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Mobile Alloy Wheel Repair & Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Alloy wheel refurbishment, alloy wheel repair and rim repair takes years off a car, but it's important to know you are getting a good quality service, at the right price.

We offer both mobile alloy wheel repair and alloy wheel repair at local garages, so be sure to select the option the suits you.

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Mobile Alloy Wheel Repair
Frequently asked questions

What is involved in a Mobile Alloy Wheel Repair?

A mobile alloy wheel repair involves a mobile mechanic coming out to where your car is stationed, removing the wheel and repairing the crack or scuff.

What is Alloy Wheel Refurbishment?

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment is a repair which will remove scrapes and scuffs from an alloy wheel. This is a job which will help to prevent corrotion setting into an alloy wheel and make it look close to new.

What causes alloy wheels to crack?

An Alloy Wheel will crack when there is a stong impact on the wheel itself. For example, if you hit a curb with some force, or if you go over a speed bump too quickly, you will put your alloy wheels at risk of cracking.

How long does an alloy wheel repair take?

Usually, an alloy wheel repair will only take a day to rectify.

What will happen if I have found a crack in my Alloy Wheel?

Hoefully the damage is not too bad and you will be able to get to where you are going. The most noticable problem you may see is that your tyres will lose air quickly. If this is happening and you cannot see a puncture, there is a good chance your alloy is cracked.

What is a Diamond Cut Wheel?

A diamond cut alloy wheel is an alloy wheel which has been cut with a machine called a lathe. The lathe uses a diamond edge in order to deliver an accurate and sharp cut to the alloy wheel and it is a method mainly employed by specialist wheel fitters. The benefit of having a diamond alloy wheel cut is that the finish will be superior to any other conventional method of cutting.

What is powder coating on wheels?

Power coating alloy wheels changes the colour of the finish or enables you to refurbish a wheel using colour matching and allows the rims to be customised based upon a driver’s preference.

What is a split rim wheel?

A split wheel rim occurs when the car wheel suffers from a high impact. Commonly, if you drive your car into a curb with too much force, or you hit a speedbump too fast, the alloy wheel may split. If the split runs all the way through the alloy, then you will have no choice but to replace the part. Unfortunately, it is simply too dangerous to attempt to drive on a split alloy as the structural integrity will be significantly affected. If there was a small crack, this could be welded shut, however a full split is too damaging and there is no other option but to replace the alloy wheel if this happens to you.

Is powder coating better than painting?

Powder coating is a different method of changing the colour of alloy wheels and can be superior when compared to painting. A powder coat delivers a thicker and more dense finish to an alloy wheel, resulting in higher durability than conventional alloy wheel painting. The process is also quicker and so would be recommended as opposed to alloy wheel painting.

Can you get alloy wheels repaired?

Yes, however, a repair is only possible depending on the extent of the damage to the alloy wheel. If the alloy wheel has 3 cracks or more, it should not be repaired as the structural integrity of the wheel will be compromised to a high extent. However, if there are one or two cracks, they can be welded and repaired. The edges of the rim can also be refurbished if they have become unkempt and this is a relatively simple restoration job for a mechanic.

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How much does Mobile Alloy Wheel Repair cost?

The cost of a Mobile Alloy Wheel Repair can vary depending on your car due to differences in labour time and parts needed. Take a look below at the average quote on for some of the top car makes.

Mobile Alloy Wheel Repair Cost by Car Make
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This table uses data from quotes provided on between 17/08/2019 and 15/11/2019.

Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists

If you are looking for a garage or a mobile mechanic that can repair alloy wheels, you have come to the right place.

Using, you get quotes from a range of garages and mobile mechanics for alloy wheel repair by entering a few details in the box at the top of the page.

If your car is stuck on the drive because one of your alloy wheels is broken, getting a mobile mechanic out to help is a great way of saving time and money. Rim repair, whether alloy wheels or standard wheels, is not the most complex or time-consuming job.

WhoCanFixMyCar has alloy wheel mobile mechanics and garages spread all over the UK so no matter where you are, we’ll have you covered with the best rim repair specialists.

What is Alloy Wheel Refurbishment?

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment is a service which restores an alloy wheel to as close to its original condition as possible.

An alloy wheel refurb is the best service to get if you simply want to remove alloy damage which has caused scraping and scratching. This is often caused by the alloy wheel scraping the curb of a pavement.

Even though the damage may not be as extreme as a full crack on an alloy wheel, scrapes can lead to serious problems as corrosion can easily set in once the top layer of an alloy wheel is removed.

An alloy wheel refurbishment should not take a long time to complete, however, it is entirely dependent on the extent of the damage.

Remember, just let us know if you want an alloy wheel refurb and we’ll get you quotes for the best rim repair in no time.

Mobile Alloy Wheel Repair

We have a many mobile mechanics that can perform a mobile alloy wheel repair to save you having to take your car to a garage.

Mobile alloy wheel repair offers convenience without sacrificing on the quality of work, which is why many choose it over taking their car to a garage.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Cost

Prices will vary depending on how many wheels need repairs and the extent of the damage. Small wheel scratch repairs will cost considerably less than a severely cracked alloy wheel. Expect to receive quotes from between £85-£135.

As shown at the top of this page, costs will also differ by brand of car. However, these costs are for mobile specific jobs and general alloy wheel refurbishment costs can be viewed on our Alloy Wheel Refurbishment page.

However, the only way to get a personalised estimate is by getting in touch with the best alloy wheel repair specialists using WhoCanFixMyCar.

Alloy Wheel Welding

A brand new alloy wheel will cost you a lot so you are much better off getting a quote for a repair if possible. If the damage to the alloy wheel is restricted to a hairline crack, this can be resolved with a welding service which many mobile mechanics and garages offer.

The cost and time taken to undertake an alloy wheel weld will depend entirely on the extent of the damage to the car alloy wheel, however, you will have to consult the mechanic directly.

Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel Repair

Some mechanics offer a specialised service called diamond cut alloy wheel refurbishment which is the most accurate method of refurbishment.

However, mobile mechanics cannot offer this service as the use of lathe is required which is a large machine which weighs about a ton!

The process is essentially removing a thin layer of alloy from the wheel. This done using lathing equipment, which isn’t possible to move around with ease – hense mobile mechanics not offering this service.

As you can imagine this process can only be carried out a handful of times as removing too much alloy will result in the structure of the wheel itself becoming unstable. This is why a powder coating is a much more popular method using my by both garages and mobile mechanics.

Alloy Wheel Powder Coating

Powder coating is a service which is used to change the colour of the alloy wheel or refurbish a wheel using colour matching.

The process includes the following steps;

  1. The wheel is blasted by hand or given a chemical strip to remove the top layer of lacquer and paint.
  2. The wheels are then dressed and filed in order to deal with potential damage to the edges of the wheel rim.
  3. The wheel is then gently heated to remove air from the alloy before the first layer of powder coat finish is applied.
  4. The wet-in-wet procedure can then be applied before further thermal treatment.

Cracked Wheel or Bent Rims

If the air is going down quicker than you think on your tyre, this can be a sign that you have a crack on your alloy wheel.

If your alloy wheel has a crack, you need to get the problem seen to immediately. It is not like a little scuff where an alloy refurbishment will resolve the issue, a crack in your alloy will certainly affect the structural integrity of the whole wheel and put you and your passengers in danger.

Alloy wheels can sustain cracks with ease and are especially at risk when a car is driven over potholes and speed bumps.

As the overall rolling height (wheel + tyre) remains the same on all cars, larger alloys requiring tyres with lower-profile sidewalls are more susceptible to crack damage. This is because a tyre sidewall flexes to absorb bumps and impacts, so a tyre with less sidewall (low profile tyre) has less ability to flex and absorb impact on our roads.

The good news is that you don’t have to replace an alloy wheel if a crack does appear.

An allow wheel crack can be repaired by initially grinding the crack from both sides before the weld takes place so that there is no contamination.

The weld of the alloy wheel is carried out and then a refurbishment of the alloy follows to restore the cosmetic integrity and structural integrity.

However, if an alloy wheel has more than three cracks, it is likely that you will need to buy a new alloy wheel.

Alloy Wheel Repair Near You

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