet footwells? Get it fixed FAST!

Your car's Heater Matrix uses engine heat to warm the air coming into the cabin. A leak means no hot air and, sometimes, wet feet, as leaking coolant enters the footwells. Fortunately, repair and replacement is straightforward for our mechanics. All you have to do is make sure you get the BEST price! Tell us what's wrong, and compare local prices and reviews in seconds!

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Frequently asked questions

What is a car heater matrix?

The heater matrix is what your car uses to heat the air in the cabin, when you turn on the heater. It takes the heat from your engine's cooling system and uses it to heat the air in your heater.

How does a heater matrix work?

Most cars are water-cooled, meaning water (and antifreeze) is pumped around the engine to cool it. This liquid quickly gets hot itself. When you turn on the car's heater, the hot liquid passes through the heater matrix, a small radiator. As air passes it (driven by your heater fan) it is warmed up and heats the interior.

What happens if my heater matrix breaks?

If your heater matrix breaks your car won't heat when you turn on the heater. However there are more serious issues too: the matrix may leak antifreeze into your car (typically found in the footwells in front of the front seats) and, worse, your car may run out of antifreeze, which can cause serious engine damage.

What is the cost of a heater matrix repair?

A typical Heater Matrix Repair price is £150-200. The price varies, though, depending on how easily accessible the matrix is. This is where much of the labour time lies.
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