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Have you put the Wrong Fuel in your car?

Accidents happen, and occasionally drivers fill up their diesel car with petrol and vice versa. When this occurs, the first point of call is to get help and NOT start the engine!

Keeping the engine off will decrease the damage done but fear not as our garages can solve a range of wrong fuel mishaps and get you back on the road!

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Frequently asked questions

What happens if you fill your car up with the wrong fuel?

Either your car will not start, or it is likely to breakdown shortly into your journey from the petrol station. The use of the wrong fuel may also cause damage to your car’s engine.

What happens if I put the wrong fuel in my car and start my engine?

If you do start your engine, it has the potential of causing serious damage to your fuel pump and other engine of components. It can make for a costly repair, although if you catch on as soon as possible and stop your car sooner, less damage will be done.

What are the signs that I have put the wrong fuel in my car?

Putting petrol in a diesel car can be spotted with the car quickly losing power, overheating and eventually breaking down. Putting diesel into a petrol car less likely, but if done that car will probably not start.

How is the wrong fuel removed from my car?

The process of removing the wrong fuel must be completed by a professional as garages have the specialist equipment to do the job safely. First the incorrect fuel is drained, and the mixed fuel removed from the fuel lines. 5-10 litres of the correct fuel is then pumped into the tank and the remaining wrong fuel therefore removed.

Am I covered by my insurance for putting the wrong fuel in my car?

The simple answer is yes, although it depends upon your coverage. Fully comprehensive cover often covers wrong fuel incidents under accidental damage. Breakdown cover will cover you getting the fuel pump drained and the vehicle taken to the nearest garage. Any lasting damage, depending on coverage will be an additional cost.

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How much does Wrong Fuel cost?

The cost of a Wrong Fuel can vary depending on your car due to differences in labour time and parts needed. Take a look below at the average quote on for some of the top car makes.

Wrong Fuel Cost by Car Make
Car MakeAverage PriceGet Quotes

This table uses data from quotes provided on between 29/10/2021 and 27/01/2022.

So, you’ve put the wrong fuel in your car; petrol into a diesel engine or alternatively diesel into a petrol engine. What happens now?

Whatever you do, do not start the engine! Hopefully you will have realised your mistake before the engine is started, but if not don’t worry too much.

It’s more likely for petrol to be put into a diesel engine because the petrol nozzle can easily fit into the diesel fuel tank.

Petrol in a diesel tank is worse, not only is this an easier mistake to make, it is very damaging to the engine as petrol acts as a solvent and can damage the fuel pump, the injectors and filters- worst case scenario the engine needs replacing.

If diesel is put into a petrol engine, the likelihood is that the vehicle probably will not start. Diesel is heavier than petrol and doesn’t mix very well.

What happens when the wrong fuel type is put into the engine?

Regardless of which way round, putting the wrong fuel into a car will require a complete flush of the tank to remove the fuel.

Starting the engine allows the fuel to move around the engine which is when the most damage is caused and can be expensive to rectify.

If the wrong fuel type has been put into a car the best-case scenario is the engine hasn’t been started and the mistake is realised immediately, in which case a complete flush of the fuel tank by a specialist should remove the contaminated fuel.

Worst case scenario the car has been driven before realising. This could cause serious damage to fuel pump and other engine of components. A repair like this could cost thousands of pounds and will also start with flushing the fuel tank.

Symptoms of wrong fuel

It is possible to put the wrong fuel in a car and not realise. Putting petrol into a diesel car is the most likely situation. You may not realise and continue to drive, however the car will start to lose power, over heat and eventually breakdown.

Putting diesel into a petrol car is an unlikely scenario however if it happens this way it’s unlikely the car will start. As mentioned above diesel is heavier than petrol so they don’t mix and you will realise there is a problem pretty quickly.

What is the repair process?

  • Draining or emptying incorrect fuel
  • Remove mixed fuel from the fuel lines
  • Put 5-10 litres of the correct fuel into the tank- this should be pumped through and flush out the remaining
  • Specialist equipment is needed so it’s a process completed by professionals.

Is wrong fuel covered by insurance?

Depending on coverage, yes. If you have fully comprehensive cover, putting the wrong fuel may be covered under the accidental damage clause. This may only cover flushing the engine and not necessarily rectifying any engine problems that were caused as a result of misfuelling.

With breakdown cover you’ll probably be able to get the fuel pump drained and the vehicle taken to the nearest garage. If there’s any lasting damage, depending on coverage that will be an additional cost.

Preventing Misfuelling

Misfuelling happens more often than you think. The main thing is not to start the vehicle and contact your breakdown and insurance provider to see what options are available.

Additionally, it is possible to get a diesel fuel cap attached to your fuel neck to prevent a petrol nozzle from being able to enter. The price varies due to make and model but is in the region of £15-£20.

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