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A shaking or vibrating steering wheel when driving can be a worry.

Fortunately any steering vibration is usually easy to resolve, which is where our 10,392 garages come in. Most common causes include warped Brake Discs, or a Wheel Tracking issue - simple for our friendly, local mechanics! Just describe what's wrong, compare quotes and reviews, and take your pick.

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If your steering wheel is shaking while you are driving there are a number of issue that could cause this problem, some are serious and will require major repair while others could be repaired with a simple fix. .

This guide will help you identify what may be causing your steering wheel to shake and what is involved in resolving the specific issue.

Regardless of the problem being big or small, it is essential that you have your car seen to as soon as you notice your steering wheel shaking as this problem will put all of the passengers in the car in danger.

What can cause a shaking steering wheel?

Tire Balance

Tire balance is the most common cause of a shaking steering wheel as tires are susceptible to damage caused by potholes and small impacts.

A damaged rim run can have a detrimental effect as the uneven shape will cause the tyre to bend unevenly.

As a result the steering wheel may shake. Typically a car will suffer from this problem if you hit a pothole in the road as this will damage the wheel.

Resolving this issue can be simple and quick for a mechanic if the damage is limited and you may not need a new wheel or tyre, however each case of damage will vary and so a different amount of work will be required.

If the damage is significant, you may need a brand new wheel and tyre fitting. It’s also easy to confuse wheel balance and wheel alignment however a wheel out of alignment will not usually cause a steering wheel to shake.

Worn suspension parts .

The suspension in your car can cause a shaky steering wheel if there are certain components which have become worn down.

The suspension in your car is responsible for making your journey comfortable and so if it is damaged, the knock on effects can be easily recognisable as the ride will be affected.

Once more, the extent of the damage will dictate the size of the job for a mechanic, however you can avoid the issue being a costly one by keeping a very close eye on your car.

Even if your wheel is shaking a tiny amount, you should take your car to a garage as the problem will only get worse and costs will rise.

Lodged objects .

While driving, it is common for tyres to pick up debris from the road and unfortunately, sometimes items which can cause problems can become stuck.

Stones, nails, pieces of metal and other foreign objects can become jammed in an area in between the wheel and the wheel arch and cause the steering wheel to shake as a result.

If there is something stuck, you’re likely to hear a noise as the metal is scraped.

Once more, as soon as you hear this sound, make sure to check the area to see if you can remove it. If you cannot see the object, then you’ll need to take your car into a garage to have it removed properly.

These are the most common reasons for a steering wheel to shake, however it is almost impossible to figure out what is exactly wrong unless there is a trained professional on hand to provide a full diagnostic.

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