Winter Tyres

Winter tyres are engineered to go where summer tyres can’t follow, powering through snow and maintaining a superior grip in the most challenging weather conditions. The benefits of winter tyres are numerous, spanning from enhanced safety to precise handling.

Most popular Winter Tyres

Minerva S210 logo S210
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Kormoran Snow logo Snow
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Goodyear Ultragrip 9+ MS logo Ultragrip 9+ MS
Prices from £79.07 View all sizes

Winter tyres feature a high natural rubber content, soft enough to sustain traction in freezing temperatures, and deep sipes to evacuate water and snow. The result? On average, they cut stopping distances by 4.3 metres compared to summer tyres when used in the correct conditions, according to data from TyreSafe.


They can even translate into cost savings since they are more hard-wearing and have better fuel economy than summer tyres when used below 7°C.


Many winter tyres fall into the premium category, with innovative design features to enhance their performance and durability, making them worth the extra money. Popular brands include Continental, Goodyear and Dunlop.


Our guide to the best winter tyres has something for every budget, including mid-range brands like Hankook and more affordable alternatives like Minerva. However, price is just one factor when choosing the right tyres


Although winter tyres aren’t a legal requirement, they represent an investment in your safety - and the safety of your passengers - throughout the harsh winter months, which is priceless.


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