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Respraying in Peterborough

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A Full Respray or even Panel Respraying can take years off of your , but it's vital to use a bodyshop around Peterborough with the experience and equipment to finish the job to a high standard, at great value. Fortunatly ALL our Paint Shops and Bodyshops fulfil that criteria.

Enter your reg, describe what's needed (or upload photos) and our specialists will competitively quote for your work. Simply check their prices and reviews, and take your pick!
Top garages for Respraying in Peterborough (41 found)
Smiths Hyundai
2 Job Completed
5.0 / 5

Smiths Hyundai is a Main Dealer as part of the long established Smiths Motor Group in Peterborough.
We have been trading for over 50 years and proud to still be a family owned and run company.

T&T Vehicle sales
7 Jobs Completed
5.0 / 5

We are a well-established car sales and repair centre based in Werrington, Peterborough. Our team have a wealth of experience in a variety of mechanical repairs and always strive to provide an outstanding service to our customers. From Windscreen repairs to MOT's, we always offer honest advice and discuss your options.

Established in 2012, our family run workshop is home to the latest equipment enabling us to carry out your repairs and services swiftly and to a high standard. If you bring your car to us and need a lift somewhere, one of our friendly team would be delighted to drop you off.

We also have a comfortable waiting room where you can enjoy refreshments. All our parts are high quality, genuine parts and are sourced from reputable suppliers. Parts come with a standard manufacturer warranty.

M & N VehicleServices Ltd
10 Jobs Completed
4.8 / 5

"M & N Vehicle Services Ltd are an independent workshop that can service and repair any make of car, van or truck. We provide complete fleet support or single vehicle solutions for Car and Commercial users in the Peterborough and surrounding areas.We operate a professional service to our customers and other garages. Our technicians are accredited and qualified and our equipment is the latest up to date and state of the art equipment. We have over 60 years experience and have been established for over 7 years. We guarantee the highest standard of work and service to our customers without main dealer prices. We are professionally equipped to service and repair every make and model of vehicle to manufacturer standards."

PNP Autofix
8 Jobs Completed
4.8 / 5

We are a small and friendly, family run garage. We pride ourselves on our honesty and affordability. Fully qualified and fully insured, with 15+ years experience in the trade.

From regular maintenance - full engine re-builds we have the knowledge to keep your vehicle running safely and smoothly.

We offer free, no obligation quotations and never carry out any work without quoting first so there are never any hidden extras.

Having had a passion for fixing cars since he could toddle, Owen studied and passed NVQ level's 1, 2 and 3 in Automotive Vehicle Servicing And Repair at Huntingdon Collage whilst working as an apprentice. He was soon trained up and took his test to become a VOSA Nominated MOT Tester.

Outside of work, Owen has always been car obsessed, from Classic Cars to Muddy 4x4's he has restored and modified them all. He has been part of several clubs, even running his own 4x4 club (Cambs Off Roading).

Owen spent 15+ Years being employed in the trade and in October 2013 decided it was time he became his own boss, so as offered, he brought his brother Paul's business and became the man behind PNP Autofix.

Owen's wife, Jenna, has now started her apprenticeship so will be seen a lot more in the workshop than the office now. Along with being trained by Owen, Jenna will be attending college once a week so she can get her officially qualifications.

PNP Autofix has built up a wonderful reputation for it's honesty, reliability and affordability over the years and we aim to keep it this way.

Quick Wheels
1 Job Completed
5.0 / 5

Quick Wheels are a professional body repair centre offering all manner of body repair services. Our qualified staff, each have over 20 years experience in the trade and pride themselves on providing an outstanding service at extremely competitive prices.

We offer the same services as larger national crash repair centres, the same quality of work, standard of finish, job expertise, and lifetime guarantee, but at significantly lower prices.

Auto body repair
Member since 10 October 2019

Auto body repair is the leading spray painting business in it’s area.

We have a reputable name with our clientele based on our high standard of work.

Boongate (Peterborough)
Member since 02 March 2017

Whatever you expect or think you know about Kia, we go one step further. It proves our fixation with quality – it explains why so many people choose our cars, and why we keep growing all over the world. Plus, with our state-of-the-art European Factory, the future is brighter than ever for Kia Motors.

Ultimate vehicle servicing
Member since 30 July 2020

We have 3 fully qualified technicians from 3 different areas of expertise with main dealer background, with auto electrician and a fast fit background. We cover all areas of if the Industry from mechanical electrical, remapping And MOTs

Elite Auto Centre.
Member since 20 November 2019

Looking for a reliable bodyshop to repair your vehicle?

Here at team Elite we thrive on consistent quality of work and great customer service.

We work along side many hire companies to repair their fleet of vehicles, from small cars to sprinter vans,

Here are some off the services we offer -

- Small scuffs on bumpers
- Small to large dings/dents
- Accident damage
- Paint spraying
- Polish/Detailing
- headlight restore
- Fitment of new parts
- Parts can be supplied

We mix paint in house to ensure the colours match also we have all the the correct tools for job to be done exactly the same as the main dealer would.

Why not get in touch, we have two sites - ,

Unit 19a Axis park
Orton southgate


85a Kings Dyke

Deenz Auto
Member since 26 May 2016

Deenz Autos is a newly established auto repair garage. Our passion for cars helped us in opening our own garage where we are repairing cars for our selves and for our customers.

We specialize in a number of services for cars. Our main mechanic have years of experience and can do small fixes to complete engine replacements, mechanical as well as body work.

We are based in Mancetter Square in Werrington.

Our customer should choose us because we are highly competitive in price along with quality service.

Owen Brown (Motorsport) & Auto Repair Ltd
Member since 14 July 2017

"Owen Brown (Motorsport) & Auto Repair Ltd have recently taken over the long established business of Taylor Motors, who have been trading successfully for 32 years. We shall continue to run the business with the same experienced team and will offer the continued quality of service provided by Bob Taylor. We would be proud if you would be a customer of ours and we would value and appreciate your business. We offer a professional and genuinely personal service to suit your requirements. While our range of service may not have changed for over 30 years, we hope our new injection of fresh ideas will offer you an even better service. Owen has used his experience in UK Autospeedway Racing to good use in the garage business."

Member since 10 July 2012


Concorde Tyre & Exhaust Centres Peterborough
Member since 28 June 2011

"Concorde Auto Centre's Peterborough branch is your local choice if you are looking for a one-stop-shop for all your car's needs. Whether you are looking to have new car tyres fitted, exhausts, brakes, book your car in for a scheduled service or car diagnostics then request a quote today, and we'll have you driving safely in no time at all. Looking for an affordable MOT? We can deliver. WeÔÇÖll also make sure that your old tyres are disposed of in an environmentally friendly way."

Concorde Auto Centre
Member since 28 June 2011

"Established in 1977, Concorde is PeterboroughÔÇÖs largest independent tyre, exhaust, clutches, brakes and the largest independent repair and service centre providing a customer service like no other. Cutting edge technology and expert technicians provide an unrivalled level of service "

Concorde Tyre & Exhaust Centres
Member since 28 June 2011

"Looking for a local garage in the area of Hampton? At Concorde Tyre & Exhaust Centres youÔÇÖll find tyre brands to suit your budget. We keep a huge range in stock at all times ÔÇô including the latest premium tyres from Goodyear, Dunlop and all the biggest names in the business. We also stock a wide range of quality assured unbranded tyres. We have most tyre sizes available but if for any reason we donÔÇÖt have them on the shelf, we can usually source them the same day. Our expert fitters will help you select the right tyre for your car and driving style then fit and balance them accordingly. We donÔÇÖt just look after your car tyres, we can keep your caravan, trailer or motorcycle safe and legal too! WeÔÇÖll also make sure that your old tyres are disposed of in an environmentally friendly way."

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Respraying in Peterborough

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3 reviews

Car Respray Prices

The guide has been written to answer some of the questions you may have about Respraying your in Peterborough. We have the produced the following guide to help you understand what is involved in the job and what you need to do if you would like to carry the car respray out yourself.

Having the paint on your car resprayed is a great way to restore its appearance and cover up any scratches, scuffs or fading that may have built up over time.

You can try to respray a car yourself however the finish will not be as professional unless you are an expert.

Specialist bodyshops in Peterborough will be able to provide you with a fresh and quality finish which is why recommend getting quotes to see how much it will cost.

All you have to do is fill in your personal details and the detials of your car and we will then be able to find the best local bodyshops or gargaes to provide car respray quotes directly to you.

What is involved during a car respray?

A car respray can be a messy job which is why using a bodyshop with a specifically designed area is the best way to ensure quality.

After cleaning the car with soap and water, the mechanic will scrub your with a special sanding sponge which will help the new paint stick to the car.

All of the windows, tyres and trimmings will then be covered with newspaper and sheets as it is important not to get any paint on these parts.


Different garages have different spaces for respraying a car as some will have specialised machinery and rooms whereas others will carry out the respray in a conventional space. The mechanics themselves may spray your manually as opposed to using machines if they are not a specialist body shop.

Having a professional carry out a car respray will ensure the quality of the job is ensured however if the cost of a car respray is too much you can always try it yourself.

At WhoCanFixMyCar we would recommend that you post the job in the form above and simply wait to see how much garages in Peterborough will charge for the job. It’s a completely free service so it is worth finding out before you decide to respray your own car.

Below are the steps you need to take to respray your own car properly if the quotes you have received are too expensive.

How to Respray a Car

Materials for car spray

You need to gather all of the supplies required to respray your which includes; 5-10 cans of paint cans (depending on the size of your car), masking tape, lots of newspaper, a paint drip cloth, a sanding sponge, 3-4 cans of flat grey spray primer and rust killer spray.

All of these supplies can be bought online.

Where to respray a car

It is essential that you carry out the respray on your in a well ventilated area however this cannot simply be somewhere outside. If there is a high amount of sun exposure to the paint then it will ruin the work you have done, similarly, if it rains the pain will run and cause streaking on your .

Many people who decide to respray their own cars do so in a garage. If you are considering doing the same thing it is vital that you cover the entire area including the floors and walls. The paint will get everywhere so cover everything!

Cleaning before a car respray

Your needs to be completely clean and dry for the new layer of paint to stick to the exterior properly.

You should take your car to a car wash or carry out a through clean yourself with hot soapy water. This may be better than a car wash as the drive back home may result in your car picking up dirt on the journey.

Preparing a before a respray

This is where you make use of your sanding sponge. Wet the sponge and scrub the entire area which will be resprayed. This will help the new layer of paint stick to the car.

Dry the car before respray

As soon as you have finished scrubbing the car with the wet sanding sponge, its time to dry the car. once more this is a vital part of getting the ready for a respray.

If the weather is suitable and dry, leave the out to dry further.

Remove rust before a respray

If there are any rusted areas on the car then you need to ensure that they are as sanded down as much as possible as this will help the new paint cover the damage.

You also need to ensure that all of the dirt is removed from the rusted areas as this will prevent the new paint from sticking to the car.

Using spray on rust killer is a good way of helping the paint stick properly. Ensure any rusted area are covered by rust killer.

Cover the windows before a respray

As soon as the car is bone dry, it’s time to cover all of the fittings such as the windows, wheels and handles with masking tape, newspaper and sheets.

Respraying a car

Now you can begin respraying your . Start by using the primer on the rusted areas as this will also help with covering the damage effectively.

Cover everything during a car respray

As soon as all of the damaged area are covered in primer, you can begin respraying the . It is important to focus on one area of the car at a time. Such as all of the car doors individually, then the bumpers and so on. It is important to provide a light and even coat the first time around. Once this is complete you can begin with the second and third coat.

The car spray paint that you use will carry instructions in regards to how long it will take to dry so make sure to pay attention, as it may vary from brand to brand.

If you follow these instructions properly, you will have a great chance of carrying out a professional looking job.

However, there is a huge amount of care and attention required to perform an expert job which is why we would recommend having a body shop or mechanic carry out the car respray.

Finding a mechanic you can trust to do a good job and charge a fair price, is not always easy, which is why we've simplified the process.

We work with a network of 15,158 mechanics and garages across the UK so we can find competitive car respray deals for you.

To find the best car resprays available in your Peterborough;

  • Enter your car registration number
  • Give us a few details about your car and your requirements
  • We’ll send you a great selection of quotes from mechanics and garages in Peterborough

You can then compare the quotes and read reviews from previous customers to find the best deal before booking the car respray online.