Budget Tyres

Budget tyres are a safe and affordable option for cost-conscious drivers. While they may not offer the performance of premium and mid-range tyres, they are a dependable choice for your daily commute or school run.

Most popular Budget Tyres

Fullrun Frun-One logo Frun-One
Prices from £51.99 View all sizes
Royal Royal Mile logo Royal Mile
Prices from £44.98 View all sizes

Competitive pricing is a compelling reason to buy budget tyres, and there are other advantages, too. They meet the same safety standards as premium tyres; when new, they have the same tread depth as more expensive tyres; they are much safer than part-worn tyres; and come with a tyre label displaying their performance ratings.


Since budget tyres often aren’t as durable as their pricier counterparts, they are recommended for low-mileage drivers who mainly complete short trips and as a temporary solution if you plan on selling your car.


While there are just a handful of premium tyre brands, the budget market offers a wide array of options. Some of the most popular brands include Accelera and Minerva (highlighted in our best winter tyres guide), both of which we stock at WhoCanFixMyCar. Whether you’re looking for summer, winter or all-season tyres, there’s something in the budget category for everyone.


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