While Value Choice tyres - such as the popular Rxmotion H12 - are designed to offer outstanding value, they are also highly durable, designed with high-strength steel belting and HD silica for a much longer tread life.


You might expect a budget brand like Value Choice to stick to everyday commuter tyres, but it also has a range of ultra-high-performance products, such as the Rxquest SU01 (designed for SUVs). At the time of writing, this tyre has an impressive score of 4.8 stars on Tyre Seeker based on 29 reviews. Another option is the Rxmotion U11, which combines low fuel consumption with comfort.


Value Choice also holds its own compared to other budget rivals, earning similar review scores to Accelera, a popular and well-regarded brand. It comes out on top when compared with Blackarrow, a reasonably new tyre company whose reviews have so far been lacklustre.


One of the best-rated Value Choice tyres is the Rxquest H/T 02, a summer touring tyre for SUVs with 4.8 stars on Tyre Seeker based on 11 reviews at the time of writing.


The main downside to Value Choice is its range of winter and all-season tyres is limited. We’d recommend this brand to drivers looking for affordable summer or SUV tyres or who want to try ultra-high performance tyres without paying the premium prices of brands like Continental.

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