Renault Megane Maintenance Guides - Common Renault Megane Repair Questions Answered

The Renault Megane is a small family car that first appeared on our roads over 20 years ago and remains to be one of the most popular cars on our roads. 

To aid our drivers, WhoCanFixMyCar have answered the most commonly asked questions regarding the Renault Megane.

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Renault Megane Tyre Pressure

What is the recommended tyre pressure of a Renault Megane?

For the 2016 Megane, the recommended minimum tyre pressure is 30 PSI which is a total equal to 210kPa and 2.1bar.

This information specific to your vehicle, as tyre pressure varies depending on manufacture year, country and other factors, can be found on the tyre placard.

Your tyre placard will be stuck on the inside of your driver’s door. The value will also be noted in your car owner’s manual.

How to check Renault Megane tyre pressure?

To check the tyre pressure of your Renault Megane, you can take it to your local petrol station where there will be a pressure gauge and tyre top up station.

You can also check your tyre pressure at home, with the purchase of a handheld pressure gauge. These cost around £10 and involves a very simple procedure which minimises the risk of breakdown and ensures a safer ride.

What should I do once I see a tyre pressure warning?

When the tyre pressure warning light illuminates on the dashboard, you should first check your tyre pressure levels using one of the methods above.

Once levels are amended and you are sure that are you wheels align with the recommended levels, you can start the car again and drive away and the warning light should subsequently go out.

If the light remains on, you may have a puncture which will require specialist repair or the warning light simply requires a reset due to a faulty sensor which too may need replacing. 

How do I reset a Renault Megane tyre pressure light?

The exact process for resetting the tyre pressure light depends on your vehicle series, manufacture year and country.

The information of which will be detailed in your car owner’s handbook.

For the 2015 Renault Megane, the TPMS reset procedure is as follows:

First ensure that all your tyres are at the correct pressure

Switch the ignition to ‘ON’ but do not start your engine

Use the up-arrow button on the wash wipe switch to go up to select ‘Tyre Pressure Monitor’

Press and hold in the up-arrow button once again, which will launch the reset

The TPMS should then be reset, and the warning light should go out. 


Renault Megane Warning Lights

What do the warning lights mean on a Renault Megane?

The dashboard on your Renault Megane is where you can find your vehicle’s warning lights. These lights illuminate to warn you of a problem with your vehicle.

The warning lights illuminate in different colours which indicate severity of issues.

Blue and green lights are informational signs that act as reminders for drivers, such as indicators and headlights.

Amber and yellow warning lights tell driver about non-urgent issues that require a thorough check, these may develop into further issues so you should treat and inspect them efficiently.

Red warning lights are serious urgent issues which need to be dealt with as soon as is safe. 

What does a Renault Megane engine management warning light mean?

This light is connected to the ECU (engine control unit) and is generally the first to alert you of issues within it.

This covers everything from the fuel and ignition to the catalytic converters.

If this light stays on whilst you are driving, its likely there is an issue with your engine.

The step to take is seek assistance from a specialist Renault garage, as engine problems are a difficult beast to tackle.

How to reset a Renault Megane Engine Oil Pressure warning light?

This light is a dripping oil can symbol and will illuminate alongside the STOP dashboard light and an audible light.

If this light does come on and beep sound, make sure to pull over as soon as safe and turn your engine off.

Now, check the oil levels to ensure they are correct.

If these are all correct and the light does not go out, then you likely have a fault.

To avoid engine damage, refrain from driving you car again and contact a mobile mechanic who can come out and look at your Megane. 

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Renault Megane Service Intervals

When are Renault Megane service intervals?

Renault recommends that your Megane is serviced every 12 months, or sooner if you have undertaken over 18,000 miles.

You will also require an oil and filter replacement annually.

Maintaining your Renault Megane with regular and high-quality servicing increases resale value and significantly reduces your risk of a breakdown. 


Common Renault Megane Problems

Are electric windows common with Renault Megane problems?

A common reported problem with the Renault Megane concerns the electric windows. It can be identified through much slower opening and closing of the windows are even a hesitancy to begin moving.

The cause of the problem is likely a broken window regulator. This problem can be resolved if you get the regulator fixed or indeed replaced if that does not work.

This procedure can be carried out by a Renault Megane window specialist.

Does your Renault Megane suffer from poor engine idling?

If your Megane is rough running and does not idle well, you may have an issue with ignition coils.

This might also manifest through a stutter or shudder, the replacement of these coils in your Renault Megane is best carried out by a mechanic. 


Renault Megane Oil

What the best oil to use for a Renault Megane?

The ideal lubricant for the Renault Megane would be either the 0W-40 or 5W-30 fully synthetic oil.

What is the oil capacity for a Renault Megane?

The oil capacity for the Renault Megane varies dependent on your vehicle’s engine, manufacture year and country.

The exact oil capacity of your vehicle can be found in your car owner’s manual. Most Megane’s capacity sits between 3 and 5 litres, but aforementioned refer to your manual.

If you can no longer locate your manual, Renault have made them available for viewing and download for more recent cars models.

What to do if a Renault Megane leaks oil?

Oil leaks that are left alone can cause premature wear of your car’s components and can even become a fire hazard if left untreated with inevitable increased breakdown risk too.

Locating the source of a leak can be half the battle, most are a result of bad seals or connections but depending on their location can be hard to diagnose.

Therefore, we recommend that you employ a leak specialist to efficiently find and fix your leak, which will eradicate a more costly repair and further problems developing. 

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