Mercedes C-Class Maintenance Guides - Common Mercedes C-Class Repair Questions Answered

The Mercedes C-Class is an all-round reliable drive; its comfortable, classy and has impressive running costs.

Its one of the most popular cars in the UK, therefore we have compiled answers to the most frequently asked Mercedes-Benz C-Class questions in this guide.

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Mercedes C-Class Tyre Pressure

What is the recommended tyre pressure of a Mercedes C-Class?

The tyre pressure placard for the Mercedes-Benz C-Class can be found on the inside of the fuel filler cap. This should be referred to for an accurate number to align your tyre pressure to, as the required value varies depending upon your car’s specific series and country of manufacture. This tyre pressure info can also be found in your car owner’s manual.

How to check Mercedes C-Class tyre pressure?

You can have your tyre pressure checked at the garage or carry out the check yourself at the petrol station or at home with a handheld pressure gauge.

What should I do once I see a tyre pressure warning?

The tyre pressure warning light illuminating on your dashboard may be an indication of the wrong tyre pressure level, check these immediately. Your tyre pressure light should go off when you commence driving again after amending these levels. If not, you may have a puncture will require professional repair. Alternatively, there could be a fault with your tyre pressure warning light.

How do I reset a Mercedes C-Class pressure light?

You can see your tyre inflation levels and reset the warning light in the instrument cluster whenever the ignition is on.

Press the left or right arrow keys located on your steering wheel until you arrive at the “Service” menu. 

Press the up or down arrow keys until you get to the “Tyre Pressure” menu item, then hit “OK”.

The tyre pressure of each tyre will now be displayed.

Sometimes the system might display a message saying, “tyre pressures will display after a few minutes”. If that happens, just drive for a short distance and check again for the light to go out.

If everything looks good, press the down arrow on your steering wheel to restart the TPMS.

Press “OK”, and now your TMPS is reset with the new tyre pressure values, and the warning light will turn off.


Mercedes C-Class Warning Lights

What do the warning lights mean on a Mercedes C-Class?

Warning lights for Mercedes Benz C-Class operate on a traffic lights system where red indicates an urgent issue, yellow flags up required action but is not potentially dangerous and green lights are merely for information.

What does a Mercedes C-Class engine oil warning light mean?

This warning light looks like a dripping oil can and if illuminate in red, switch off the engine immediately (or as soon as is safe).

Check the oil level, if it is okay contact roadside assistance. If it is low fill up as needed before starting the engine, running for five seconds, then switching off.

If the light remains on after driving away beyond this, you will require further professional assistance from a mechanic. 

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Mercedes C-Class Service Intervals

When are Mercedes C-Class service intervals?

Mercedes-Benz recommend that your C-Class undertakes a full service annually to maintain resale value and reduce the risk of a breakdown.

If you undertake an extremely high mileage, they would also recommend an interim service between these.

Full details of your maintenance schedule, with details of individual component top up (such as oil and filter change) can be found in your owner’s manual. 


Mercedes C-Class Common Problems

What are common Mercedes C-Class active driving sensor problems?

This system is one of the best features of the C-Class, but faults within it could manifest through vibrations and shuddering while driving which reduces stability.

If this issue occurs within your vehicle, you may need a garage to assess whether it is indeed due to faulty sensors. If so, they will need replacing.

Are steering problems common on a Mercedes C-Class?

The 2011 Mercedes C-Class has had reported steering issues. Unusual noises occurring upon turning the wheel and lack of rapid responses have acted as symptoms of steering problems; specifically issues with the fluid line power steering pump.

If you have any queries regarding the issues, get a garage to make a full inspection as a replacement may be required.


Mercedes C-Class

What the best oil to use for a Mercedes C-Class?

It is highly recommended that you use synthetic oil in your Mercedes-Benz.

A 5W-30 would be perfect for your C-Class.

What to do if a Mercedes C-Class leaks oil?

An oil leak in your vehicle can mean a multitude of things; from a minor issue such as a loose cap to serious engine problems.

Annoyingly, diagnosing an oil leak is often the hardest part and you may require professional assistance to do just this.

The sooner you deal with a leak the less costly the repair, as leaks can corrode other components leading to more expensive repairs that may even prevent you from getting on the road.

Therefore, we advise that you contact a Mercedes leak Specialist Garage as soon as you identify a problem.


Mercedes C-Class Battery

What signs can I look out for that indicate my car battery is dying?

The average car battery is designed to last for around 4 years when kept properly maintained. There are of course anomalies, but in order to anticipate battery failure there are a few key signs that you can keep an eye out for.

Firstly, you may notice dimmer lights and a slower starting engine. A physical inspection of your battery can also reveal a lot; is it corroded or swollen?

Also, if you have tried to jump start your car battery a number times before and it is still declining its likely that it is dying.


What should I do when my car battery dies?

If your car battery does die, you will need a Mercedes C-Class battery replacement.

This is a relatively extensive procedure and you will likely need a trained mechanic to carry it out, doing it wrong could end up endangering other components of your car, resulting in more damage. 

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