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Getting your car tyre puncture fixed

A tyre puncture is damage that causes a small hole in the tyre’s rubber, leading to deflating and, eventually, a flat tyre. Punctures are often caused by sharp edges or objects, like hitting a hole in the road or driving over broken glass.

Although the puncture happens immediately, you may not notice the impact of it until much later. The air can escape from your tyres over a long time if the puncture is small, which is why it’s so important to watch out for the signs and symptoms of a puncture and know about the type of tyre repair you might need. 

Car tyre puncture repair average costs

Car tyre puncture repairs are often low in cost compared to other services and repairs. The average price of a puncture repair booked on FixMyCar is £22.50.

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Tyres will eventually need to be replaced because of natural wear and tear to the tread. In the UK, the legal limit for tread depth is 1.6mm, and once your tyres go below this, you will need to have them replaced. You can expect to need a tyre replacement every ten years. However, you may find you need other types of tyre service and repair before that. Tyre punctures or scuffs, dents, and scratches to your wheels are common.

  • Car tyre puncture repair

    The average price of a tyre puncture repair booked through FixMyCar is £22.50.

    Can include
    • Car tyre puncture repair
  • Car tyre refurbishment

    The average price of a car tyre refurbishment booked through FixMyCar is £116.02.

    Can include
    • Car tyre refurbishment
  • Car tyre replacement

    The average price of a car tyre replacement booked through FixMyCar is £75.07.

    Can include
    • Car tyre replacement

How is a car tyre puncture repaired in the UK?

Often, a car tyre puncture repair is a temporary fix designed to last until you can get your car tyre replaced. However, in some instances, it can be used as a permanent solution. Generally, a car tyre puncture repair is a safe and effective solution if the puncture is in the central portion of the tyres and less than 6mm long. If not, your tyre should be replaced.

There are a few main types of car tyre puncture repairs you can get in the UK:

1. Tyre string repair

A tyre string repair involves plugging the repair from the outside of the tyre and therefore not assessing any internal damage. For this reason, it’s not considered a suitable repair method and should be avoided.

2. Patch repair

This type of repair assesses the damage to the inside of the car tyre and the outside. The mechanic will therefore need to remove the wheel to perform it. A patch repair involves sealing both sides of the tyre to fix the puncture.

3. Plug repair

A plug repair also involves assessing internal and external damage and is more suited to punctures caused by a small sharp object like a nail, which is still embedded in the rubber.

4. A patch/plug combo

A patch and plug repair combines the two effective techniques and is often the safest way to repair a punctured tyre. It’s the type of repair recommended by the British Standard Institution, and some garages will only perform a patch/plug repair to punctured tyres.

Top warning signs you have a tyre puncture

Some punctures are immediately apparent. However, other punctures can be very small, and you might not notice for a while. These are called slow punctures, and it’s essential to know the signs of them so you can get your tyres repaired as soon as possible and avoid causing further damage to your vehicle.

The top warnings signs you have a slow puncture include: 

  • Your car pulls to one side while driving

  • Your steering wheel vibrates

  • Your tyre pressure warning light comes on 

  • Your car isn’t as responsive to your steering or is harder to steer

Not sure if you should repair puncture or replace the whole tyre?

Get your puncture repaired near you or at home

The best place to get a tyre puncture repair is at a local garage or mechanic. Here, qualified professionals with access to the right tools will be able to remove the wheels from your vehicle and carry out a thorough repair.

If your car is stuck at home and you cannot drive it, you can get your tyre puncture repaired at home. Mobile tyre services often include both tyre replacements and repairs.

Finding a mobile mechanic to repair your tyre puncture

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What is a puncture repair?

A puncture repair involves sealing, plugging, or patching a hole in the rubber of your tyre. Punctures will eventually lead to a deflated tyre, so a repair can stop this from happening before the pressure drops and the air escapes.

How often should you service car tyres?

After the first five years, you should have your car tyres inspected every year. Fortunately, your annual service is an excellent time to get your car tyres checked.

Is a puncture repair included under warranty?

Puncture repairs are not usually covered under a car’s warranty, but it’s essential to check your policy documents to make sure.

Are puncture repairs covered by insurance?

If you have specific insurance for your tyres, then a puncture repair will likely be covered. However, most general types of car insurance do not cover the repair cost for damage to the tyres.

Do I need to repair punctures for a leased car?

You will need to repair a car tyre puncture before returning your leased car, otherwise, you will end up paying for the repair to the tyre, often at a higher price than if you were to organise the repair yourself. You may also end up causing more damage to the vehicle, which you will be responsible for paying.

How much is a car tyre puncture repair?

A car tyre puncture repair is a relatively low-cost job and shouldn’t cost you more than £30. However, the exact price will depend on the type of vehicle you have and the condition of your wheels.

What’s the average car puncture repair price?

The average price of a car tyre puncture repair is £22.50 when booked on FixMyCar.

Can you get a car tyre puncture repaired?

If the puncture is less than 6mm wide and located on the central band of your tyre, then it is possible to get a puncture repair without having to replace it.

Are repaired puncture car tyres safe?

Puncture repairs that involve the patch/plug approach recommended by the British Standard Institution are safe and effective. However, other techniques such as the tyre string technique should be avoided. It’s also important not to get a repair to a puncture located on the sidewall of your tyre. All the garages listed on FixMyCar are qualified and trusted professionals guaranteed to carry out safe and effective repairs.

How long do puncture repairs last?

Puncture repairs carried out at a garage using the recommended techniques should be permanent. If you use a DIY puncture repair kit, it’s only a temporary fix until you get to a garage.

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