One of B F Goodrich’s strengths is creating durable all-terrain tyres like the Urban Terrain T/A. This summer tyre is designed for everyday road use with some off-roading capabilities, making it ideal for 4x4s. It features wide longitudinal grooves to eliminate water efficiently and a tread pattern with cross grooves for excellent snow traction. On Tyre Seeker, it has a rating of 5 stars based on four reviews; 18 drivers on Tyre Reviews have awarded it 4.4 stars.

Another recent addition to B F Goodrich’s range is the all-season Trail Terrain tyre, featuring a grippy tread pattern designed for on and off-road use. It’s a 70/30 tyre, making it ideal for people who spend more time on the road but will benefit from reliable performance on rugged terrain.

B F Goodrich’s reputation in the tyre industry is strong, and it has received numerous awards. For example, the ActivAir Central Tire Inflation System allows drivers to change their tyre pressure without leaving their seats. It was a Popular Science 2023 “Best of What’s New” award winner in the automotive category.

Overall, B F Goodrich is a trusted brand with a range of durable tyres that perform no matter how big the adventure.

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