Toyota Aygo Maintenance Guides - Common Toyota Aygo Repair Questions Answered

Who Can Fix My Car provide thousands of quotes for Toyota Aygo owners; month in, month out. Toyota are renowned for their forward-thinking designs, put that doesn't mean that everyday queries don't pop up for car owners.

To put you at ease with the answers to your most asked questions we have created this Toyota Aygo guide.

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Toyota Aygo Tyre Pressure

What is the recommended tyre pressure of a Toyota Aygo?

Tyre pressure recommendations vary greatly from car to car even within the Toyota Aygo model.

The tyre pressure for your Toyota will be specifically listed in the vehicle handbook and in the tyre placard stuck to the interior of your driver’s car.

Generally, Toyota Aygo tyre pressure should be at 2.3 bar or 33 psi.

How to check Toyota Aygo tyre pressure?

You will need a pressure gauge to check your tyre pressure. You can buy one yourself for around the £10 mark or use the gauge at a garage station.

To get the reading from the gauge, remove the valve dust cap from the tyre valve and place the pressure gauge into the tyre valve stem.

Press the gauge down evenly on the valve stem to ensure you get an accurate reading. 

What should I do once I see a tyre pressure warning?

The immediate action to be taken after seeing the tyre pressure warning light is to check your tyre pressure.

Once amended and at a correct level your pressure warning light should go off, if this does not happen once you commence driving, it is likely that you have a slow or serious puncture.

In this case, contact a garage immediately to make a repair before any more serious damage ensues.

How do I reset a Toyota Aygo tyre pressure light?

The tyre pressure light is controlled by the TPMS (tyre pressure monitoring system). The location of the reset button for your tyre pressure light depends on your car model.

For the Aygo, the button needed can be found behind the glovebox lid.

To reset the tyre pressure warning light, turn the car’s ignition on, then press and hold the TPMS button you have located behind the glovebox lid.

After holding it in a little while, the warning light will flash a few times then eventually extinguish.

Once the light has extinguished you know that the Tyre Pressure light has been reset. 


Toyota Aygo Warning Lights

What do the warning lights mean on a Toyota Aygo?

The dashboard on your Toyota Aygo plays host to multiple warning lights which illuminate to indicate when there is a problem with one of your car’s components. A full list of your car’s warning lights and what they mean can be found in your vehicle’s handbook.

Some important warning lights to look out for on the dash of your Toyota Aygo include:

Toyota Brake System Warning Light

This light signposts issues related to your cars braking system.

Toyota Engine Malfunction Light

Known as the check engine light, if illuminated seek assistance.

Toyota Fuel Filter Warning Light

This yellow warning light shows that diesel fuel filter is full (on diesel cars).

What does a Toyota Aygo engine warning light mean?

This light will stay illuminated if there is a malfunction within the engine after starting up. Once illuminated it is important to detect and fix the problem as soon as possible to prevent further damage within the car.

The engine warning light can be triggered by a range of engine-related issues from the electronic throttle control system and emission control system to the Catalytic converter. The issues prompting the light’s illumination are seemingly endless, therefore they are best and most quickly diagnosed by a trained mechanic.

How to reset a Toyota Aygo oil warning light?

Consult your vehicle handbook to find out the specific process required to reset your oil warning light.

The general process for resetting the engine oil warning light on Toyota Aygo is as follows:

Put the ignition key into the slot and turn on the car without starting the engine to drive off.

The odometer should read ‘Trip A’. If it does not, press down the ‘Reset’ or ‘Trip’ button until the reading on the odometer displays ‘Trip A’.

At the time of pressing the button, turn off the car and then put it back to the ‘ON’. You should not depress the button during the whole time.

The display of the odometer will show a string of dashes followed by a series of zeros. After that, the display will again show the ‘Trip A’ reading. At this point, you can depress the button.

At this point the oil warning light on your Toyota Aygo should have reset, if you are still having trouble, we suggest that you get in touch with a mechanic.


Toyota Aygo Service Intervals

When are Toyota Aygo service intervals?

Toyota recommends a full-service interval yearly, or at around the 16,000-mile mark. They also insist on an intermediate health check between these full services to maintain the parts of your car which undergo the most wear and tear. Keeping up to date with these services not only ensure road safety, they also increase the re-sale value of your vehicle. 


Toyota Aygo Common Problems

What causes a Toyota Aygo clutch to shudder?

Clutch shudder, also known as clutch chatter, is a stutter of vibration which occurs when the clutch is released.

The shudder is most noticeable when starting up and pulling off from a complete stop. It can be a difficult problem to both diagnose and repair as a host of components may be causing the damage.

The best point of call is to have the clutch looked at by a trained professional who can assess the damage. It is better to seek a professional out sooner rather than later to prevent any further damage.


What’s the noise I can hear coming from my Toyota Aygo?

If you can hear a growling noise coming from the exhaust, fear not as it can be a common issue with the Toyota Aygo.

It is most likely caused by the premature rust corrosion of the exhaust, resulting in failure of the rear silencer. This issue can be properly diagnosed and resultantly fixed by a trained professional via Who Can Fix My Car.

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Toyota Aygo Common Problems

Airbag warning light has come on

You may have noticed that the airbag warning light has appeared on the dashboard of your Toyota Aygo.

This is usually caused by a fault with the firing unit on one of the front airbags.

To resolve this issue, you require a diagnostic check to find out which airbag is faulty and to then fit a replacement striking unit to fix the problem. 


Toyota Aygo Oil

What the best oil to use for a Toyota Aygo?

Your vehicle’s handbook recommends the best oil for your vehicle according to its spec; including the right grade for your car and region.

For the Aygo, the recommended engine oil grade is 0W-16. Using the right oil is imperative in running your engine smoothly and cutting costs by preserving your car’s components.


What is the oil capacity for a Toyota Aygo?

The engine oil capacity differs from model to model, with the exact spec detailed in your car’s vehicle handbook.

The oil capacity for your Toyota Aygo engine generally sits at around the three-litre mark.

Check your engine oil level regularly to keep the utmost level of safety and to prevent further damage taking place.

What to do if a Toyota Aygo leaks oil?

It can be extremely dangerous to drive with an oil leak. Once you have detected a leak, determining the source and scale of the problem is the next step, which can be the hardest part.

The difficulty of detecting a leak at home makes contacting a garage the best option to both diagnose and repair your leak before any more costly damage occurs.

Enter your car details via the form on our leak repairs page to receive no-obligation quotes from local garages.


Toyota Aygo Battery

What are the signs that I need a new battery?

Electrical systems are normally the first to go when you’re experiencing battery issues, and is the first signpost for battery replacement.

Battery replacement can also be identified by an increasingly slow engine start, dimmer lights and the check engine light illuminating on the dashboard.

If you want to have a visual examination, you may notice corroded connections and a misshapen or swollen battery case.

What to do if a Toyota Aygo battery dies?

If your car battery dies, the first point of call is to visit a garage.

They can determine whether it simply needs a recharge and repair, or if a full-blown battery replacement is needed.

The car battery is a crucial component of your vehicle, and its maintenance warrants safe and smooth driving.

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