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Quintessentially British, the Mini Hatch is more commonly known as the Mini Cooper or simply ‘the Mini’. Stylish and sleek, the Mini is one of the most popular cars in the UK. Here are the web's most commonly asked Mini Hatch questions answered by WhoCanFixMyCar experts.

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MINI Hatch Tyre Pressure

What is the recommended tyre pressure of a MINI Hatch?

The tyre pressure of a Mini hatch should usually be around 35 psi.

Tyre pressure can vary depending upon your car model’s year of manufacture and series, the exact value required for your vehicle can be found in your car owner’s manual.

You can also find the value on the tyre placard stuck to the interior of your driver’s door.

How to check MINI Hatch tyre pressure?

A mechanic can check your tyre pressure at a garage. Alternatively, tyre pressure can be checked at home or at a petrol station.

To check with a pressure gauge (either at the petrol station or with a handheld one at home), first remove the screw caps from the tyre valve.

You then need to press the gauge onto the end of the valve and lock into place with the lever. You can then check the reading on the display screen.

Amend pressure as needed, then unlock the gauge with the lever and reattach the tyre screw caps. Repeat process for all of your tyres.

What should I do once I see a tyre pressure warning?

The Mini Hatch tyre pressure warning light resembles an exclamation mark enclosed by brackets with a tyre tread-like line along the bottom joining the two bracket sides together.

If this light illuminates on your dashboard, the next point of call is to check your tyre pressure. Once you are sure these levels are all correct, start the car once again and drive, your light should go out.

If the light stays illuminated, you may have a puncture on your hands, and you should seek assistance from a trained mechanic.

How do I reset a MINI Hatch tyre pressure light?

The procedure for resetting the tyre pressure light of your Mini Cooper depends on the vehicle series and manufacture year; specifically, it differs between vehicles from 2002-2006 and those built from 2007 onwards.

For the exact procedure for your car, refer to your owner’s handbook.

The reset process for the MINI Hatch built after 2007:

Start your engine, then push the button on the end of the turn signal lever until “SET/INFO” is displayed in the dashboard vehicle message centre.

Hold down this button until the message changes, then continue scrolling through the messages until you reach the tyre monitor symbol and reset is displayed.

Now press and hold the button until the display changes. Your monitoring system is initialised.

Your car will now re-calibrate the Tyre Pressure System on your next drive. Note that you will not receive a notification when this process is complete, but of course the light should go out on your dashboard. 


MINI Hatch Warning Lights

What do the warning lights mean on a MINI Hatch?

The warning lights in your MINI hatch follow a traffic lights colour system. If the light shines green your systems are working well or are simply in use.

A yellow/amber light illuminating is an indication that something is not working properly; in this instance take care when driving and inspect the corresponding component as soon as is safe to do so.

A red light signposts a potentially dangerous and serious issue with your vehicle, if a red light appears on your dash stop driving as soon as it is safe.

What does a MINI Hatch engine warning light mean?

The check engine warning light on your Mini Cooper’s dashboard resembles an engine itself and will illuminate when the component is not working properly. Typically, it will be accompanied by other signs of a failing engine such as reduced power when accelerating or requiring more warm-up time. If this light illuminates you should get your vehicle looked at by a mechanic as soon as you can, as ignored engine problems can lead to more serious faults and costly repairs.

How does the MINI Hatch oil warning light mean?

The Mini oil warning light resembles a dripping oil can, and it illuminates on your dashboard normally for one of two reasons. Either the oil pressure is too low, or your oil temperature is getting too high. This should be looked at by a mechanic as if left untreated, it can lead to engine damage as a result of it not being lubricated properly by the oil. 

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MINI Hatch Service Intervals

When are MINI Hatch service intervals?

Like most other vehicles, the MINI Hatch requires an engine oil and filter change every year or 10,000 miles.

MINI also recommend a full service annually, with an interim service in between at around the six month mark if your car undertakes a higher mileage than most to check for general wear and tear. 


MINI Hatch Oil

What the best oil to use for a MINI Hatch?

For the MINI Hatch, the best oil to use is a high performance synthetic 5W-30 oil; it used by MINI themselves during oil changes and is listed among their recommended parts.

What is the oil capacity for a MINI Hatch?

The Mini Cooper oil capacity level varies dependent upon the exact model of your car, an accurate value of which can be found in your car’s owner handbook. 

Although it will likely sit somewhere between a 3 and 5 litre max capacity.


What to do if a MINI Hatch leaks oil?

Oil leaks do not have to be an expensive repair; as soon as you notice an oil leak dealing with it efficiently can massively reduce repair costs.

Oil leaks can be hard to locate and in turn to diagnose. Common signs of an oil leak initially the illumination of you oil warning light on the dashboard.

Also, blue smoke while driving indicates an oil leak in the engine area. An overheating engine and burning oil smell are other key signs of a leak.

If you oil does leak, the smartest move is to contact a MINI Hatch leak specialist whom can diagnose and eradicate the issue efficiently and rapidly eliminate any risk of further damage. 


MINI Hatch Battery

What are the signs that I need a new battery?

Signs that the Mini Cooper needs a new car battery an be as tell-tale as a bad rotten eggs smell when you open the bonnet and a misshapen or corroded battery case.

Or other signs like dim lights, electrical issues or a slower starting engine.

What to do if a MINI Hatch battery dies?

You will require a Mini Hatch car battery replacement if your battery dies. This should be carried out be a specialist mechanic at a trusted garage, which you can locate easily via WhoCanFixMyCar.

To ensure that your battery isn’t just lacking charge, you can try jump starting it. If it remains flat after this the next point of call is to find a garage to carry out the replacement process.

The efficiency of which you get booked in, will ensure a speedy return to the roads.

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