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Water Pump Failure symptoms include overheating, coolant leaks under the car, and even grinding noises. Ignoring them can lead to bigger bills down the line, but you'll want a great value new pump too - which is where we come in! Tell us what's wrong and compare competitive repair quotes near you.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a car's Water Pump?

Your car's Water Pump performs a vital function: to pump coolant around your car. Without it, your car would immediately overheat, resulting in serious engine damage.

What does a car Water Pump do?

Nearly every car is water-cooled, meaning that water (mixed with antifreeze) flows around the engine to dissipate heat. This water is then cooled in the car's radiator, where it passes cool air, reducing the temperature. The Water Pump pushes coolant around this 'circuit', keeping your car's temperature steady.

What causes a Water Pump to leak?

Every Water Pump has a 'weep hole' through which a little coolant is allowed to escape during the running-in period. However the weep hole can leak permanently if the coolant is contaminated. Equally, if a pump is incorrectly mounted (e.g. bolts over/under tightened, incorrect use of sealant) the pump can leak from its mounting plate. In this case, the pump itself doesn't need to be replaced.

Can a Water Pump be repaired?

If the issue is simply that the pump has been poorly fitted then it doesn't need any repair work. However if the pump's 'weep hole' is leaking, if the pump is corroded, has worn bearings or a damaged shaft, the unit needs to be replaced.

What are the symptoms of car Water Pump failure?

Failure, either of the pump or of the seal, will mean that coolant doesn't circulate in your car. It will quickly overheat, causing major damage to your engine.

How much does a Water Pump replacement cost?

Most Water Pump replacements cost £175-£300. However if the pump is hard to access, the cost may be higher.
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