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Our mobile mechanics come to you, providing the convenience of a mobile car repair as opposed to visiting a local garage. Mobile mechanics can come to your home or place of work. We have reviewed and rated mobile mechanics nationwide ready to help. Many can attend your vehicle at short notice and can complete the work quickly and conveniently.

No matter the issue, a mobile mechanic can usually help. Whether you need a service, mot, paint repair, oil change or perhaps just a jump start – our mechanics can help.

You can compare local mobile mechanics on customer service, punctuality, ratings and pricing before choosing, and provide your own review on completion of your work.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a Mobile Mechanic?

A Mobile Mechanic will usually come to your house or place of work with the parts, and the tools, they need to fix or service your car then and there. Alternatively they may come to collect your car, repair it at their garage and then return it to you.

What repairs will a Mobile Mechanic perform?

Mobile Mechanics can perform the majority of repairs your car needs, including: servicing, brakes, cambelt changes and more. Some will also perform more heavy-duty work such as clutch repair / replacement.

Do I need to be at home during the repair or service?

No. Indeed, the main advantage of a Mobile Mechanic is convenience: you agree logistics (e.g. keys) with them, and carry on with your day as normal, with no need to drop off or collect your car.

Can Mobile Mechanics change a clutch?

Depending on the car and the mechanic, yes. Some clutches are easy-to-access. Others require hours of time underneath the car - harder for a Mobile Mechanic.

Is a Mobile Mechanic cheaper than a 'fixed' garage?

Mobile Mechanics are often cheaper than a fixed-premises garage, yes, due to lower overhead costs. However, note that we always advise drivers to choose a garage or mechanic based on both price AND reputation. If in doubt, read their latest reviews on

What do I do if I need extra repairs that my Mobile Mechanic can't perform?

Not to worry! Many Mobile Mechanics will have access to a fixed-premises garage as well. If not, will put you in touch with another of their 7,500 garages nationwide.

Can Mobile Mechanics do MOTs?

Yes, some mobile mechanics will carry out MOTs. They will often collect the car from you, take it to a MOT bay to carry out the MOT and then drop it back after. However, this can be a costly excercise for the mechanic due to travel costs so many Mobile Mechanics do not offer this service.

What do Mobile Mechanics charge?

Just like fixed garages, Mobile Mechanics will charge you for their labour and for the parts they need to complete the service or repair. In some cases this is cheaper than a fixed premises due to less overheads, but they also must travel and so need to be compensated for that time too.

Can I trust a Mobile Mechanic?

Read reviews before choosing a mobile mechanic or garage. You can also ask to see insurance information. Be wary of a suspiciously low price, it will often be cheap parts being used which will ultimately fail within a couple of months.

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What is the cost to call out a mobile mechanic?

The cost of getting a Mobile Mechanic will vary depending on the type of repair required. Below are average quotes, split by car make on for mobile services. However, depending on the job type they will vary a lot, so we recommend posting a job to get tailored quotes.

Mobile Mechanic Cost by Car Make
Car MakeAverage PriceGet Quotes

This table uses data from quotes provided on between 17/08/2019 and 15/11/2019.

What is a Mobile Mechanic

A Mobile Car Mechanic operates from a van as opposed to a garage. This means they can carry out mobile car repairs, offering customers convenience and flexibility on when they can get their car fixed.

A mobile mechanic will fix your car at work or on your drive way most of the time, or they will transport it to a nearby garage if a more complex repair is required.

Hesitancy to use mobile mechanics is often due to a lack of trust associated with not having an actual garage.

However, you can compare reviews, prices and accreditations of local mobile mechanics using

If there are mobile car repair services in your area, you will receive quotes once you have specified the assistance that you need.

If you cannot find a local garage, a mobile mechanic could be the perfect solution to finding car repair quickly.

What can a mobile mechanic repair?

Mobile mechanics can provide most common repairs and services.

Clutch repairs

Not all mobile mechanics will offer clutch repairs but many will. It is not an enjoyable job to do for a mobile mechanic. Without a ramp, they must crawl under the car, laying on their back for around two hours whilst changing the clutch. But many will still offer this, just make sure to be patient and offer a cup of tea!

Brake Pads and Discs

This is one of the simpler jobs for a mobile mechanic. Mobile brake repairs are a popular request and our mechanics will have no problem doing this.

Car Service

This is simple one for a mobile mechanic to undertake. A mobile car service can be carried out at your home or work with relative ease. A good mobile mechanic will carry out a series of checks as well as replacing oil filters and giving an oil top up.

Cambelt Change

We have many cambelt specialists within our network, many of whom are mobile mechanics.

Paint Repair

Depending on the extent of the damage, paint repairs can be performed by a specialist mobile mechanic. This is usually done by a specialist as opposed to a general mobile mechanic. We do have specialists within the network that can provide mobile paint repair or mobile car body repair. So whether it is a bumper scuff that needs some paint or a full bumper repair, we will be able to help. Try posting an enquiry under our bodyshop category.

Tyre Change

A tyre change is a simple job that can be completed just about anywhere, perfect for a mobile mechanic. Just be sure to give the mechanic your tyre size when requesting a quote as without that they will not be able to give you a price.

Battery Change

Changing a battery is usually a very simple job for a skilled mechanic, whether you already have the battery or need it supplied and fitted.

Electrical Faults

Although electrical faults cover a vast array of potential issues, many can be diagnosed by a mobile mechanic.

As well the above, mobile mechanics can often help most repairs and if they diagnose and issue and cannot fix it themselves, they often know aa fantastic garage that can help.

Are Mobile Mechanics Cheap?

Mobile car mechanics may be able to offer a reduced price on car maintenance.

This is because they do not have many of the overhead costs associated with running or owning a garage. This can mean that they can sometimes offer a much more competitive price.

That is not always the case though, as it depends how far they must travel to and from you to carry out the repair. When they are travelling they are not working and so need to be compensated for their time.

A cheap mobile mechanic is not necessarily a bad mechanic; the reason they often have lower prices is because they do not have to pay for running a physical garage.

If you are looking to save a few pennies then a mobile mechanic may be a good option for you. If there are mobile mechanics near you or in the surrounding area, they will likely be able to offer a very competitive price.

What is the advantage of mobile vehicle repair?

A mobile car mechanic service can be the most useful if you are stuck in a tricky spot. A 24-hour mobile mechanic can get out to you day or night, in order to carry out a repair when you need it most.

They will often own a van and drive out to where your car is parked to carry out the repair work as they will have all the tools and materials required to complete the fix, with them.

There is a huge amount of jobs which a mobile car repair service can cover as many problems in a car can be caused by minor issues and can be repaired without the need for new parts or an entire team of mechanics.

What is Mobile Vehicle Diagnostics?

If you suspect you have a massive amount of work required on your car, you can utilise a mobile vehicle diagnostic to assess the damage before going to a garage to have the repair completed.

If your car brake’s down and you have it towed to a garage, you will have to pay for the car being towed to the garage itself.

However, if you find a mobile mechanic near you, they will come to the car and carry out all the repair work there and then, saving you money.

Jobs such as a mobile vehicle diagnostic are ideal as you won’t need to worry about getting your car to a garage if it won’t start.

Can you trust a mobile mechanic?

One of the worries that people have when it comes to mobile mechanics is that they will turn up, carry out some work and leave after taking money, only for the car to break down again and there is no way to contact them afterwards.

On we have a rating system which showcases the best garages and mobile mechanics. Drivers leave reviews so any mechanics with bad practices will be shown to have a low score.

It’s important to research mobile mechanics which is why we make all their information available to you once you have quotes.

You can look at their profile page and even call them directly to find out more about their services.

Most mobile mechanics will be insured against damages that might occur as well as offering warranties which protects against malpractice.

What are the limitations of mobile mechanics?

There are certain jobs a mobile mechanic simply won’t be able to complete as the amount of labour and tools required would not be made available to a mobile mechanic.

Finding a mobile auto electrician or mechanic is not always easy, which is why we simplified the process.

We work with a network of 14,148 mechanics and garages across the UK so we can the best local mobile mechanics near you.

  1. Enter your car registration number
  2. Give us a few details about your car and your requirements
  3. We’ll send you a great selection of quotes from mobile mechanics and garages in your area

You can then compare the quotes and read reviews from previous customers to find the best deal in your area, before booking online.

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