Van Tyres

Whether you use your van for business or leisure, you need a set of tyres that work as hard as you do, capable of handling heavier loads without compromise. That’s why our van tyre range contains something for every budget, including premium brands that will help you get more miles for your money, like Goodyear, Continental and Michelin.

Most popular Van Tyres

Michelin Agilis Crossclimate logo Agilis Crossclimate
Prices from £118.93 View all sizes
Continental ContiVanContact 200 logo ContiVanContact 200
Prices from £91.97 View all sizes
GT Radial Maxmiler Pro logo Maxmiler Pro
Prices from £68.99 View all sizes
Toyo NanoEnergy Van logo NanoEnergy Van
Prices from £88.99 View all sizes

Car and van tyres might look the same, but there is a world of differences between them. Van tyres are designed to perform in harsh conditions, carrying more weight on uneven road surfaces, which means they need extra-strong sidewalls and a tougher, more durable design.


Durable tyres are often described as Extra Load (EL) or Reinforced (RF), indicating their higher load capacity, though these are reinforced car tyres rather than specialist van tyres, which are called “C” models. Read this guide for more information about reading tyre labels.


EL tyres are only suitable for smaller commercial vehicles, whereas “C” tyres are exclusively used on vans. They can handle extremely heavy loads, and their enhanced durability makes them ideal for driving on construction sites or off-road tracks without becoming worn or damaged. 


There are also significant differences between winter and summer van tyres, so it’s essential to consider what time of year you will be using them. Choosing the right van tyres isn’t just about safety and reliability; it could also save you money through better fuel efficiency - and every penny counts.


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