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Servicing and MOT
Kia Servicing and MOT average cost
Full Service£ 154.91
MOT£ 41.25
Full Service and MOT£ 178.66
Oil Change£ 74.52
Interim Service£ 94.83
Interim Service and MOT£ 146.31
Vehicle Health Check£ 44.96
Servicing and MOT - Other£ 172.31
Engine Carbon Clean£ 97.72
Brake Fluid Change£ 48.67
Winter Check£ 52.00

Ownership Costs - Kia Servicing and MOT

Change in repair costs

  • 2020+ 6.28 %
  • 2019- 5.74 %
  • 2018+ 11.04 %
  • 2017- 10.41 %
Engine and Cooling
Kia Engine and Cooling average cost
Cambelt Change£ 246.59
Head Gasket£ 535.51
Timing Chain£ 713.16
Engine and Cooling - Other£ 37.50
Turbo Faults and Replacement£ 915.70
Timing Belt£ 311.24
Engine Management Light£ 51.58
Fuel Injection System£ 82.50
Diesel Engine Faults£ 96.59
Engine Oil£ 101.27
Fan Belt£ 65.92
Fuel Pump£ 460.00
Camshaft Sensor£ 84.98

Ownership Costs - Kia Engine and Cooling

Change in repair costs

  • 2020+ 28.81 %
  • 2019- 4.32 %
  • 2018- 12.55 %
  • 2017+ 26.81 %
Brakes and Exhausts
Kia Brakes and Exhausts average cost
Brake Pads and Discs£ 212.45
Exhaust Fitting£ 130.32
Diesel Particulate Filter Clean£ 161.86
Exhaust Repair£ 103.27
Brake Repairs£ 241.76
EGR Valve£ 290.60
Other - Brakes and Exhausts£ 80.92
Diesel Particulate Filter Replacement£ 263.61

Ownership Costs - Kia Brakes and Exhausts

Change in repair costs

  • 2020- 5.01 %
  • 2019+ 0.42 %
  • 2018- 7.30 %
  • 2017+ 1.35 %
Air-Con, Heating and Cooling
Kia Air-Con, Heating and Cooling average cost
Aircon Regas£ 60.24
Other - Air-Con, Heating and Cooling£ 101.53
Air Conditioning Service£ 62.28
Car Heater£ 60.00

Ownership Costs - Kia Air-Con, Heating and Cooling

Change in repair costs

  • 2020- 0.96 %
  • 2019+ 3.90 %
  • 2018+ 25.91 %
  • 2017- 0.51 %
Windows, Windscreens and Mirrors
Kia Windows, Windscreens and Mirrors average cost
Windscreen Replacement£ 239.38
Electric Window Faults£ 53.85
Window Replacement£ 174.09
Rear Windscreen Replacement£ 200.00
Windscreen Wipers£ 48.00

Ownership Costs - Kia Windows, Windscreens and Mirrors

Change in repair costs

  • 2020+ 3.08 %
  • 2019- 2.99 %
  • 2018+ 115.88 %
  • 2017+ 67.12 %
Mobile Mechanics and Services
Kia Mobile Mechanics and Services average cost
Mobile Mechanic£ 58.43
Mobile Tyre Fitting£ 120.00
Mobile Mechanics and Services - Other£ 50.00
Pre-Purchase Car Inspection£ 94.84
Mobile Accident Repair£ 250.00

Ownership Costs - Kia Mobile Mechanics and Services

Change in repair costs

  • 2020- 6.33 %
  • 2019+ 16.87 %
  • 2018- 28.63 %
  • 2017+ 9.95 %
Electrical and Batteries
Kia Electrical and Batteries average cost
Alternator Repair£ 353.98
Electrical Faults£ 50.31
Parking Sensors£ 119.27
Car Battery£ 143.44
Lights and Bulbs£ 47.49
Starter Motor£ 252.94
Glow Plugs£ 123.33

Ownership Costs - Kia Electrical and Batteries

Change in repair costs

  • 2020+ 30.12 %
  • 2019+ 6.89 %
  • 2018- 25.39 %
  • 2017+ 55.63 %
Bodywork, Dents and Smart Repairs
Kia Bodywork, Dents and Smart Repairs average cost
Respraying£ 322.75
Other - Bodywork, Dents and Smart Repairs£ 336.65
Accident Repairs£ 406.70
Bodyshop£ 311.96
Paintwork Repair£ 306.74
SMART Repair, Scratches and Scuffs£ 336.60
Dent Removal£ 367.87

Ownership Costs - Kia Bodywork, Dents and Smart Repairs

Change in repair costs

  • 2020- 9.37 %
  • 2019+ 4.83 %
  • 2018+ 10.87 %
  • 2017+ 3.65 %
Tyres, Wheels and Tracking
Kia Tyres, Wheels and Tracking average cost
Puncture Repair£ 39.49
Front Wheel Alignment£ 39.23
Wheel Bearing£ 165.38
Tyres, Wheels and Tracking - Other£ 73.50
Wheel Tracking£ 33.30
Front and Rear Wheel Alignment£ 56.85

Ownership Costs - Kia Tyres, Wheels and Tracking

Change in repair costs

  • 2020+ 18.43 %
  • 2019- 17.92 %
  • 2018+ 22.18 %
  • 2017- 18.95 %
Not Sure - Help Me Choose!
Kia Not Sure - Help Me Choose! average cost
General Repairs£ 105.71
Minor Repairs£ 180.00
My Car Won't Start£ 48.50
Loss of Power£ 105.00
Leak£ 107.40
Banging or Knocking Noise£ 70.00
Ticking or Rattling Noise£ 155.70
Squeaking or Squealing Noise£ 67.14

Ownership Costs - Kia Not Sure - Help Me Choose!

Change in repair costs

  • 2020- 4.35 %
  • 2019+ 30.93 %
  • 2018- 35.63 %
  • 2017+ 4.15 %
Kia Diagnostics average cost
Diagnostic Test£ 45.49
Diagnostics - Other£ 49.11
Electrical Fault Diagnosis£ 45.56
Diesel Tuning£ 65.00

Ownership Costs - Kia Diagnostics

Change in repair costs

  • 2020- 0.42 %
  • 2019+ 1.17 %
  • 2018- 8.87 %
  • 2017- 12.78 %
Clutch and Gearbox Repairs
Kia Clutch and Gearbox Repairs average cost
Clutch Repairs£ 370.93
Gearbox Repairs£ 99.99
Clutch and Gearbox Repairs - Other£ 307.11

Ownership Costs - Kia Clutch and Gearbox Repairs

Change in repair costs

  • 2020+ 2.96 %
  • 2019- 0.90 %
  • 2018+ 3.18 %
  • 2017- 1.70 %
Steering and Suspension
Kia Steering and Suspension average cost
Shock Absorber Repair£ 345.80
Suspension Repairs£ 146.41
Steering and Suspension - Other£ 171.79
Power Steering£ 160.00
Coil Springs£ 156.21
Steering Rack£ 353.12
Car Pulling Left or Right£ 30.00

Ownership Costs - Kia Steering and Suspension

Change in repair costs

  • 2020+ 77.63 %
  • 2019- 6.51 %
  • 2018+ 6.36 %
  • 2017- 12.30 %
Security, Locking and Keys
Kia Security, Locking and Keys average cost
Key Replacement£ 55.00
Central Locking Systems£ 150.00
Auto Locksmith£ 172.50
Security, Locking and Keys - Other£ 150.00
Car Alarm Keeps Going Off£ 60.00

Ownership Costs - Kia Security, Locking and Keys

Change in repair costs

  • 2020+ 9.64 %
  • 2019+ 19.83 %
  • 2018- 25.41 %
  • 2017- 26.59 %
Interior, Audio and Navigation
Kia Interior, Audio and Navigation average cost
Car Audio£ 59.07

Ownership Costs - Kia Interior, Audio and Navigation

Change in repair costs

  • 2020- 15.61 %
  • 2019- 62.16 %
  • 2018+ 316.67 %
  • 2017- 54.69 %
Safety Components
Kia Safety Components average cost
Seatbelt Repairs£ 72.00
Airbag Repairs£ 45.00

Ownership Costs - Kia Safety Components

Change in repair costs

  • 2020+ 95.03 %
Breakdown and Recovery
Kia Breakdown and Recovery average cost
Breakdown and Recovery - Other£ 80.00
Recovery£ 55.00

Ownership Costs - Kia Breakdown and Recovery

Change in repair costs

    Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

    No data available for Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

    Top garages for Kia (12,445 found)
    Mobile Mechanics and Tyres
    1697 Jobs Completed
    4.9 / 5

    Services provided:

    -- Can build and assemble machines or mechanical components according to requirements
    -- Able to Inspect machines, engines, transmissions etc. and run diagnostic tests to discover functionality issues
    -- Will aim to troubleshoot reported problems and resolve them in a timely manner
    -- Will perform thorough maintenance on machinery, equipment and systems
    -- Will clean and apply lubricants to components
    -- Will replenish engine fluids and components
    -- Will provide consultation on correct maintenance and preventative measures
    -- Can also undertake other duties (e.g. repair of hydraulic systems)
    -- Can provide logs of work and report on issues


    Proven experience as Mechanic for 12 years.
    Excellent knowledge of machinery and hydraulic, electrical and other systems and their components.
    Experienced in using various precision tools (I have equipment to perform most mechanical work).
    Will follow established procedures and practices with a strong commitment to health and safety.
    Very good communication skills with problem-solving capabilities.
    Very good physical strength and stamina


    BTEC national diploma motor vehicles (2 year course)
    HNC motor vehicles (1 year course)
    HND motor vehicles (1 year course)
    IMI (Institute of the Motor Industry) MOT Certification NT / AE / Site Manager

    Classes of Vehicles tested:

    Class Descriptionwheeled vehicles (over 450kg unladen weight)
    4 Cars (up to 8 passenger seats)
    4 Motor caravans
    4 Quads (max unladen weight 400kg - for goods vehicles 550kg and max net power of 15kw)
    4 Dual purpose vehicles
    4 Private hire and public service vehicles (up to 8 seats)
    4 Ambulances and taxis
    4 Private passenger vehicles and ambulances (9 to 12 passenger seats)
    4 Goods vehicles (up to 3,000kg design gross weight)
    4a Class 4 vehicles (9 to 12 passenger seats) with a seat belt installation checkPrivate passenger vehicles and ambulances (13 to 16 passenger seats)
    5 Private passenger vehicles and ambulances (more than 16 passenger seats)
    5 Playbuses
    5a Class 5 vehicles (13 to 16 passenger seats) with a seatbelt installation check
    5a Class 5 vehicles (more than 16 passenger seats) with a seatbelt installation check
    7 Goods vehicles (over 3,000kg up to 3,500kg design gross weight

    Ignition Auto's LTD - EURO REPAR
    133 Jobs Completed
    4.7 / 5

    Here at Ignition Auto’s Ltd, our highly skilled team are committed to delivering outstanding mechanical repairs and services at affordable prices and are TRADING STANDARDS APPROVED. Based in Middlewich, Cheshire, we provide a range of services for cars, vans, HGV (including horseboxes), motorcycle and quads) all welcome in our garage. Our technicians have been through extensive training which allows them to work efficiently so your car receives the best care and you receive the fantastic customer service.

    It is essential that you have a trusty technician who can give you honest advice when it comes to your vehicle maintenance, and that’s what our team is here to do. We understand how important it is that you are kept in the loop and discuss any further work required with you and the options that are available.

    MOT re-tests are free of charge and we also include a free headlight alignment. With a wealth of knowledge the technicians here at Ignition Auto’s Ltd can carry out a variety of services but always apply the same level of expertise.

    Our OE quality parts are sourced from reputable suppliers and come with a standard manufacturer warranty. You can rest assured that your vehicle will leave our garage as good as new.

    We also offer all our products and services with a payment option of 25% upfront and then 3 months interest free payments going forward to cover your bill this takes a few minutes to do and can be done over the phone before work has taken place.

    VJM Motors ltd
    54 Jobs Completed
    5.0 / 5

    An independent garage based in Southall West London. With trained and accredited technicians. Able to offer motor vehicle repairs, servicing and diagnostics for a reasonable price.

    422 Jobs Completed
    4.8 / 5

    JHM are a small, independent garage that has been established since 2010. Although we are a young company, our team of 5 have many years of experience. I, James, the owner, have over 25 years of experience in the motor industry and have previously worked for a specialised Turbocharger remanufacture and a string of high profile tuning companies and still retain good connections with them.

    We are a fully-fledged specialist garage that can carry out any service or repair work, however we are very well known for our turbo repairs and ECU work; remapping, tuning, engine re-building as well as our advanced diagnostic work. We have the latest state of the art diagnostic equipment and also work with many local garages that cannot pinpoint the root of the vehicles problem, who then often ask us to perform a more thorough diagnosis on their behalf. We believe in digging deeper to find the actual root of the problem and then fixing it, rather than just replacing parts as if the problem is not addressed, you may just be masking the real issue.

    You can rest assured that you are leaving your vehicle in safe hands by choosing to have your work carried out with us, we take great pride in our work. We endeavour to provide competitive prices but most importantly, to have each and every customer leave our garage happy. We will never carry out any further repairs without having spoken with your first and seeking authorisation. Please get in touch for an estimate today.

    Precise Panel Craft Ltd
    78 Jobs Completed
    4.9 / 5

    Has your car taken a nick recently? We at Precise Panel Craft are seasoned bodyworks veterans, who have the tools and know-how to tackle any repairs you put in front of us. With over 15 years' experience in the industry, we have seen it all and are ready & rearing to take on your work! Please get in touch for more information.

    GT Service Centre
    129 Jobs Completed
    4.7 / 5

    GT Service has invested heavily in main dealer level diagnostic services coupled with employing staff with extensive knowledge of all the major prestige manufactures and their specific models.
    We complete main dealer service check lists including all of the same check points your main dealer will do.

    We pride ourselves on honesty and integrity with examining and servicing your vehicle where we will only do the required work after advising you fully of the work required and the reasons behind it.

    We will show you with the parts we have removed for the car, if you wish, so you can see our reasons for recommending a change of parts. We will give you an estimated time remaining on wearable parts, such as brake discs and pads, so you decide if you want them to be changed.

    We will keep your service work up to date on our modern internal systems with copies of all parts used on each and every service so you have an extensive service record to complement your car when you decide to sell it.

    We will keep a note of your service and MOT renewal dates and remind you when they become due.

    Any warranty work required by the manufacturer when we see your vehicle can be organised by GT Service so you do not have to. GT Service offers a courtesy car service and a collection and delivery service for your vehicle to fit in with you.

    GT Service is the genuine alternative to the main dealer network.

    Abel n' Sons Ltd
    44 Jobs Completed
    4.6 / 5

    We are an independent mobile garage operating through Norfolk, established in 2018. With over 15 years experience in the industry, you can rest assured that when you entrust your car to us, we’ll take care of every last detail. From changing the oil to checking tyre pressure, we handle everything to make sure you drive away happy.

    Get in touch to see how we can assist you today!!

    R Turner Motor Specialist LTD
    161 Jobs Completed
    4.7 / 5

    My names Rob, I've been a mechanic for the past 10 years,I am main dealer trained. I've worked on pretty much ever car going.

    I do anything from a service to an engine rebuild, cambelts to modifications. I also offer a mobile service for those who cant get away from work.

    Ecu remapping service available aswell as Dpf delete egr delete and much more.

    I'm reliable, quick and competitive. I will aim to beat all genuine quotes.

    Please note due to high volume of work make contact with before accepting any quote so I can provide you with the best service.

    Thanks again Rob

    Belts Autos
    188 Jobs Completed
    Thornton Road, Bradford
    4.9 / 5

    Joe has many years of experience and has worked on all makes and models. He grew up tinkering with vehicles with his father and began working in the motor industry at the age of 16. Experiencing a range of roles Joe found his strength and interest was in service and repairs, which led him to 11 years working for Land Rover specialists, Simmonites. Joe is a believer of quality replacement parts for your vehicle. Time and time again he welcomes new customers coming in to his workshop who have repeated problems with their vehicles as a result of cheap/imported/sub-standard parts. At Belts Autos customers leave confident with a 12 month warranty on all parts. Since establishing his own workshop at the beginning of the 2016, Joe has been extremely busy. He already has a strong base of repeat customers partly due to his commitment to customer satisfaction.

    R Milnes and Sons
    8 Jobs Completed
    5.0 / 5

    R Milnes and Sons is a local family business that has been established in Bridlington since 1926,
    offering a range of quality second hand cars featuring all makes and models.
    We have a fully equipped workshop that not only offers comprehensive Diagnostic equipment, but also houses full Service and MOT facilities as well as Air Conditioning system repair and re-gas.
    We also supply tyres and wheel alignment at very competitive prices.
    Are you looking for a new car? R Milnes & Son can provide the right car at the right price.
    Get the best prices and quality low mileage cars in Bridlington! Contact us today!

    314 Jobs Completed
    4.9 / 5

    Award winning mobile brakes specialist covering Glasgow and the surrounding areas. Dedicated to providing a hassle free service at your doorstep. A first class company supplying and fitting the best quality parts and customer service. Pay less do less with S.M BRAKES.

    LTM Motors
    831 Jobs Completed
    4.9 / 5

    At LTM Motors we cater for all of your motoring needs. You will be warmly welcomed and be given the advice and assistance you require, courtesy of our friendly and professional staff.

    Based next to Parkgate Retail Park, we offer a full selection of garage services, from class 4 & 7 MOT testing through to Brakes, Clutches, Timing Belts, Diagnostics and Air Conditioning.

    What's more, we are the only garage in Rotherham to be inspected and certified by the AA. As from the 16th March we are also Which? trusted trader approved.

    G Harniess (Louth) Ltd
    38 Jobs Completed
    4.9 / 5

    Family owned garage Have been trading in Louth since 1914. We carry out repairs for all makes of cars but specialise in Skoda.

    SAI Wimbledon Ltd
    77 Jobs Completed
    4.6 / 5

    SAI MOT Centre is one of Wimbledon's leading auto repair, full car service and MOT testing stations for many models of cars and other utility vehicles. SAI MOT Centre can undergo MOT testing at our facilities as we’re DVSA approved testing stations in South London and more specifically in the Wimbledon area. Whether your vehicle needs its first MOT after three years or your annual MOT test is due – we can help you out and provide you with quick, reliable MOT testing. You can now book an MOT in Wimbledon using our interactive live, MOT booking system, giving you a real-time solution right to your fingertips. We aim to provide convenience with our cheap MOT services that start from just £29 and we will gladly pick up your vehicle and drop it back off after it has been tested.

    SAI MOT Centre is a local, independent business in London near Wimbledon that has years of experience in MOT testing, car servicing and repairs. We offer a range of quality services and repairs including arranging MOT testing, servicing and diagnostics, tyres and wheel alignment, exhausts and suspension, batteries and brakes, clutch, cambelts and air conditioning. We will always reassure you that you’ll be receiving quality work. We are committed to making our services and repairs affordable, providing our customers with huge savings leaving them coming back to our MOT station time and time again.

    NCC Vehicle Solutions
    20 Jobs Completed
    5.0 / 5

    I began my mechanical career 18 years ago with Peugeot, where I completed my apprenticeship, and then spent a further 2 years. I then went on to work in several independent garages gaining experience working on all makes and models of vehicles, before deciding to start my own company. I set up NCC Vehicle Solutions back in 2015, carrying out work as a mobile mechanic at a location and time to suit you, or offering free collection and delivery and fixing your car within my workshop.

    I have specialist knowledge of Peugeot, BMW and Vauxhall vehicles, but to be honest I have worked on all different vehicles over the years and I am confident I can get your vehicle road worthy ASAP regardless. I only use good quality parts and I guarantee all of my work.

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    Frequently asked questions

    How does work?

    We work with thousands of garages across the country. It's simple - just tell us what's wrong with your Kia, or what work is needed, and local mechanics and Kia specialists will respond with their estimated repair price. You can see their reviews, ask questions and book in online. It's completely free to use, and thousands already do, every week.

    What sort of garages does work with?

    We work with independent local garages, mobile mechanics, Kia specialists and Kia Main Dealers - everyone, really. That way we ensure we give you a thorough overview of your options when servicing or repairing your Kia.

    Will independent garages service my Kia to Kia Dealer Standards?

    All independent garages will be able to look up Kia Dealer Servicing Specifications and follow them to the letter, if requested.

    Can I request other (non-servicing) repairs via this website?

    Yes you can. In truth, Servicing accounts for less than half of the Kia work we see on the website. The majority is other repair/maintenance work, such as clutch repairs, brakes, exhausts, cambelts. That said, anything is possible - we regularly see requests for restoration, stereo upgrades, convertible roof repairs, you name it!

    Can I request servicing / repair to high-performance, specialist or classic Kia models?

    Absolutely. Because we work with thousands of garages, including plenty of Kia specialists, we've seen plenty of unusual cars over the years, including Rolls-Royces, Ferraris, Lamborghinis and, of course, rare Kia models. Just post your job as normal.

    What sort of parts will garages use on my Kia?

    A Kia Main Dealer will usually use original Kia parts on your car. Independent garages and specialists are able to source parts from a variety of sources, including original Kia parts, aftermarket parts and even used parts. They will usually discuss this with you when finalising the details of your repair or service.

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