Skoda Fabia Maintenance Guides - Common Skoda Fabia Repair Questions Answered

The Fabia is the supermini from Czech manufacturers Skoda and has been in production now for over 20 years, although its popularity is yet to faulter.

Here are Who Can Fix My Car's expert answers to the top Fabia FAQ's.

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Skoda Fabia Tyre Pressure

What is the recommended tyre pressure of a Skoda Fabia?

The recommended tyre pressure of your Fabia will be noted in your owner’s manual. Always consult this first, as even within a model there is variations.

For the 2018 Skoda Fabia the minimum tyre pressure is 30 psi which is equal to 2.1 bar.

Where can I check my Skoda Fabia tyre pressure?

Skoda Fabia tyre pressure can be checked at a petrol station (where it can also be amended and/or topped up) as well as at a garage by a trained mechanic.

You can check tyre pressure at home with a handheld pressure gauge; these only cost around £10 and save a lot of money long-term as they can ensure you pass MOT’s by amending levels beforehand.

What should I do once I see a tyre pressure warning?

The tyre pressure warning light illuminating on your dashboard must make you first check and subsequently amend your tyre pressures.

Once you have completed this, drive off again carefully, if the light remains illuminated you either have a faulty TPMS system that needs a reset (see below) or you have a puncture on your hands.

How do I reset a Skoda Fabia tyre pressure light?

Once you have ensured all tyre levels are correct, press the ‘Car’ button on the radio panel. Then select the tyre section and press ‘reset’. 


Skoda Fabia Warning Lights

What do the warning lights mean on a Skoda Fabia?

The warning lights in your Skoda Fabia are colour coded: Red warning lights should prompt you to stop your car as soon as is safe. Yellow or amber warning lights indicate that some action is required, but the issue is not urgent. Green lights are purely informational.

What does a Skoda Fabia engine cooling system light mean?

If this light illuminates (it will do in red, the symbol resembles a thermometer in water) switch your engine off as soon as is safe. Check your coolant levels and top up if necessary. If it is okay, contact roadside assistance. 

What does a Skoda Fabia Power Steering System light mean?

When this light illuminates, remove your ignition key (or switch off) for 30 seconds then restart engine. The light may disappear now, if it does you're good to go. If it remains on drive carefully to a garage, if not possible call roadside assistance.

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Skoda Fabia Service Intervals

When are Skoda Fabia service intervals?

Skoda recommend that your car undertakes a full service every 12 months, along with a oil and filter change.

If you take on a hugely high mileage make sure to go in for an interim service every six months.

Maintaining a good service schedule improves the resale value of your car, as well as its own longevity and functions. 


Skoda Fabia Common Problems

Are windscreen washer pump leak problems common with the Skoda Fabia?

A water leak at the passenger front wheel is the result of a windscreen washer pump leaking.

The solution is to fit a new replacement windscreen washer pump. 


Skoda Fabia Oil

What the best oil to use for a Skoda Fabia?

The best oil for the Skoda Fabia is a fully synthetic 5W-40 high performing oil. This oil is best for both petrol and diesel Skoda Fabia vehicles.

What is the oil capacity for a Skoda Fabia?

The exact engine oil capacity for your Skoda Fabia can be found in your owner’s manual. The oil capacity of the majority of Fabia’s is around 4 litres.

What to do if a Skoda Fabia leaks oil?

If your Fabia begins to leak oil, it can be hard to detect the source of the leak and subsequently carry out the repair.

Hence, we would always recommend contacting a Skoda Fabia leak specialist to tackle the problem. 

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