Mid-Range Tyres

Mid-range tyres strike a balance between price and performance, making them popular amongst motorists with moderate annual mileage. Their benefits are numerous; they offer a cost-effective alternative to premium tyres and exhibit greater durability than budget options, providing better value for money since you’ll find yourself replacing them less often.

Most popular Mid-Range Tyres

Runway Enduro HP logo Enduro HP
Prices from £54.99 View all sizes
Rotalla RH01 logo RH01
Prices from £64.99 View all sizes
Kormoran UHP logo UHP
Prices from £74.99 View all sizes
Hankook Ventus S1 evo3 logo Ventus S1 evo3
Prices from £97.99 View all sizes

While mid-range tyres may not match the high-performance capabilities of their more expensive counterparts or boast as many cutting-edge features, they still provide dependable grip and handling. For those who enjoy putting their foot down on the open road, mid-range brands also offer high- and ultra-high-performance tyre options.


Some of the most popular mid-range brands are Uniroyal, Avon, Firestone and Hankook, all of which we stock at WhoCanFixMyCar. In addition, our selection includes lesser-known but equally reputable brands such as Kormoran, Toyo and Fulda. Check out our reviews page for more information about individual brands.


For drivers looking to purchase winter or all-season tyres, we recommend selecting from mid-range or premium brands. These options use superior materials engineered to overcome challenging conditions, including icy and snowy terrain. Explore our recommendations for winter tires in this guide.


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